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KCAR Launch Report: April Spring Contest & Sport Launch

Launch date and time: April 17, 2004 at 11:00AM
Launch location: Case Farm, Kansas City, MO
Launch wind and weather: Windy!

Launch day!

Once again it was another windy day in Kansas City but KCAR was ready for their 2004 Spring Contest.

Ian with his Maxi-Alpha
Ian with his Maxi-Alpha
Photo by Tim Burger
First, on behalf of Alan and I, a big thank you for all who helped and made it a success. Our friends Cindy and Tammy were troopers to battle the long hours, wind, sun, and contest flights. Don’t worry, Alan and I have plenty of payback to the girls and we will comply to their demands from household jobs to dinners out on the town.

Highlights of the day included Marks successful launch of his cluster rocket Tres (third time’s a charm), Dave Bucher’s nice performance of his glider, Dave Lucas fantastic duration model, and of course the Jessee fleet of rockets and their impressive flights. It was great to see the soccer team show up to launch their rockets and have a good time as well as Lance, Tony, Tim, and Blair with their tried and true projects. Another note was Andreas rocket with a sonic beacon. Nice job Andrea and very cool to check out.

Unofficial contest points are as follows:
Dave Bucher with 328pts (1st C-R/G; 2nd B-Alt; 2nd A-PD, and overall winner)
Dave Lucas with 180pts (1st A-PD; 1st B-Alt;)
Alan Shaffmaster with 28pts (3rd A-PD)

Bob Wingate and I did compete but DQed so the certificates to Dairy Queen are ours. (I think that is what I was going for anyway). Lila Schmaker has the results and indicates that Bob and I do have a few points coming but I will wait for her calculations. The winners will pick up their ribbons and prizes at the next launch with a congratulations on a job well done. EVEN WITH ALL THAT WIND!

There were 58 flights made by 19 rocketeers, and of those 2 were clustered flights (5 & 16 ).

Flight Log
Flier Rocket Motor(s) Comments
1 Lynn Rynott Mustang F24-7 CATO
2 Lance Fisher Aim 7G 1/2A3-4T
3 Tony Buffa Warthog F20-7 Super high great launch
4 Andrea Z Streamer B6-6 Sonic beacon very cool
5 Mark Bazinet Trey 3xC6-5 Hung on rod Return to top
6 Ian Jessee Cato C6-0 Heads up!
7 Taylor Jessee Airspike E30-7
8 Blair Clark Norad LOC F23-4 Great launch
9 Alan Shaffmaster Spitfire D12-3 Flown and recovered
10 Christian Bruggeman Fiesta B6-4
11 Randall Jessee Cato C6-0 Heads up!
12 Ian Jessee Flyer C6-3 Great job
13 Jackson Finlee Fat Boy B6-4 Great job
14 Jackson Finlee Gladiator B6-4 Great first flight
15 Ian Jessee BLU-97B B6-4 Great job
16 Mark Bazinet Trey 3xC6-5 Did great this time Return to top
17 Alan Shaffmaster C Glider B4-4 Heads up!
18 Randall Jessee Spool D12-3 Great home built
19 Ian Jessee Maxi Alpha 3 D12-3
20 Taylor Jessee 120 JAIM F20-4 Straight up and loud
21 Jackson Finlee Gnome A10-3T Separation
22 Courtney Greathouse Flying High Mean Machine D12-3 Great launch
23 Tim Burger Initiator E16-4 Great landing
24 Bob Wingate Small Wonder A3-4T Separation DQ
25 Alan Shaffmaster 13mm Parachute A8-3 DQ
26 Randall Jessee Golden Rod D12-5 Beautiful flight
27 Taylor Jessee Airspike E30-7 Great job
28 Mark Bazinet Initiator F25-4 Nice job
29 Christian Bruggeman NAR PD A8-3 DQ
30 Randall Jessee Screaming Mimi D12-5 Parachute trouble
31 Tim Burger Maxi-Alpha D15-7 Deployed very late
32 Paul Case Eliminator D12-5 No chute
33 Ian Jessee Coin Bank Payload D12-3 No chute
34 Alan Shaffmaster XP2 C6-3 DQ
35 Dave Bucher C Glideroc C6-3 DQ
36 Ian Jessee Maxi Alpha 3 E11-3
37 Alan Shaffmaster 13mm Parachute A8-3 Great job
38 Dave Bucher BT-60 A8-3
39 Randall Jessee Super Eagle C6-3 Great job
40 Ian Jessee BLU-97B B6-4 Hung on pad
41 Dave Bucher Parachute Duration A8-3
42 Ian Jessee Cato C6-0 Good job
43 Dave Lucas A Parachute A8-3 Timed longest
44 Dave Bucher C Glideroc C6-3 Timed longest
45 Dave Lucas A Parachute A3-4T
46 Bob Wingate Altitude B6-4 Track lost
47 Christian Bruggeman Jabberwock C6-0 DQ
48 Christian Bruggeman Astre B6-4 No track DQ
49 Dave Bucher Altitude B6-6 Great job
50 Dave Bucher Altitude B6-6
51 Christian Bruggeman Astre B6-4 Lost track DQ
52 Dave Lucas Altitude B6-6
53 Tony Buffa Warthog G80-10 Nice high flight
54 Dave Lucas Altitude B6-4 Ejection model
55 Bob Wingate Altitude B6-6 Losttrack
56 Dave Bucher Patriot D12-5 Sportflight
57 Dave Bucher Big Yellow One E9-4 Sport too
58 Dave Lucas Dragonette C6-3 DQ

Flis Kits Acme Spitfire waits for launch.
Photo by Christian Bruggeman
Flights by Rocketeers
Flights Rocketeer(s)
Dave Bucher
Ian Jessee
Christian Bruggeman
Randall Jessee
Dave Lucas
Alan Shaffmaster
Mark Bazinet
Jackson Finlee
Taylor Jessee
Bob Wingate
Tony Buffa
Tim Burger
Paul Case
Blair Clark
Lance Fisher
Courtney Greathouse
Lynn Rynott
Andrea Z
If we can't fix it, it's time to nix it!
The Jessees
Photo by Christian Bruggeman
Rockets Making Multiple Flights:
Flights Rocket Rocketeer
2 Trey Mark Bazinet
Astre Christian Bruggeman
Altitude Dave Bucher
C Glideroc
Warthog Tony Buffa
BLU-97B Ian Jessee
Maxi Alpha 3
Airspike Taylor Jessee
A Parachute Dave Lucas
13mm Parachute Alan Shaffmaster
Altitude Bob Wingate
Randal, Hans, & Taylor
Randal, Hans, & Taylor
Photo by Tim Burger
Totals by motor:
Motor Number
1/2A3 1 1.09
Total 1/2A’s: 1 1.09
A10 1 2.00
A3 2 4.44
A8 6 13.92
Total A’s: 9 20.36
B4 1 4.29
B6 14 60.62
Total B’s: 15 64.91
C6 16 141.12
Total C’s: 16 141.12
D12 9 151.56
D15 1 18.96
Total D’s: 10 170.52
E11 1 32.74
E16 1 37.67
E30 2 79.02
E9 1 27.87
Total E’s: 5 177.30
F20 2 120.90
F23 1 52.85
F24 1 47.31
F25 1 77.92
Total F’s: 5 298.98
G80 1 116.25
Total G’s: 1 116.25
Total: 62 990.53 (J)
Tony with his Warthog
Tony with his Warthog
Photo by Christian Bruggeman

Contest Results

The Range Staff
The Range Staff
Photo by Christian Bruggeman

Contest Data is unofficial!

A Parachute Duration
Place Flier Rocket Times Result Score
First Dave Lucas A Parachute87.43S
117.74S 70
Second Dave Bucher Parachute Duration 57.32S
89.76S 42
Third Alan Shaffmaster 13mm Parachute 22.52S
66.98S 28
Fourth Bob Wingate Small Wonder SEP
47.18S 0
Fifth Christian Bruggeman NAR PD 11.5S
11.5S 0
SEP = Separation - automatic DQ
N/A = Not applicable (didn’t fly)
A rocket just after ignition
Photo by Christian Bruggeman
B Altitude
Place Flier Rocket Flight East West Average
Result Score
Azim Elev Alti Azim Elev Alti
First Dave Lucas Altitude 1 283.0 54.0 176.7M 29.5 38.0 198.5M 187.6M 5.80% 187.6M 110
2 277.5 50.0 176.6M 32.5 35.0 191.5M 184.1M 4.04%
Second Dave Bucher Altitude 1 266.5 50.0 157.0M 27.0 30.0 167.2M 162.1M 3.15% 177.0M 66
2 271.5 54.0 176.8M 27.5 32.5 177.1M 177.0M 0.10%
Third Bob Wingate Altitude 1 238.0 49.0

2 45.4 54.0

Fourth Christian Bruggeman Astre 1 UNS

DQ 0

* 250 Meter baseline
DQ = Disqualified
UNS = Unstable flight - DQ
LOST = Lost track/sight - trackers not able to get good data
OPEN = Track is open - percent of error too large
C Glider Duration
Place Flier Rocket Times Total Score
First Dave Bucher C Glideroc HUNG
37.65S 220
Second Dave Lucas Dragonette 5.1S
9.8S 0
Third Christian Bruggeman Jabberwock UNS

Fourth Alan Shaffmaster XP2 DNG

HUNG = Hung on the rod
DNG = Did not glide
UNS = Unstable flight
Standings (NAR)
Place Flier A Parachute
B Altitude
C Glider Rocket
NAR Points
First Dave Bucher 42 66 220 328
Second Dave Lucas 70 110 0 180
Third Alan Shaffmaster 28 0 0 28
Fourth Christian Bruggeman 0 0 0 0
Fifth Bob Wingate 0 0 0 0
Section points for NAR 505 536

Submitted by Christian Bruggeman NAR 82573

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