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KCAR Launch Report: Piper Middle School

Launch date and time: May 17, 2004 at 8:00AM
Launch location: Piper Middle School
Launch wind and weather: Cool and very breazy early, changing to warm with lighter winds later

Christian gets things started.

The club was honored to be invited to assist with Piper Middle School’s launch day again this year. We are grateful for the opportunity to assist and to give something back to the community and hope we can continue activities like this at Piper and elsewhere. The following report includes the viewpoints of the various participants, including members of the club, and the student’s comments (be sure to take the time to read those) along with the launch data and stats accumulated during the launch.

Christian writes:
What another great year with Piper middle school and this time it was better with a little help from my friends. I was very grateful first for Randall Jessee helping out with one day of building at the school and then back out again for the launch. Alan Shaffmaster, Rick Collins, Martin Ashwell, and Tim Burger were more help than I could imagine and I really did get to enjoy the moment even more.

This year I was able to help out in class during the week and give a lecture on engines including topics on Newton’s theory, thrust, center of gravity and pressure. Another highlight during the same day was the recognition of National Space Day. I didn’t even plan on that coincidence but was able to pass out two handouts, bookmarks, and sky maps to all and encourage those future rocket scientist to keep looking up.

Photo by Christian Bruggeman
The launch day went perfectly even though a it sprinkled a little as we set up. Winds were from the southwest at 5-9 mph with periods of calm and great times to launch. Alan was even able to get a couple of Aerotech engines in for demonstration and the thrill of the kids was priceless to see the big stuff. There were approximately 120 launches in a shorter time frame than last year so the extra help came in handy.

Tim gave instructions for the day on engine prep and igniters, while Randall, Alan, and Martin gave last minute prep to any rockets needing help. Rick was the best at recovering any rockets that went to out of bounds territory and Alan even met a friendly neighbor, Gary, to help him paddle a canoe and drive a golf cart in recovery operations. Give all three of those guys a GOLD STAR. Tim had enlisted a student from each class to fill out the logs and we were able to secure extra help from Megan. She really “took charge” when we gave her the power and also deserves a star. Various students were able to push the button and all were ecstatic when the projects left the pad.

I got the best end of the detail by just taking a few pics, eating the parent’s cookout of hot dogs during lunch and just a general overseer of the day. Did I do anything but enjoy myself? Twenty or more kids running down the hill with rockets in hand was the site of the day and all five classes got to launch once or more with a high rate of success. The logs truly show the day of flight and fun with comments from the students on their special day.

Since the students were graded on technical reading and building a project another thank you goes out to Bob Wingate for the use of his engine demo case and to Martin Ashwell for the extra body tubes. These tools were great for class and I used them to their fullest.

The Fix-it tables.
The “Fix-it” tables manned by Alan & Martin
Photo by Tim Burger
Certificates were passed out to extra helpers of making the day a success and all received a certificate of participation. A special award does go out to Marlene Dailey (8th grade science teacher) for having us this year and a big thank you to Larry Breedlove (Principal) for letting us participate in their mission statement: providing a supportive learning environment in which each student will dream, believe, achieve, and excel with responsibility and integrity. We really did get to see that first hand through rocketry.

Another day of great memories for both students and adults.

R. Christian Bruggeman
NAR #82573
NAR 505 Sec/Treasure

Tim writes:
Launching with the Piper school kids really started last year when Christian became involved at the request of Cindy, one of the teachers at the school. When Christian was telling her about the assistance we had provided for another school she wanted to know if we could help with the Piper launch, too. Unfortunately, the notice last year was too short for us to fully mobilize and Christian wound up handling it all on his own! (See his report and the photos from last year.)

Rockets are launched in pairs.
Rockets are launched in pairs.
Photo by Tim Burger
This year was a different story, however, since we knew about the Piper launch well in advance. Some of the club members, including Christian, even devoted several hours during the previous week to assist with the construction of the rockets in the classroom.

So launch day finally arrives! The weather wasn’t all that hot as it was cool, overcast, and a bit on the windy side. Christian had arrived before I did and was already carting stuff down to the field. We had the whole first hour to get set up and Mrs Dailey sent out two young gentlemen to help tote stuff down to the launch site and get the equipment rousted out. They had a pretty good start on setting up while I was still messing around with cleaning up some very rusty launch rods. In the mean time, Randall arrived and started lugging stuff down, too.

Since Christian had done this before, we let him decide where to set up and what mode we would use for the day’s launching. We set up on the edge of the field based on the wind direction, which was unfortunately blowing across the short dimension of the field directly toward private property. We were able to overcome this to some extent by angling the rods into the wind. For range setup, we’ve had pretty good luck with running the cables in a tight group to the center of the launchers and then forcing the kids to walk around to the back side of the pads. This keeps tripping on cords to a minimum and also allows the LCO and others at the table to see what’s going on and allows for good photographs, too.

Photo by Randall Jessee
At the start of the second hour, a class of about 25 students came charging down the hill and it was sheer pandemonium for about 10 minutes while we figured out who needed a motor and wadding. We finally had some rockets ready to launch and the first six fliers went out to the pads accompanied by my helper and me.

We cycled through the group, two rockets at a time, until we ran out of time. Those who did’t get a chance at the pads came back during the lunch hour. It was necessary to police the pads to make sure that first time fliers recieved priority over those who had already flown—I ticked off a couple of students by forcing them to remove their rocket from the pad to allow someone else a chance first.

At the start of each hour, I would enlist the help of one of the students to write down the names of the fliers and their rockets (the logs below are a direct result of this record keeping). Enlisting a student who is already familiar with their classmates ensures speed and accuracy with this little chore. The reward for this assistance is to help at the LCO table “flipping switches” and annoucing over the P/A system. This seems to work pretty well, but you might have noticed that only girls where selected. The reason for this is that the main requirement for the job is that the helper must have legible handwriting. It seems that only girls are able to meet this requirement! The gauntlet is down, gentlemen! During one of the hours, the assistant turned out to be so good at helping that we invited her to come back for an additional hour. I appologized to her for keeping her out of class and she replied; “It’s OK, it’s math class.” Some things don’t change, do they?

The weather started to break a little during the lunch hour, with the sun coming out from behind the clouds, and the wind veering a bit towards the West and dropping in velocity some. It did help the recovery situation a little, but since it didn’t fully swing around we were still losing rockets onto the private property to the North, and now a lot of the rockets were taking a swim in a large pond into the bargain! The property owner had called during the second hour with his concerns over kids on his property, and the school made arrangements with them to allow one of the adults to collect any wayward rockets that drifted that way. Rick cheerfully volunteered for this duty and spent a good deal of time chasing down lost rockets. At the end of the day, Alan went over and knocked on a door to ask if he could use the owner’s paddle-boat to collect rockets in the pond—getting no answer, he tried the next door down and found the neighbor’s father who not only let him use the paddle-boat, but went along to help paddle and brought him and the recovered rockets back up to the field in a golf cart!

Working with these kids was a great deal of fun. Helping them get their rockets set to fly and everything hooked up was sometimes challenging, sometimes frustrating (more so for the kids) and always fun. I think we are all hoping to be invited back next year. I love it when the administration staff says “Thank’s for coming!” As though we’d have missed it!

Tim Burger
NAR 78486 L1
KCAR 505 Sr. Advisor

Randall writes:
Thank you for letting me share in the KCAR educational assistance program at Piper Middle School. The staff, the students and the teachers were a pleasure to work with. I am looking forward to the next school year and the opportunity to participate in another KCAR student rocketry experience.

Randall Jessee
TRA 9516 L1
KCAR 505 Vice President

The statistics for today were 118 flights made by 90 rocketeers burning 119* motors for about 936N — that’s a ‘J.’ There was only one staged flight (* which was not logged, unfortunately), and no clustered flights.

Flight Log
Flier Rocket Motor(s) Comments
1 Cory H. Red Adventure B6-4 It flew good basically
2 Luke H. King Tiger A8-3 Crash dummie
3 Ryan S. ?? C6-3 It was very cool
4 Aaron S. RBG C6-5 Good rocket
5 Jared . Hot Fire B6-4 It needed a C engine
6 Nikki S. Screaming Mimi C11-3 Think it could have used the big engine
7 Madeline S. Renegade C6-5 I think it did very well
8 Kathy L. Sorcerer C6-5 Got caught in a tree
9 Alex F. Python B6-2 I think we did very well
10 Anna M. Peg Leg Pete B6-6 B engine was not strong enough
11 Hillary F. Hillbug B4-4 It did a very good - flying hi
12 Krysten W. Patriot B4-4 Drop streamer timed at 9.75S. Flew very well
13 Zach S. Fiesta A8-3 It was OK
14 Dallas M. Rocket Kamakazee B6-4 It flew pretty good
15 Shawn J. Guardian C6-5 It went very high
16 Michael N. Big Daddy D12-5 It flew good, parachute messed up
17 Mercedes R. DPST C6-5 It flew OK
18 Mercedes R. DPST B6-4
19 Kelsey C. Frazzle B4-4 Very happy, it flew well
20 Bridget H. Executioner D12-3 It flew good; I recovered it
21 Luke H. ?? C6-5 Death-spiral into building
22 Jessica Sizzler B4-4
23 Luke H. Kubelwagon B6-4
24 Kathy L. Sorcerer C6-5 Flew pretty well
25 Nikki C. Cheshire Cat C6-3 Flew good
26 Chris B. Guardian C6-5 Too far, went high, lost engine
27 Mitch S. Tarzan A8-3 Shot 560 feet
28 Marshall P. Professor Chaos C6-7 Streamer got caught
29 Brett F. Guardian C6-5 Flew far, really high
30 Mike R. Not Lame B6-4 Really high
31 Tarrah M. Tarrah 2008 C6-7 Lost, found
32 Katie S. Baby Bertha B6-4 Did Good
33 A Welker Anaconda B6-4 Perfect
34 Matthew Y. Yankee A8-3 High, broke two fins
35 Daniel D. Ghetto ? A8-3 Bad, crash
36 Steven X. Yankee A8-3 Cool
37 Ashley B. Teeny Black A8-3 Didn’t launch
38 Amber J. Big Purple B4-4 Lost - it went high
39 Mitch S. Tarzan C6-3 Lost
40 Kyle A. Kyles Rodent C6-3 High, broke in pieces
41 Stephanie P. C. C. C. B6-4 Pretty high power
42 Lauren K. Sid B6-4 Went nowhere
43 Steven X. Totally Tubular C6-5 Nice!!
44 Chris B. Guardian C6-5 Nice catch
45 Mitch S. Brett Mobiletd> B6-4 Proxy flight
46 Megan B. Star Dart B6-2 Cool, but it went really hi
47 Kayla F. Guardian B6-4 Good, went as high as its supposed
48 Adam C. Baby Bertha A8-3 Pretty bad
49 Haley F. Guardian B6-4 Good, just did go very high
50 Kenny K. Patriot A8-3 Flew really bad - no air
51 David D. Gemini DC C6-5 Flew great, bad landing
52 Jake T. Sizzler C6-5 Flew in sun - lost
53 Kara T. Sizzler B4-6 Good, high
54 Justin P. Star Dart A8-3 Straight up (high)
55 Nate W. Stormcaster D12-5 Went pretty high - blew apart
56 Nick C. Little Debbie A10-3T Nose cone wasn’t glued on
57 Brock Y. Executioner D12-5 Caught 2 times by Thomas Parry
58 Brock Y. Executioner D12-5
59 Matt N. Paveway B6-4 Drop weight timed at 12.88S
60 Alan Shaffmaster Mustang E28-4 !
61 Nick W. Courier C6-3 Flew good
62 Tyler S. Stormcaster D12-5
63 Michael R. Yankee A8-3
64 Jake H. Zinger B6-2 Drifted to northern field
65 Brock Y. Executioner D12-5 Went up straight, came down great
66 Chris B. Guardian C6-5 Flew really high
67 Matt N. Paveway B6-4
68 Steven X. Totally Tubular C6-5 Awesome
69 Tyler S. Stormcaster D12-5 Swiz
70 David R. Gemini DC C6-7
71 Chris B. Guardian C6-5
72 Tarrah M. Guardian B6-4 Flew pretty good
73 Kayla H. Guardian B6-4 Awesome
74 Kody K. High Flyer A8-3 Perfect Rocket
75 DJ H. Stormcaster C11-5 Went high
76 Daniel D. High Flyer C6-7 It stunk
77 Andrew R. Big Betty C6-5 Did awesome, but drowned
78 Thomas P. Totally Tubular C6-5 Did good
79 Kristy C. Cosmic Cobra B4-4 Cool
80 Jennifer P. Stormcaster D12-5 Went high
81 Megan P. Wild Thing C6-3 Flew good
82 Khloi S. Liberty C11-5 Good flight
83 Kody K. High Flyer A8-3 Did bad
84 Mike S. Storm Caster D12-5 Went high
85 Kayla H. Guardian B6-4 Very bad
86 Rory H. Gold C6-3 Egg broke
87 DJ H. Stormcaster D12-5 Lost & was found
88 Alan Shaffmaster Mustang E15-4 !
89 Megan P. Wild Thing C6-3 Perfect
90 Khloi S. Liberty C11-5 Drop weight timed 12.46 x 18
91 Byron Oreo D12-5 Fun
92 Amber J. Carrier C6-5 It was bad - blew up
93 Rory H. Gold C6-5 Awesome - ended up in pond
94 Mike S. Raven D12-5 Awesome but lost in the pond
95 Molly O. Flower Power C6-3
96 Laura F. Fabulous B6-4 Went pretty high, perfect on . . ?
97 Anissa V. Little Betty C6-5 Went very high count’t see it - lost
98 Ellie L. Golden Rod A8-3 Didn’t go that high but had a good landing
99 Taylor S. Screaming Mimi C6-5 Flew into football field, not that high
100 Brandon L. K - U C6-7 High to the right, parachute didn’t come out
101 David G. Orange Cow A8-3 Went good until lost in forest
102 Alex J. Renegade B6-4 Stuck in tree 20 feet up
103 Aaron B. Echo Star C6-5
104 Britney W. BP B6-4 Flew real good and high but didn’t come down
105 Katie H. Altitude C6-5 Flew really high, then turned toward school
106 Andrew H. 9882 ZAN C6-5 The parachute bound up and it hit a bus
107 Emily S. Wriggler B6-4 Shot off, came down totally awesome
108 Alex J. Renegade B6-4 Rocket in tree 30 feet in air - bad landing
109 Aaron B. Echo Star C6-5 It flew bad cause I lost it
110 Rikki W. Sparkles A8-3 Shot off, went high, came down
111 Tiara D. It C6-5 Shot off, came down
112 Daniel K. The Revolution C6-5 Flew kind of high went in the pond
113 Diana D. Cosmic Cobra C6-5 Shot off, went high
114 Devin A. Baby Bertha C6-5 Shot off and landed on private property
115 Donald A. Fiesta C6-5 Went spiraling up, came . . ?
116 Alina C. Billy Bob’s Party C11-5 Shot off, came down
117 Zack M. Gemini DC C6-7 It flew up then turned and took off
118 Nick C. Little Debbie A10-3T Blew up, nose cone wasn’t glued on good enough

Students get their rockets ready to fly
Students get their rockets ready to fly
Photo by Christian Bruggeman
Flights by Rocketeers
Flights Rocketeer(s)
Chris B.
Luke H.
Mitch S.
Steven X.
Brock Y.
Aaron B.
Nick C.
Kayla H.
Rory H.
Amber J.
Alex J.
Kody K.
Kathy L.
Tarrah M.
Matt N.
Megan P.
Mercedes R.
Khloi S.
Tyler S.
Alan Shaffmaster
Mike S.
Devin A.
Donald A.
Kyle A.
Megan B.
Ashley B.
Kristy C
Alina C.
Kelsey C.
Adam C.
Nikki C.
Tiara D.
David D.
Daniel D.
Daniel D.
Diana D.
Alex F.
Brett F.
Jared F.
Kayla F.
Hillary F.
Laura F.
Haley F.
David G.
Jake H.
Bridget H.
Andrew H.
Katie H.
Cory H.
Shawn J.
Daniel K.
Kenny K.
Lauren K.
Brandon L.
Ellie L.
Zack M.
Anna M.
Dallas M.
Michael N.
Molly O.
Thomas P
Jennifer P.
Justin P.
Stephanie P.
Marshall P.
Michael R.
Mike R.
David R.
Andrew R.
Nikki S.
Madeline S.
Aaron S.
Katie S.
Ryan S.
Taylor S.
Emily S.
Zach S.
Kara T.
Jake T.
Anissa V.
Nick W.
A W.
Rikki W.
Britney W.
Krysten W.
Nate W.
Matthew Y.
Getting rockets ready
Getting rockets ready
Photo by Christian Bruggeman
The range in action
The range in action
Photo by Randall Jessee
Hooking up at the pad
Hooking up at the pads
Photo by Tim Burger
Christian supervises launch control
Christian supervises launch control
Photo by Randall Jessee
Waiting for a turn on the pads
Waiting for a turn on the pads
Photo by Christian Bruggeman
Megan & Tarrah handle launching
Megan & Tarrah handle launching
Photo by Tim Burger
Helper Nikki & Tim supervise at the pads
Helper Nikki & Tim supervise at the pads
Photo by Randall Jessee
Rockets Making Multiple Flights:
Flights Rocket Rocketeer
4 Guardian Chris B.
3 Executioner Brock Y.
2 Echo Star Aaron B.
Little Debbie Nick C.
Guardian Kayla H.
Stormcaster DJ H.
Gold Rory H.
Renegade Alex J.
High Flyer Kody K.
Sorcerer Kathy L.
Paveway Matt N.
Wild Thing Megan P.
DPST Mercedes R.
Liberty Khloi S.
Stormcaster Tyler S.
Tarzan Mitch S.
Mustang Alan Shaffmaster
Totally Tubular Steven X.
Getting rockets ready to fly.
Student get their rockets ready to fly
Photo by Tim Burger
Randall assists a student
Randall assists a student
Photo by Christian Bruggeman
Totals by motor:
Motor Number
A10 2 4.00
A8 16 37.12
Total A’s: 18 41.12
B4 7 30.03
B6 27 116.91
Total B’s: 34 146.94
C11 5 44.00
C6 46 405.72
Total C’s: 51 449.72
D12 13 218.92
Total D’s: 13 218.92
E15 1 39.76
E28 1 39.69
Total E’s: 2 79.45
Total: 118 936.15 (J)
Lunch! Provided by some of the parents.
Photo by Randall Jessee
Megan & Wild Thing
Megan & “Wild Thing”
Photo by Christian Bruggeman
Amber (I think)
Photo by Christian Bruggeman
Another group gets ready at the pads
Another group gets ready at the pads
Photo by Christian Bruggeman

Submitted by
Christian Bruggeman NAR 82573
and Randall Jessee TRA 9516 L1
and Tim Burger NAR 78486 L1
With special thanks to our record keeping helpers,
Nikki, Megan, & Molly.

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