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KCAR Launch Report: Sport Launch — October 2003

Launch date and time: 11:00AM, Saturday, 25 October 2003
Launch location: Tickwood Ranch
Launch wind and weather: High overcast, about 60F, 15MPH at Noon, less than 5MPH at 2:00

This was quite a launch. It started out very slowly, with one person alone on the field until almost 2:00PM. Then Dave B. arrived, and most everyone else within the next 20 minutes. Then the action started. The lone flier on the field had set up a single pad and was launching from the tailgate, but when the others arrived we decided to set up a table and two other pads. We flew on a very informal range with each flier being trusted to know what he’s doing. There were no real problems with this system; everyone observing the safety rules and being careful of each other.

We have two new level one fliers; Mark Bazinet and Hans Jessee made successful certification attempts. Congratulations!

The wind was a bit strong at first, but by 2:00PM had settled to mostly calm, with an occasional gust of 5MPH wind. The winds aloft were still running a bit though as rockets flown straight up drifted South and East a good deal. The sun would break through the clouds from time to time and warm us all up.

There were some minor problems getting the waiver activated; and since it was in question the members on the field voted to waive launch fees. By 2:30, though, the waiver had been activated to 6,000-feet, with call in windows to 10,000 (which we didn’t use) and the big rockets came out.

There were a couple of flights that were noteworthy - one was Dave Bucher’s very large Sprint that shredded in flight. That’s the first one many of us had ever seen. Dave Lucas had some problems getting an E11 to light - it chuffed hard a couple of times, and would then go out. He even tried a custom made Magnelite with no luck. Dave Bucher has also been having a bit of a grudge match with his scratch built, scale Von Braun Ferry. It’s a neat rocket but is really unwilling to fly straight and pranged twice! Neither time resulted in serious damage, luckily.

Hans (left) and Mark (right) display their successful certification rockets.
(Photo by Tim Burger)
Mark Bazinet went for his level one flight using an H70 and an Aerotech Sumo. The flight was beautiful; picture perfect. The rocket had not a scratch and the motor was still in the mount. Congratulations Mark!

Hans Jessee made his attempt with a PML AMRAAM III weighing 50-ounces on a Pro-38 H153. It, too, was a perfect flight. Congratulations Hans!

Mark also flew his BSD Thor on an H148R. A really straight boost and a perfectly timed ejection! Nice!

Randall and Taylor were able to get in a lot of flying, as did Darwin May who is back from NARAM and has lots of observations to make.

A few fliers were staying late to launch at night. A report on that will follow.

We launched 59 (number 15 was a no-go) flights, burning 74 motors. There were three stage flights (numbers 18, 21, and 49), and four clustered flights (flights 28, 50, 53, and 59). The total impulse burned was 2,358.65N which falls in the ‘K’ range.

Launch Report
Launch Flier’s Name Rocket Name(s) Motor Comments
1 Tim Burger Astra B6-4 Some drift
2 Tim Burger Sprint A8-5 Good, a little late on deploy
3 Tim Burger Sprint B6-4 Good
4 Tim Burger A Sparrow A3-4T Good
5 Tim Burger Silver Comet D15-4
6 David Lucas UFO D12-3
7 Mark Bazinet Big Daddy E9-4
8 George Scheil Cat RG Glider A8-3
9 Tim Burger Airspike F21-6
10 Mark Bazinet Big Daddy E9-4
11 George Scheil Mini-RG A10-3T
12 Tim Burger Silver Comet D15-4
13 Dave Bucher Falcon B6 A8-3 Power roll and prang
14 Darwin May Wacky Wiggler A8-3 Separation
15 David Lucas UFO E11-3 Gave up after four attempts to light the motor
16 Darwin May Mongoose A8-3 Broken fin
17 Dave Bucher Cherokee D (clone) D12-5 Perfect!
18 George Scheil Zenith II B6-0 to A8-5
19 Mark Bazinet Alpha B6-2
20 Darwin May Blue Ninja D12-3
21 Dave Bucher 2-stage DOW A10-0 to A3-4T Total power prang
22 Taylor Jessee Aspire D12-7
23 David Lucas Manga C6-5
24 Dave Bucher Holy RPG of Antioch D12-3 As usual!
25 George Scheil Cosmic Cobra C6-3
26 Tim Burger Sprint Magnum E30-4 Good
27 Randall Jessee Red Mean Machine E9-6
28 Dave Bucher Super, Mega, Ultra Big Bertha 4 X D12-5
29 Taylor Jessee Mercury Redstone C6-3
30 Mark Bazinet Sumo H70-10 Level 1 Cert — successful!
31 David Lucas Liberator C6-3
32 George Scheil Meteor Masher C6-3
33 David Lucas UFO E9-6
34 Tim Burger Bertha Magnum F25-4 Good! Nice straight boost
35 George Scheil Black Brandt A C11-5
36 Mark Bazinet Sprint G38-4
37 Darwin May Blue Ninja D12-3
38 Hans Jessee PML AMRAAM III H153-9 Level 1 Attempt — Successful!
39 Randall Jessee Yellow Bird 1oz Tube Rocket C6-3
40 George Scheil Wacky Wiggler C6-5
41 Mark Bazinet Thor H148M Perfect! Beautiful
42 Darwin May Blue Ninja D12-3
43 Tim Burger Sprint Magnum F21-6 Nice!
44 Hans Jessee AMRAAM II F20-4
45 Dave Bucher Super, Mega, Ultra Sprint I211-10BT Shred!
46 Taylor Jessee Patriot C6-5
47 Darwin May Blue Ninja D12-3
48 Taylor Jessee Airspike F21-6
49 Randall Jessee PML Weasel 29 D12-0 to E9-6 Second stage didn't ignite
50 Dave Bucher Von Braun Ferry 4 X D12-3 Only two lit, strike two — it survived
51 Tim Burger Airspike F40-10
52 Taylor Jessee Birdie A10-3T
53 Dave Bucher Von Braun Ferry 4 X D12-3 Ouch; they all lit this time, crunched after a loop the loop
54 Taylor Jessee Birdie A10-3T Scratch built - very fun
55 David Lucas Manga C6-7
56 Randall Jessee PML Weasel 29 G55-10 Very high! Nice flight
57 Taylor Jessee AMRAAM II F20-4
58 David Lucas Mercury Redstone D12-5 Good flight but lost the tower
59 Dave Bucher Super, Mega, Ultra Big Bertha 4 X C11-5 Beautiful
60 Taylor Jessee Patriot C6-5

Number 15 was a no-go, so the actual number of launches is 59.

Flights by Rocketeers
Flights Rocketeer(s)
Tim Burger
Dave Bucher
Taylor Jessee
David Lucas
George Scheil
Mark Bazinet
Darwin May
Randall Jessee
Hans Jessee
Rockets Making Multiple Flights:
Flights Rocket Rocketeer
4 Blue Ninja Darwin May
3 UFO David Lucas
2 Big Daddy Mark Bazinet
Super, Mega, Ultra Big Bertha Dave Bucher
Von Braun Ferry
Airspike Tim Burger
Sprint Magnum
Silver Comet
PML Weasel 29 Randall Jessee
Birdie Taylor Jessee
Manga David Lucas
Totals by motor:
Motor Number
A10 4 8.00
A3 2 4.44
A8 6 13.92
B6 4 17.32
C11 5 44.00
C6 10 88.20
D12 22 370.48
D15 2 37.92
E30 1 39.51
E9 5 139.35
F20 2 120.90
F21 3 181.35
F25 1 77.92
F40 1 78.09
G38 1 87.68
G55 1 119.57
H148 1 206.00
H153 1 244.00
H70 1 200.00
I211 1 460.00
Total: 74 2,538.65 (K)

Submitted by Tim Burger NAR 78486 L1

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