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KCAR Launch Report: May Sport Launch

Launch date and time: May 15, 2004
Launch location: Case Farm, Kansas City, MO
Launch wind and weather: Warm with light winds

Launch day!

Alan supervises the range staff
Alan supervises the range staff
Photo by Christian Bruggeman

There were 2 staged flights (16, 35), and 4 clustered flights (7, 63, 67, 75).

Flight Log
Flier Rocket Motor(s) Comments
1 Lance Ficsher Critical Mass MM Nice flight
2 George Scheil DSP-II C5-3 Cool
3 Tim Burger Sprint A8-3
4 Chris Ficsher Outlaw 1/4A3-4T Nice
5 Tim Burger Tangent B6-4 Cool flight
6 Paul Case Purple Rocket D12-3
7 Tim Burger Ranger 3xA8-3 Return to top
8 Tim Burger Big Bertha B6-4 Nice
9 Christian Bruggeman Eliminator D12-3 maiden flight
10 Lance Ficsher Hawkeye 1/2A3-4T
11 Paul Case Javelin A8-3 Nice
12 George Scheil Gemini 1/2A3-4T
13 Lance Ficsher Ninja A10-3T
14 Alan Shaffmaster Thunder 1/2A3-4T
15 Christian Bruggeman BLU-97 C6-5 Lost one bomblet
16 Tim Burger Long Shot C11-0 to C11-5 Return to top
17 Alan Shaffmaster Helicopter C6-3 Opened then closed up
18 George Scheil Gemini A10-3T
19 Darwin May Genesis 2000 A6-4 Nice
20 Christian Bruggeman Sizzler A8-3 ’Chute half open but OK
21 Paul Case Mini Me C6-5
22 Mark Bazinet Big Daddy D12-5
23 Lance Ficsher Pipsqueak A8-3
24 Lance Ficsher Quazar B6-4
25 Alan Shaffmaster Shuttle Express C6-5
26 Bob Wingate Bob’s Whistle Rocket B6-4
27 Bill Hensley Python 4 C6-3
28 Tim Burger Maniac E18-7 Nice and loud
29 George Scheil Cosmic Cobra C5-3
30 Alan Shaffmaster Spitfire D12-5
31 Lance Ficsher Exoskeleton C6-3 Heads up
32 Bill Hensley Paveway C6-3
33 Darwin May Mustang E30-7
34 Alan Shaffmaster Warthog G35-4
35 Bill Hensley Navaho C6-0 to B6-6 Return to top
36 Dave Bucher C Glideroc C11-3
37 Dave Bucher C Bee Gee C6-3
38 Dave Bucher 1/4A Bee Gee 1/4A3-2T
39 Dave Bucher Outlander C6-3 Nice paint scheme
40 George Scheil Red Baron B/G D12-3
41 Mark Bazinet Sprint G64-4
42 Lance Ficsher Sprint C6-7
43 Bill Hensley Cluster 5 F23-7
44 Bob Wingate Bob’s Whistle Rocket C6-5
45 Tim Burger Sprint Magnum F21-6
46 George Scheil Red Baron B/G D12-3
47 Alan Shaffmaster Black Brant D12-5
48 Alan Shaffmaster Delte Air Show B6-6 Great show
49 Kim Wong AMRAAM B6-2 Maiden flight, nice
50 Kim Wong Death Star B6-2 Great show, too
51 Kim Wong Scorpion A8-3
52 Lance Ficsher Blue Ninja D12-3
53 Darwin May G-Force G64-4 Its first G flight
54 Martin Ashwell Extreme Scout D12-5 Maiden also landed close to pad
55 Alan Shaffmaster Initiator G80-4 Blue thunder!
56 James Case Mirage G35-4
57 Alan Shaffmaster SR-71 E15-P R/C Glider
58 Alan Shaffmaster Mustang E30-4
59 Kim Wong Deep Space Traveler C6-5
60 Mark Bazinet Sumo G64-4 Good ol’ faithful
61 Kim Wong Big Daddy D12-3
62 Kim Wong Javelin A8-3
63 Bill Hensley Cluster 5 2xC6-3,2xC6-5,E9-6 Crash - one outboard didn’t light Return to top
64 Christian Bruggeman G-Force G80-4 Maiden flight, no ejection but not a scratch
65 Paul Case Mini Me C6-3
66 George Scheil Heli-Roc A8-3
67 Bill Hensley Cluster 5 2xC6-3,2xC6-5,E9-6 Outboards lit E9 didn’t, nice flight didn’t eject Return to top
68 Kim Wong Heli-Roc B6-2
69 Zoron Hensley Yellow Jacket B6-4
70 Mark Bazinet Monarch B6-6
71 Dave Bucher Sweet V E9-P
72 Bill Hensley Baby Bertha D12-7
73 Tim Burger Maxi Bertha F20-7
74 Darwin May Mongoose A8-3 Spot landing 2-inches from pad!
75 Dave Bucher Super Mega Ultra Bertha 4xD12-5 CATO, put out with extinguisher Return to top
76 Dave Bucher Stubby G33-5 Long ejection-good! Strong comeback
77 Alan Shaffmaster Ecee 1/2A3-2T
78 Christian Bruggeman Big Bertha C6-3 1 year anniversary flight with club
79 Kim Wong SR-71 C6-5
80 Kim Wong Blackhawk B6-4
81 Bill Hensley Big Daddy D15-4
82 Kim Wong Sidewinder C6-5
83 Mark Bazinet Big Bertha C6-5
84 Kim Wong Blackhawk B6-4
85 Darwin May Mustang E30-7
86 Dave Bucher Aurora C6-3 Actuating eliminators
87 Dave Bucher Sky Dart C6-3 "" ""
88 Martin Ashwell What’s Up! A10-3T Classic kits
89 Martin Ashwell Drifter B6-4 Classic cones

Lance & Chris assist James & Paul
Lance & Chris assist James & Paul
Photo by Christian Bruggeman
Flights by Rocketeers
Flights Rocketeer(s)
Alan Shaffmaster
Kim Wong
Dave Bucher
Tim Burger
Lance Ficsher
Bill Hensley
George Scheil
Mark Bazinet
Christian Bruggeman
Darwin May
Paul Case
Martin Ashwell
Bob Wingate
James Case
Chris Ficsher
Zoron Hensley
Bill and Zoran get set
Bill and Zoran get set
Photo by Christian Bruggeman
Rockets Making Multiple Flights:
Flights Rocket Rocketeer
3 Cluster 5 Bill Hensley
2 Mini Me Paul Case
Mustang Darwin May
Gemini George Scheil
Red Baron B/G
Bob’s Whistle Rocket Bob Wingate
Blackhawk Kim Wong
Dave’s rocket heads for the sky
Dave’s rocket heads for the sky
Photo by Martin Ashwell
Totals by motor:
Motor Number
1/2A3 4 4.36
Total 1/2A’s: 4 4.36
1/4A3 2 1.18
Total 1/4A’s: 2 1.18
A10 3 6.00
A6 1 2.00
A8 11 25.52
Total A’s: 15 33.52
B6 14 60.62
Total B’s: 14 60.62
C11 3 26.40
C5 2 18.20
C6 28 246.96
Total C’s: 33 291.56
D12 15 252.60
D15 1 18.96
Total D’s: 16 271.56
E15 1 39.76
E18 1 36.54
E30 3 118.53
E9 3 83.61
Total E’s: 8 278.44
F20 1 60.45
F21 1 60.45
F23 1 52.85
Total F’s: 3 173.75
G33 1 98.39
G35 2 201.64
G64 3 356.40
G80 2 232.50
Total G’s: 8 888.93
MM 1 0.12
Total MM’s: 1 0.12
Total: 104 2004.05 (K)
George preparing the Red Baron
Geogre preparing the Red Baron
Photo by Tim Burger
Darwin (forground) and Dave (background)
Darwin (forground) and Dave (background)
Photo by Christian Bruggeman
Mark’s BSD Sprint
Mark’s BSD Sprint
Photo by Christian Bruggeman
California Dave inspects his R/C glider
California Dave inspects his R/C glider
Photo by Martin Ashwell

Submitted by Christian Bruggeman NAR 82573

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