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KCAR Launch Report: Sport Launch — May 2003

Launch date and time: May 31st, 2003, 11:00 AM.
Launch location: Shawnee Mission Park, Shawnee, KS
Weather: Gusty and cold at 11:00AM to almost dead calm and 70+ degrees at 6:00PM.

The day started out a bit on the windy and overcast side. Despite that, three people were on hand to set up the range, with a fourth person arriving in time to help with the unwinding of cords. Rather than tote all of the equipment out to the launch site, only the battery, cords, PA and launcher were brought, with the remaining equipment belonging to club members. The main pad was simply a saw horse with three rods and blast deflectors, the club’s Wasp pad was out and Tim’s rail was set up in it. Dave Bucher brought his very nice pad and tower launcher, and Bob’s pad rounded out the equipment. The large bulk of flights were flown from the saw-horse arrangement.

At about noon the weather turned fair; the wind dropped, and the sun came out. This was very welcome, and larger motors came out of the range boxes as our courage built.

There were some interesting flights, and some heart-breakers, and even one or two non-flying flights. The first heart-breaker was the Jessee family’s Executioner which was still hanging from the power lines over the road as we were driving away. The second heart-breaker was George’s Mediocre Fred; this is the second glider of this type that George has had sail away. Not so mediocre, I’d say. Another heart breaker was the CATO of both motors in Dave Bucher’s spinning UFO rocket. Those were Estes C5-3’s this time, rather than the seemingly more failure prone (today at least) Quest C6 motors. Also worthy of mention was first time flier Cindy Eskina’s Super Nova which had a promising boost, but separated and the lower half made a sickening thudding sound when it tried to core sample too hard ground! This was Cindy’s first effort, but she seemed to take the troubles well and vowed to be back. We’re looking forward to it.

Some of the more interesting non-flights were the spectacular CATOs of the Quest C6’s by Ian D. He had several blow; two of which threw burning parts a very long way. Another non-flight was Dave B’s glider that hung on the rod.

One of the more strange launches was Tim’s Sprint 24C on an Aerotech D15-7 reload. The igniter “popped” and the clips fell away. Then after a long silent, smokeless pause, the motor suddenly came up to pressure and the rocket lept away in a blink rather surprising everyone.

It was interesting to watch several of the fliers test some of their contest designs for the upcoming contest launch next month. Dave B. and Dan K. both tested altitude rockets. Dave B. and George S. tested gliders, and Dave B. also launched a couple of payload birds. Dave’s gliders employ a sliding motor pod, very beautifully made rockets, with nice precision airfoils. They appeared to be quite competitive.

The club took this opportunity to try out and practice using the new theodolites made by Dave Lucas. Dave handed out all the information, and he and Bob measured off the baseline and set up the devices. We then practiced on several of the flights using the chalk Dave brought with him. This was very good and very needed practice, both in tracking and using the devices, and also in rendering the data. That chore fell largely to Bob W. who churned away with the calculator for most of the afternoon.

At the end of the day we had burned 73 motors, for about 634.54N which falls in the ‘I’ range. Of those, two were cluster flights (#20 and #63) but no staged flights. There were 12 fliers, and 70 flights (counting the CATO’s).

Launch Flier’s Name Rocket Name Motor(s) Comments
1 George Scheil Deep Space Probe C5-3 Good! Sideways boost
2 Tim Burger Quest Astra A8-3 Good!
3 Christian Bruggeman Superbird B6-4 First flight
4 George Scheil Cherokee III B6-4 Single stage flight
5 Tim Burger Maxi-Alpha C11-3
6 Christian Bruggeman Nike K B6-4
7 Erin Wingate Firestreak B6-4
8 Christian Bruggeman Nemesis B6-4
9 Tim Burger Big Bertha B6-4
10 Ian Jessee Sky Writer A8-3
11 Taylor Jessee Death Star C5-3
12 Randall Jessee Yellow TP-1 C6-3
13 Tim Burger Big Bertha C6-5
14 Ian Jessee Maxi-V2 D12-3
15 Taylor Jessee Executioner E9-6 Hung in the power lines over the road
16 Christian Bruggeman Superbird C6-7
17 Ian Jessee Triton-X C6-3
18 Cindy Eskina Super Nova D12-5
19 Randall Jessee Silver TP 9 D12-3
20 Taylor Jessee Crash & Burn 3X A8-3
21 Tim Burger Fiesta B6-4
22 Ian Jessee Birthday Rocket D12-3
23 Taylor Jessee Super Bertha C11-3
24 Taylor Jessee Baby Bertha C6-3 First tracking practice, good.
25 Tim Burger Sprint 24C C11-7 Track: 117.6 meters
26 Christian Bruggeman Nemesis C6-5 Track: lost
27 Ian Desselle Lightning 3000 A8-3
28 Ian Desselle Firebird A8-3
29 George Scheil Sunward Phoenix C6-5
30 Randall Jessee Maxi-V2 F21-6 Nice!
31 Tim Burger Sprint 24C D15-7 Track: 251 Meters.
32 George Scheil Interdictor B6-4
33 Dave Bucher C Rocket Glider C6-3 Heads up flight!
34 Ian Desselle Viking C6-5 CATO! (Quest motor)
35 Ian Desselle Lightning C6-5 Drag race with next
36 Randall Jessee Baby Bertha C6-5 Drag race with previous
37 Taylor Jessee Super Eagle C6-3 Nice; one ’chute did not open
38 George Scheil UFO (Area 51) C6-0
39 Tim Burger Maxi-Alpha D9-4 Very long delay; came out OK though
40 Dave Bucher B Rocket Glider B6-4 Rod hanger!
41 George Scheil Cosmic Cobra B6-4
42 Ian Desselle Baby Bertha C6-5 CATO! (Another Quest)
43 Taylor Jessee BullPup B6-4 Drag race with previous
44 Ian Desselle Baby Bertha C6-5 CATO again! (Another Quest)
45 Taylor Jessee Baby Bertha C5-3 Drag race with previous
46 Dan Kirk Fiesta A3-4T Tracked to 18.3M
47 Dan Kirk Viking A8-3
48 Dan Kirk Wizard A8-3
49 Dan Kirk Wizard A8-3
50 Dan Kirk Punk #1 A3-4T Tracked to 108.9M
51 Dan Kirk Punk #2 A3-4T
52 Ian Jessee Aquarius D12-5 Drag race with next
53 Taylor Jessee Super Bertha D12-5 Drag race with previous
54 Dave Bucher Large C Rocket Glider C6-3
55 Dave Bucher Medium C Rocket Glider C6-3
56 George Scheil Mediocre Fred B6-2
57 Tim Burger Sprint 24C D9-4 Very high — after three misfires.
58 Ian Desselle SR 71 Blackbird C6-3 Separation
59 Dan Kirk Wicked Winnie C6-3 Nice flight and recovery
60 Dan Kirk Icarus C6-3 Very nice
61 Ian Desselle Viking C6-7
62 Dave Bucher Mercury Redstone C6-3
63 Dave Bucher Spindizzy Saucer 2X C5-3 Both motors CATOed
64 Dave Bucher A Altitude “A” A3-4T Tracked to 184.8M
65 Dave Bucher A Altitude “B” A3-4T
66 Dave Bucher B payload B6-4
67 Dan Kirk Shuttle Express C6-3
68 Dan Kirk Edmunds Tinee A3-4T
69 Ian Desselle ? B4-4
70 Bob Wingate Executioner D12-5 Tracked to 242.9M

Rockets Making Multiple Flights:
Flights Rocket Rocketeer
3 Sprint 24C Tim Burger
2 Maxi-Alpha Tim Burger
Big Bertha
Super Bertha Taylor Jessee
Baby Bertha
Viking Ian Desselle
Baby Bertha
Wizard Dan Kirk
Superbird Christian Bruggeman

Flights by Rocketeers
Flights Rocketeer(s)
Dan Kirk
Tim Burger
Taylor Jessee
Ian Desselle
Dave Bucher
George Scheil
Ian Jessee
Christian Bruggeman
Randall Jessee
Erin Wingate
Cindy Eskina
Bob Wingate

Totals by motor:
Motor Number Impulse
A3 6 13.32
A8 10 23.20
B4 1 4.29
B6 13 56.29
C5 5 45.50
C6 23 202.86
C11 3 26.40
D9 2 37.52
D12 7 117.88
D15 1 18.96
E9 1 27.87
F21 1 60.45
Total: 73 634.54

Submitted by Tim Burger NAR 78486 L1.

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