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KCAR Launch Report: January 2005 Polar Bear Launch

Launch date and time: January 15, 2005, 11:00 AM.
Launch location: New Mark Middle School

Oh WOW could it have been any colder!?! It was great it to my first Polar Bear Launch but I am still trying to thaw out...and I am always HOT! I was excited to show anyone my 1/2 way point on my x-prize rockets but it was cooler (HA) to see that Dave already had his painted and was flying them.

Keep watching the sky...we saw snow flakes while launching R. Christian

Submitted by Christian Bruggeman

The launch was COLD but successfull with about 20 flights between Christioan, Ian and myself. That and the long jump pit flooded with 12" thick ice (and flurries) made it fun. The flooded field under 10 degree weather was hard on the rockets but we had fun!

Submitted by Dave Bucher

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