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KCAR Launch Report: March Sport Launch

Launch date and time: March 16th, 2005 at 11:00A.M.
Launch location: Tickwood Ranch
Launch wind and weather: 6 to 10 MPH winds and 50 degree temps.

Launch table

For once we had a nice day although a tad bit cool. Light winds helped keep most rockets and gliders close to the pad area.

We had several new guests show up and fly their rockets. The Clark family showed up and got off quite a few flights between all of them. The Tung family also made a very impressive showing. It was very nice to see new members showing up with such nice rockets. We will be anxious to see more rockets from both of these new families. Also I believe both families are new club members.

Dave Lucas Flew his Wild goose, which is made from party favor blow horns as well as his Penny rocket. It is made from 3x5 cards and costs about $.01 to make. Very nice flying rocket, and a very neat idea from one of our club members. Dave Lucas also had a couple of good Glider flights including one, which had a hang time of probably 1.5 hours. It managed to JUST barely catch itself in the VERY top of a tree. Almost like Charlie Browns kite eating tree. At the very end of the day the entire remaining crew spent about 15-20 min’s throwing sticks at the very top of the tree in an effort to retrieve Dave L’s glider. Finally the proper branch, with the proper trajectory, with the proper speed was launched and the glider was finally out of the tree as daylight was fading.

Dave Bucher got in quite a few flights as well as an attempt to fly his Saturn V with a Five-engine cluster. All were looking forward to this flight and those of us who had seen it before were really looking forward to it. Unfortunately without knowing it the launch battery had dropped in voltage and it wasn't quite up to the task of lighting 5 igniters. The Sat V launched with only 2 out of 5 motors burning and so it ended up in a slow motion crash. Fortunately very little damage was done and we will expect to see more flights from Dave's work.

Martin and Christian got several flights in as well as a couple of drag races.

As some of you know, I (Alan S) have recently been bitten by the R/C rocket boosted glider bug. I showed up with two gliders ready to fly, An Estes Astro-Blaster and a Klingberg flying wing. The Astro-Blaster had a very short flight due to low power since this is a very heavy glider. Also before and more glider flights I will be investing in a 12-foot long launch rail. The gliders need to have a longer time before being released to fly on their own. However the Klingberg wing is able to use a shorter rod without too much of a problem. One other nice feature of R/C gliders is the short turn around time so I was able to fly the K-wing one after another. I did have one CATO that split the engine tube, but I was able to buy a new engine tube and nose cone from Martin and with a little surgery and 5 min epoxy it was ready for flight again with in about a half hour. The wing lifts off and then wants to pitch over to almost level flight. Usually all it takes is a small input to aim it straight up and it then climbs without needing to touch the controls. I managed to get 7 flights out of the wing and was actually starting to feel a bit comfortable at the end of the day. It takes a gentle touch when under power or you can spend the next few seconds franticly trying to get it leveled back out. Also it is veeerry pitch sensitive when in a turn. It wants to dive when you try to turn it. That made landings a bit tricky until I figured out its tendencies. Also once while figuring out that little item the wing made quite the splashdown into a pond. A nice feature of a hollow balsa wing covered with a plastic covering is that it floats real nice. So with a quick drying out and cleaning it was ready to fly again in minutes. Unfortunatly at the end of the day I tried to fly on a D-12 staged to another D-12 It started to pitch down and when I added a bit of up and it was a bit too much. I spent the next several seconds franticly trying to keep the still under power wing from hitting anything. But it did manage to come in contact with the ground while still thrusting and it snapped 2/3rds of the right wing off. But as I type this launch report it is in the repair shop and the wing was reattached as of last night.

All in all the turnout was a bit light but it was a very nice day and some nice rockets were seen in the sky. Look forward to seeing you at a later launch.

Submitted by Alan Shaffmaster

There was 1 staged flight(s) (49), and 2 clustered flight(s) (28, 31).
Flight Log
Flier Rocket Motor(s) Comments
1 Christian Bruggeman SpaceShipOne A8-3 More motor!
2 Emma Clark Quark 1/2A3-4T Lost!
3 Tom Clark Gnome 1/2A3-4T Separation
4 Nathan Herscovici Space Bus A3-4T
5 Chuck Herscovici Shuttle Express A8-3
6 Paul Tung Fat Boy C6-3
7 Robert Tung Blu-97 C6-3
8 Chuck Herscovici Vega/Scratch Built C6-3 Took a bath
9 Emma Clark Fat Pig B6-2
10 Dave Lucas Nike Smoke B6-4 Right to Emma
11 Robert Tung Nasa Starship C6-5
12 Bob Clark Wizard A8-5
13 Robert Tung Black Diamond C6-5 To the sky - lost
14 Tom Clark Viking A8-3
15 Emma Clark Red Heart A8-5 Second year around!
16 Dave Lucas Wild Goose C6-3 Nice party rocket
17 Robert Tung Blu-97 C6-3
18 Dave Lucas Penny Rocket A8-3
19 Robert Tung Fat Boy C6-3
20 Emma Clark Fat Pig C6-3
21 Tom Clark Viking B6-4
22 Alan Shaffmaster Kling Wing D12-P
23 Robert Tung Honest John D12-3
24 Alan Shaffmaster Kling Wing E9-P CATO! Will rebuild.
25 Robert Tung Honest John D12-3
26 Christian Bruggeman Fiesta II B6-4
27 Dave Lucas A Little VOD 1/2A3-2T
28 Dave Bucher Estes Saturn V 5 X C6-3 Only two lit Return to top
29 Robert Tung Nasa Starship C6-5
30 Robert Tung Honest John D12-3
31 Dave Bucher Estes Patriot 4 X D12-5 Return to top
32 Dave Lucas Atom-X Jr C6-3
33 Lance Fischer Barracuda II F21-8 Great motor! Slight drift.
34 Martin Ashwill Estes Drifter Clone A8-3
35 Alan Shaffmaster Kling Wing E9-P
36 Martin Ashwill Estes Drifter Clone A8-3
37 Martin Ashwill Estes Drifter Clone A8-3
38 Alan Shaffmaster Astro Blaster D12-P Nice landing
39 Dave Bucher Spot Landing Max A8-3
40 Alan Shaffmaster Kling Wing D12-P
41 Dave Lucas Liberator C6-3
42 Martin Ashwill Estes Drifter Clone B6-4 Drag Race! 6.37S
43 Dave Bucher Estes Drifter Clone B6-4 Drag Race! 5.61S
44 Alan Shaffmaster Kling Wing E9-P
45 Alan Shaffmaster Kling Wing E9-4
46 Dave Bucher Spot Landing Max C6-5
47 Dave Bucher Spot Landing Max C6-5
48 Dave Bucher Estes SpaceShipOne C6-3
49 Alan Shaffmaster Kling Wing D12-0 to E9-P Very good flight Return to top
50 Dave Lucas Vampire B4-2 Tech Demo Flight
51 Dave Lucas Zephyr C6-3 Has not touched down yet. Still in the air!

Robert and Emma Clark
Bob and Emma Clark
Photo by Christian Bruggeman
Flights by Rocketeers
Flights Rocketeer(s)
Robert Tung
Dave Lucas
Alan Shaffmaster
Dave Bucher
Martin Ashwill
Emma Clark
Tom Clark
Christian Bruggeman
Chuck Herscovici
Bob Clark
Lance Fischer
Nathan Herscovici
Paul Tung
Dave's Saturn - wiring the clusters
Dave is wiring the cluster ignitors on his Saturn V
Photo by Christian Bruggema
Rockets Making Multiple Flights:
Flights Rocket Rocketeer
7 Kling Wing Alan Shaffmaster
4 Estes Drifter Clone Martin Ashwill
3 Spot Landing Max Dave Bucher
Honest John Robert Tung
2 Fat Pig Emma Clark
Viking Tom Clark
Blu-97 Robert Tung
Nasa Starship
Robert and his father
Robert and his father load up their Honest John
Photo by Christian Bruggeman
Totals by motor:
Motor Number
1/2A3 3 3.27
Total 1/2A’s: 3 3.27
A3 1 2.22
A8 10 23.20
Total A’s: 11 25.42
B4 1 4.29
B6 6 25.98
Total B’s: 7 30.27
C6 21 185.22
Total C’s: 21 185.22
D12 11 185.24
Total D’s: 11 185.24
E9 5 139.35
Total E’s: 5 139.35
F21 1 60.45
Total F’s: 1 60.45
Total: 59 629.22 (I)
Robert and Paul
Robert and Paul at the launch controls
Photo by Christian Bruggeman
Alan's Klingberg Wing just after launch
Alan’s Klingberg Wing just after launch
Photo by Christian Bruggeman
Dave's Saturn at ignition
Dave’s Saturn at ignition
Photo by Christian Bruggeman

Write-up by Alan Shaffmaster
Data by Christian Bruggeman NAR 82573
HTML code and code generating scripts by Tim Burger NAR 78486 L1

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