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KCAR Launch Report: June Sport Launch

Launch date and time: June 17th, 11:00AM
Launch location: Shawnee Mission Park
Launch wind and weather: Breezy and warm

Cub pack 3648 & Weblo pack 3439

We had a bit of a breezy day for a launch today, and overcast skies, but no precip. We were a bit delayed and the launch was in full swing by the time we arrived. We watched the activities for a little, and Hannah and I even managed to get a flight off.

This was the launch day for our Cook-Up rockets, and Randall, Dave B. and David L. had theirs fully finished and ready to fly. Let me explain about the cook-up for those who are unfamiliar with the idea. The idea was stolen from the free-flight guys. A cook-up is simply a bunch of guys building the same model, or same class of model, or a model by the same designer, etc. The rules vary from cook-up to cook-up, and this time it was to simply build a classic Estes kit that used D12 motors. The plan was for everyone to bring their model and fly it today. Unfortunately, due to the weather, no one except Randall was keen to fly theirs. I felt the same way even though, due to all the normal things, mine wasn’t quite finished. So Randall flew his R2D2 despite the wind and Taylor flew a Maxi-Alpha which I believe would qualify under the cook-up rules. That makes them the winners! Dave Bucher had his on display on the flight table. Dave Lucas brought a Cherokee D with a booster stage and he, too, felt it was a bit windy. I know that some of the other club members had ’em, but either I didn’t see ’em or they just were not on the field today. Maybe next month.

This was also “Launch Day” for Weblo pack 3439 & Cub Scout pack 3648. At some point during the afternoon, the advance guard for the Scouts arrived and began setting up a canopy and table. We spoke for a few minutes and then scouts began to appear on the field excited and ready to launch some rockets!

Randall, Hannah, and Tim assist at the pads
Randall, Hannah, & Tim assist at the pads
These are the scouts that Randall and I built rockets with last month. The box of models arrived with their fearless leader, and were passed out to the kids. We pulled the recovery systems out, went over the need for wadding and what it is despite what it looks like. We then handed out motors and went over how to get the igniter and plug installed. The igniters are different from previous Quest offerings. The old ones were mini-Copperheads with a sticker to isolate the two sides from the leads. The new ones are twin- lead with a glass bead thing in the middle. The plugs are the same, though, and still hard as the dickens to get into the motor. We managed though, and without ruining too many igniters.

We then took over the range as the kids lined up by rank and were sent out to pads six at a time. Dave B. ran the range, and logged the names and flights for us. Randall and I did pad management. Some of the scouts wanted to drag race, so they lined up together. There were shouts and “oohs” & “awes” as the rockets were launched. We had a few misfires, and one rocket pranged pretty hard, but for the most part everything went pretty well. We were able to keep most of the rockets on the field by aiming the rods into the wind a bit. I believe that one rocket was lost to a tree.

Some of the kids flew their models twice since there were some extra motors left. A couple of the kids also built some models at home and brought those to fly too.

We were having a lot of fun, but eventually the scouts ran out of motors or time and the number of people on the field slowly fell until it was just a very few of us. We eventually started putting the equipment in boxes and loading it on the truck.

The club wishes to thank Dave Bucher for doing the LCO duty and logging all of the scout’s flights; and the club members and visitors at large who allowed us to take over the range for a while. Cub and Weblos packs 3648 and 3439 (respectively) have expressed their heart-felt gratitude as well. I think I can speak for the whole club when I say we were honored to help!

Another good day at the range.

There was 1 clustered flight(s) (40) in 94 flights total. We burned 677.33N/s worth of propellant.
Flight Log
Flier Rocket Motor(s) Comments
1 Tim Zager Rubicon D12-3 Good!
2 Randall Jessee Estes Pencil A8-3
3 Michael Zager Estes Snitch C6-5 Stuck on Rod
4 Michael Zager Fire Streak A10-3T
5 Taylor Jessee Corkscrew B6-4
6 Randall Jessee Estes Snitch C6-5
7 Taylor Jessee Big Daddy D12-3
8 Tim Zager Big Betty B6-4
9 Ian Jessee Pad 3 C6-5
10 Bill Hensley Baby Bertha C6-3
11 George W. Scheil Tube Fin A8-3
12 Michael Zager Canadian Arrow D12-5
13 Taylor Jessee Corkscrew B6-4
14 Dave Bucher St. Louis Arch C6-3
15 Ian Jessee Fosters Spool D12-3
16 David Lucas Space Pig C6-3
17 George W. Scheil Night Wings B6-4
18 Bill Hensley Big Dawg A8-3
19 Tim Zager Gauchito A10-3T
20 George W. Scheil Single 6 A8-3
21 Bill Hensley Paveway 3 C6-3
22 Ian Jessee No Continuity D12-3
23 Taylor Jessee Fosters Spool F24-4
24 Dave Bucher St. Louis Arch C6-3
25 David Lucas Pioneer ! (MPC Kit) 1/2A3-4T Antique - 20+ years old
26 Taylor Jessee Maxi-Alpha D12-5
27 Michael Zager Baby Bertha B6-4
28 George W. Scheil Cosmic Cobra B6-4
29 Ian Jessee Mini Spool C6-3
30 Bill Hensley Python 4 C6-5
31 Taylor Jessee Drill B6-4
32 George W. Scheil Cosmic Cobra B6-4
33 Ian Jessee No Continuity C6-3
34 David Lucas Atom-X Jr. D12-3
35 Taylor Jessee Maxi-Alpha D12-5
36 David Lucas Liberator C6-5
37 George W. Scheil Tornado A8-3
38 Dave Bucher Closed Breech Roc D12-5
39 Tim Burger Big Tangent D12-5
40 Randall Jessee Peggy's Valentine 2XD12-5 Return to top
41 Taylor Jessee Big Daddy D12-3
42 David Lucas Space Pig C6-5
43 Taylor Jessee Canadian Arrow E9-6
44 Randall Jessee R2D2 D12-3 Cook-up
45 David Lucas Atom-X Jr. E9-6
46 Randall Jessee Estes Maxi V2 E9-6
47 David Lucas Space Pig C6-3
48 Taylor Jessee Canadian Arrow E9-6
49 Taylor Jessee CD Spool C6-3
50 Taylor Jessee Corkscrew C6-5
51 Isaac Bird Roc A6-4
52 Adam Starhawk A6-4
53 Landon Starhawk B6-4
54 Jacob M Starhawk A6-4
55 Hunter C. Starhawk A6-4
56 Mitchel P. Starhawk A6-4
57 Alex B. Starhawk A6-4
58 Jared C. Starhawk A6-4
59 Jared M. F2 Falcon A6-4
60 Austin C. Starhawk A6-4
61 Andre F. Starhawk A6-4
62 Max S. Starhawk A6-4
63 Max D. Starhawk A6-4
64 Tyler S. Starhawk A6-4
65 Jacob C. Starhawk A6-4
66 Nathen B. Starhawk A6-4
67 Braden G. Starhawk A6-4
68 Braden B. Starhawk A6-4
69 Ayden C. Starhawk A6-4
70 Joey B. Starhawk A6-4
71 Jeffrey P. Starhawk A6-4
72 Braden G. Starhawk A6-4
73 Timmy B. Starhawk A6-4
74 Megan P. Starhawk A6-4
75 Maggy B. Starhawk A6-4
76 Alex B. Starhawk A6-4
77 Mathew B. Starhawk A6-4
78 Paisly C. Starhawk A6-4
79 Timmy B. Starhawk A6-4
80 Kyle B. Starhawk A6-4
81 Kaleb C. Alpha A6-4
82 Daniel S. Starhawk A6-4
83 Trevor M. Starhawk A6-4
84 Timmy B. Starhawk A6-4
85 Austin C. Starhawk A6-4
86 Andre F. Starhawk A6-4
87 Hannah B. Starhawk A6-4
88 Tyler S. Starhawk A6-4
89 Ayden C. Starhawk A6-4
90 Austin C. Starhawk A6-4
91 Andre F. Starhawk A6-4
92 Kyle B. Starhawk A6-4
93 Caleb Astra A6-4
94 Ayden C. Starhawk A6-4

Randall assists at the pads
Randall assists at the pads
Flights by Rocketeers
Flights Rocketeer(s)
Taylor Jessee
David Lucas
George W. Scheil
Ian Jessee
Randall Jessee
Bill Hensley
Michael Zager
Timmy B.
Dave Bucher
Austin C.
Ayden C.
Andre F.
Tim Zager
Alex B.
Kyle B.
Braden G.
Tyler S.
Braden B.
Hannah B.
Joey B.
Maggy B.
Mathew B.
Nathen B.
Tim Burger
Hunter C.
Jacob C.
Jared C.
Kaleb C.
Paisly C.
Max D.
Jacob M
Jared M.
Trevor M.
Jeffrey P.
Megan P.
Mitchel P.
Daniel S.
Max S.
Getting ready to launch
Getting ready to launch
Rockets Making Multiple Flights:
Flights Rocket Rocketeer
3 Starhawk Timmy B.
Starhawk Austin C.
Starhawk Ayden C.
Starhawk Andre F.
Corkscrew Taylor Jessee
Space Pig David Lucas
2 Starhawk Alex B.
Starhawk Kyle B.
St. Louis Arch Dave Bucher
Starhawk Braden G.
No Continuity Ian Jessee
Big Daddy Taylor Jessee
Canadian Arrow
Atom-X Jr. David Lucas
Starhawk Tyler S.
Cosmic Cobra George W. Scheil
Totals by motor:
Motor Number
1/2A3 1 1.09
Total 1/2A’s: 1 1.09
A10 2 4.00
A6 43 86.00
A8 5 11.60
Total A’s: 50 101.60
B6 9 38.97
Total B’s: 9 38.97
C6 16 141.12
Total C’s: 16 141.12
D12 14 235.76
Total D’s: 14 235.76
E9 4 111.48
Total E’s: 4 111.48
F24 1 47.31
Total F’s: 1 47.31
Total: 95 677.33 (J)

Submitted by Tim Burger, NAR 78486 L1. Photos by Natalie Burger.

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