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KCAR Launch Report: 2004 Rocketoberfest — Saturday

Launch date and time: Saturday, October 16th 2004
Launch location: Case Farm, Kansas City, MO
Launch wind and weather: Cool and breezy - 60F and 5-15MPH

The Range

There were 3 staged flight(s) (18, 28, 30), and 3 clustered flight(s) (4, 7, 10).

This was our Fall contest spanning two days. A full report on the contest is being worked up, watch for it soon.

Flight Log
Flier Rocket Motor(s) Comments
1 George Scheil DSP C5-3
2 George Scheil Night Wing C6-5
3 Russley Shaw Alpha III C6-5 Great high flight wind lost but found later
4 Blair Clark Clusters Last Stand 3 X B6-4 All three lit good flight Return to top
5 Tim Burger Mag Bertha E18-4 Good!
6 George Scheil Area 51 C6-0 Young rocketeer impressed
7 Blair Clark 424mm 4 X D12-3 All FOUR lit for a great flight Return to top
8 George Scheil Comanche-1 C6-5
9 Tim Burger Sprint B6-6 PD 40sec
10 Tim Burger Super Ranger 2 X D12-5 Return to top
11 George Scheil Twinsee A8-3
12 Dave Bucher Holy RPG of Antioch C11-3
13 Russley Shaw Alpha III B6-4 Streamer this time
14 Alan Shaffmaster Alpha III B6-6 Drag race
15 George Scheil Cosmic Cobra B6-4 A helicopter crowd pleaser
16 Dave Bucher Sprint B6-6 PD 52sec.
17 Tim Burger Big Bertha B6-2
18 George Scheil Crossfire B6-0 to A8-5 Return to top
19 Tim Burger Big Bertha C6-5
20 Christian Bruggeman 1/2A Streamer 1/2A3-4T DQ
21 Alan Shaffmaster ARV Condor B6-4
22 Alan Shaffmaster Helicat C6-5
23 George Scheil Geminee A10-3T
24 Tim Burger Sr. Elite C6-5 ELA
25 Russley Shaw Alpha III C6-5
26 George Scheil Heliroc B6-4
27 Russley Shaw Alpha III B6-4
28 Alan Shaffmaster CC Express D12-0 to C11-7 Return to top
29 Alan Shaffmaster Spitfire D12-7
30 Dave Bucher Patriot C11-0 to C11-7 Return to top
31 Dave Bucher Holy RPG of Antioch D12-3

Contest Data:

Photo by Christian Bruggeman
Flights by Rocketeers
Flights Rocketeer(s)
George Scheil
Tim Burger
Alan Shaffmaster
Dave Bucher
Russley Shaw
Blair Clark
Christian Bruggeman
George and Dave
George and Dave
Photo by Christian Bruggeman
Rockets Making Multiple Flights:
Flights Rocket Rocketeer
4 Alpha III Russley Shaw
2 Holy RPG of Antioch Dave Bucher
Big Bertha Tim Burger
Drag race
Drag race
Photo by Christian Bruggeman
Totals by motor:
Motor Number
1/2A3 1 1.09
Total 1/2A’s: 1 1.09
A10 1 2.00
A8 2 4.64
Total A’s: 3 6.64
B6 13 56.29
Total B’s: 13 56.29
C11 4 35.20
C5 1 9.10
C6 8 70.56
Total C’s: 13 114.86
D12 9 151.56
Total D’s: 9 151.56
E18 1 36.54
Total E’s: 1 36.54
Total: 40 366.98 (I)

Contest Data is unofficial!

The contest directors assistant
The contest director’s “boss.”
Photo by Christian Bruggeman
1/2A Streamer Duration
Place Flier Rocket Times Result Score
First Dave Bucher
71S 160
Second Tim Burger 18mm Sparrow 8S
16S 96
Third Alan Shaffmaster
12S 64
Fourth Lance Fischer

5S 32
Fifth Christian Bruggeman 1/2A Streamer DQ

0 0
C Eggloft Altitude
Place Flier Rocket Flight East West Average
Result Score
Azim Elev Alti Azim Elev Alti
First Tim Burger Elite Sr. 1 NC 166M 150


166M 166M 0.0%
Second Dave Bucher
1 NC 0 36
2 N/A
Third Christian Bruggeman
1 DQ 0 0
2 N/A
* 150 Meter baseline
NC = Not Closed - error greater than 10%
NA = No flight made
DQ = Disqualified
LOST = Track lost
Alan and George
Alan and George
Photo by Christian Bruggeman
Predicted Duration
Place Flier Rocket Predicted
Measured Time Total Score
First Tim Burger Sprint 40S 47.5S 175 160
Second Dave Bucher Sprint 52S 57.7S 577 96
Third Christian Bruggeman
?S 60S 600 64
Standings (NAR)
Place Flier C Eggloft
1/2A Streamer
NAR Points
First Tim Burger 166 16 175 616
Second Dave Bucher NC 71 96 292
Third Christian Bruggeman DQ DQ 64 64
Fourth Alan Shaffmaster NA 12 NA 64
Fifth Lance Fischer NA 5 NA 32
Section Points
KCAR - 505 1036
IND 32

Submitted by Christian Bruggeman NAR 82573

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