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KCAR Launch Report: January 2004 Polar Bear Launch

Launch date and time: January 17th, 2004, 11:00 AM.
Launch location: New Mark Middle School
Launch conditions: Windy! Cold and rainy.

It was a chilly & breezy January day, nonetheless, several intrepid fliers braved the weather to fly rockets. First on the scene was Dan followed by myself some minutes later. Kyle showed up soon after that with two new rockets to try out. Dave arrived while we were setting out a couple of pads, and we started launching.

First up was my Holverson Tangent. The breeze carried it pretty far. Dan went next with a small rocket, and I flew the Maxi-Alpha on a C11-3 for a low and slow flight. Dave followed with some classic rockets that he flew at a sharp angle into the wind to recover closer. Alan arrived on the field and although he didn’t have any rockets with him decided to hang around to chat for a while.

Kyle worked up his courage and launched his Mercury/Redstone, with good recovery but scorched ’chutes. Dan flew a time or two more. Dave lost a rocket on the school roof. And Kyle crashed his Exo-Rocket (it bound on the rod causing a slow arcing flight).

We warmed up in the vehicles for a little while and waited for Darwin to arrive on the field — he had called earlier and I did’t want to disappoint him. We had all but given up on him when he and his dad arrived. So we set out a pad, and he flew a few. I flew my Maxi-Alpha again, and Dave flew once or twice more. It had started to drizzle and we were getting pretty cold, so we packed up (those of us who were still there) and headed to a local eatery for something hot to eat and drink. A typical Polar Bear!

Submitted by Tim Burger, NAR 78486 L1.

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