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KCAR Launch Report: May 2005 Sport Launch

Launch date and time: May 21st 2005
Launch location: Shawnee Mission Park
Launch wind and weather: Warm and breezy

On Saturday May 21 the KCAR met at the Shawnee Mission Park for a day of launching. The day began slow but a great 22 flights and new friends were made. The winds were from under 5mph to 9mph with gusting. The sun was bright as well as my sunburn and the temp was around the 80s. George did reminded me to wear my straw hat and I forgot it was in the car...I think I did that 2 years ago too when I first met the club. Thus also why I had some of those same rockets flying again for anniversary dates.

New friends included Chris Hyers and a family from Olathe who were even excited enough to bring them to Waverly for the early evening launch that Dave L., Tim B, Martin A. and I went to. It was nice to have friends and new ones to share in my level one attempt and completion. (Finally...) It was also nice to see George and Dave with Ian at SMP for a great day of rocketry all around...minus the sunburn. We also had a good time with the Civil Air Patrol Cadettes and was able to share a packet put together by the club on what we do for them.

Even though the club lost one field this year plans for another keep developing and it is always good to launch at the "Park" with the onlookers, bikers, weekend warriors, and the place I came to meet all of my rocket buddies.

And now the statistics: There was 1 staged flight (17), for 23 motors total in 22 flights. Total impulse was 272.19N-s (that’s about an ‘H’.)

Flight Log
Flier Rocket Motor(s) Comments
1 Christian Bruggeman Big Bertha C6-5 rocket anniversary with club
2 Christian Bruggeman Ion B6-4 nice maiden flight
3 Chris H. Home Brew D12-7 rebuilt twice nice flight
4 George Schiel DSP C6-5 always a crowd pleaser
5 Ian Dusselle Cluster Bomb C6-3 drag race
6 Christian Bruggeman Cluster Bomb C6-3
7 Christian Bruggeman Baby Bertha B6-4 A.R.
8 George Schiel Cosmic Cobra B6-4
9 Christian Bruggeman Fiesta B6-4 good height
10 George Schiel Wacky Wiggler C6-5 another crowd attention getter
11 Ian Dusselle Alpha III B6-4 modified fins
12 Christian Bruggeman USA Rocket C6-5 A.R.
13 Chris H. Executioner E30-7W in tree but recovered
14 George Schiel Crossfire A6-4
15 Christian Bruggeman Sagitta C6-5 long walk
16 Dave Bucher Patriot D12-5
17 George Schiel Zenith II B6-4 to A6-4 no ejection but recovered Return to top
18 Dave Bucher Mean Machine D12-3 Ians rocket with good boost
19 George Schiel Big Betty B6-4
20 Chris H. Executioner F21-6W great boost but not ejection
21 George Schiel Area 51 C6-0
22 Dave Bucher Spool D12-3 in tree but recovered

Flights by Rocketeers
Flights Rocketeer(s)
Christian Bruggeman
George Schiel
Dave Bucher
Chris H.
Ian Dusselle

Rockets Making Multiple Flights:
Flights Rocket Rocketeer
2 Executioner Chris H.

Totals by motor:
Motor Number
A6 2 4.00
Total A’s: 2 4.00
B6 7 30.31
Total B’s: 7 30.31
C6 8 70.56
Total C’s: 8 70.56
D12 4 67.36
Total D’s: 4 67.36
E30 1 39.51
Total E’s: 1 39.51
F21 1 60.45
Total F’s: 1 60.45
Total: 23 272.19 (H)

Submitted by Christian Bruggeman, NAR 82573.

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