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Launch Report: June 2003 “Fly ’N’ Fry” Competition/Sport Launch

Launch date and time: June 28th, 2003, 11:00 AM.
Launch location: Tickwood Ranch, Drexel, MO

George checks in Cindy’s rocket
George checks in Cindy’s rocket.
Photo by Christian Bruggeman
The weather wasn’t too kind for our first contest launch this year - it was a tad windy, 10 to 15MPH keeping the bigger motors in the packages and the glider fliers cautious, but it was pretty warm with mostly sunny skies.

The first flight was a bit delayed; the range was open at roughly 11:30, but for some reason no one had a rocket to fly for 30 or more minutes. To make up for that, we continued right past the 5:00 mark and flew until well past 6:30PM. Bill started the day with a very nice flight of his Big Daddy on a D12-5. Alan didn’t get started until 4:00, but didn’t miss a beat for at least a solid hour and became the top flier of the day with some 13 flights! The final flight was by Dave Bucher, who launched a very unusual spinning saucer with three B6-4 motors. Unfortunately, the Chinette plates weren’t able to take the load of three motors and the lug ripped off. It left the rod at just about that point, but didn’t actually go anywhere.

The competitors started launching at about one-ish. The first being Dave B. with his predicted duration flight using a much flown Mercury Redstone. He was followed by Dave L. a flight or two later with his Manga. Finally, Christian B. put in a predicted duration flight with his brand new Chrome Dome. Then the gliders came out. The two Daves went head to head in that event. Finally, the altitude birds were flown between 4:30 and 5:30. The tracking was done by Dave L. and Tim B., with Dave B. standing in for Dave L. while Dave prepped and flew a second attempt since his first flight had an unclosed track. Dave Bucher won the glider event by one second (it was a very competitive event) and was, therefore the contest winner overall. The prizes were new kits, donated from Classic Cones. The contest results are now official.

“You know you have to recover that to certify, don’t you?”
“You know you have to recover that to certify, don’t you?”
Photo by Christian Bruggeman
There were some very interesting flights worth mentioning. Bill’s Phantom 4000 made another of its standard spectacular flights, we were all holding our breath as it neared the power lines, but it cleared (and just in time since we were all turning blue) only to land beyond the lines in a tree. Fortunately, it wasn’t too high and Bill and Zoron were able to recover it without breaking anything. A brand new rocket of your’s truly put in a very nice flight on a Pro38 single grain. The deployment wasn’t so hot, however, since I forgot to tape the nose on — it was supposed to split in the middle, but blew the nose off instead so the ’chute wasn’t able to deploy. The damage wasn’t severe, fortunately. Cindy Eskina made her first successful flight. Dave Bucher made a level one attempt later in the afternoon.
Does it get any better than this?
Does it get any better than this?
Photo by Christian Bruggeman
The flight was quite nice, it ejected very high, however, and drifted into the trees South of the field. He and the field owner were not able to locate it. Dave and Carol promised to look for it as time allows this week. Keep your fingers crossed! Thanks, Bill, for hanging around a little longer to witness the flight. Dave Bucher’s R17 had a mishap but managed to survive despite a very low and very fast cruise missile profile that was caused by the pad falling over at launch. Should ’a’ used the Wasp, Dave!

The club wishes to thank Dave and Carol Alburty for hosting our launch, and getting the waiver at the last minute. Also, thanks to Bill Hensley for helping pick up and setup of the equipment, and to Christian Bruggeman and Dave Bucher for helping with getting it put away. We are grateful to anyone who helped check, flip switches, and with setup and tear down of the range. Thanks is also due to Classic Cones for donating some kits for contest prizes. These kits look very well done.

Now for the statistics. There were 9 fliers, who made 49 flights, burning 53 motors. There were two staged flights (#31 & #38), both successful, and one clustered flight (#49) which wasn’t a complete success though not a catastrophe. The total impulse was 1,682.86 which falls in the ‘K’ impulse range.

Launch Data
Launch Fliers Name Rocket Name(s) Motor Comments
Bring out the Holy Handgrenade!
Photo by Christian Bruggeman
1 Bill Hensley Big Daddy D12-5 Good flight
2 Bill Hensley Baby Bertha C6-5
3 Tim Burger Sprint Magnum E28-4 Standard good performance.
4 Dave Lucas Penny Rocket B6-4
5 Bill Hensley Quest Apollo A6-4
6 Zoron Hensley Big Dog B6-4
7 Dave Lucas Glider X A3-4T
8 Tim Burger No-Name G69-5 Oops, didn't deploy fully
9 Dave Bucher Mercury Redstone C6-3 Predicted duration; P=48 A=16
10 Zoron Hensley Yellow Jacket B6-4 Late 'Chute
11 Bill Hensley Phantom 4000 G35-4W Landed in tree; recovered OK
12 Dave Lucas Manga C6-5 Predicted duration; P=34 A=69
13 Dave Bucher Holy RPG of Antioch D12-5 Bring out the Holy Hand Grenade!
Photo by Christian Bruggeman
14 Bill Hensley Airspike E11-3J Nice flight; smokey!
15 Cindy Eskina Super Nova D12-3 Good!
16 Dave Bucher C Rocket Glider C6-3 Competition: 5:20S; crashed
17 Bill Hensley Big Brute G35-7W Very nice!
18 Christian Bruggeman Chrome Dome B6-4 Predicted Duration P=30 A=18.2
19 Tim Burger Big Bertha Magnum E28-4
20 Dave Bucher C Rocket Glider Mk II C6-3 Competition: 42S
21 Bill Hensley Big Brute G80-7
22 Dave Lucas C Rocket Glider C6-3 Competition: 13S
Photo by Christian Bruggeman.
23 Christian Bruggeman Snitch C6-0
24 Tim Burger Interceptor G F50-6 Nice
25 Dave Bucher Certification Rocket H70-10W Level 1 attempt; rocket lost
26 Dave Lucas GoGo V2.1 A10-3T Altitude: Track lost
27 Christian Bruggeman Flash A8-3 Altitude: ?
28 Dave Lucas Flash A8-3 Altitude: ?
29 Dave Bucher A Altitude A8-3 Altitude: ?
30 Alan Shaffmaster Baby Bertha C6-5 Nice first flight, long drift
31 Alan Shaffmaster Zenith B6-0 / B6-4 Good staging!
32 Alan Shaffmaster Shuttle Express B6-4

Photo by Christian B.
33 Alan Shaffmaster Silver Streak 1/2A3-4T
34 Tim Burger Sprint 24C D9-4
35 Alan Shaffmaster Zoomee 1/2A3-4T Nice glide
36 Alan Shaffmaster Gemini DC C6-5
37 Alan Shaffmaster Fat Boy C6-5
38 Alan Shaffmaster CC Express D12-0 / D12-7
39 Alan Shaffmaster Mustang F21-?
40 Alan Shaffmaster V-2 F21-?
41 Alan Shaffmaster Mustang G35-?

Photo by Tim B.
42 Alan Shaffmaster Initiator G80-?
43 George Scheil Tubular Rocket A8-3 Piston Launcher
44 Tim Burger Maxi-Alpha D9-4 Very late delay
45 Dave Bucher R17-5KVO F50-? Pad flopped; long cruise missile; rocket OK!
46 Christian Bruggeman Mean Machine D12-5 First flight. Didn't deploy fully
47 Alan Shaffmaster Warthog G35-7
48 Dave Bucher Astro Blaster E15P Crashed!
49 Dave Bucher Spin Dizzy B6-4 X 3 Lost launch lug

Contest Data

Contest Director: George Scheil

Photo by Tim Burger
Overall Standings
Contestant NAR Points
Dave Bucher 368
Dave Lucas 224
Christian Bruggeman 120

Predicted Duration Event
Contestant Prediction Measured Times Percentage
Christian Bruggeman 30s 18.2s 39.3%
Dave Bucher 48s 16.83s 64.9%
Dave Lucas 34s 69.24s 103.6%

A Altitude Event
Contestant Measured Altitude
Dave Bucher 223m
Dave Lucas 189m
Christian Bruggeman 95m

C Rocket Glider Event
Contestant Measured Time
Dave Bucher 47s
Dave Lucas 46s

Launch Data

Flights by Rocketeers
Flights Rocketeer(s)
Alan Shaffmaster
Dave Bucher
Bill Hensley
Tim Burger
Dave Lucas
Christian Bruggeman
Zoron Hensley
George Scheil
Cindy Eskina

Photo by Christian Bruggeman
Rockets Making Multiple Flights
Flights Rocket Rocketeer
2 Big Brute Bill Hensley
Mustang Alan Shaffmaster

Photo by Tim Burger
Totals by Motor
Motor Number Impulse
1/2A3 2 2.18
A3 2 4.44
A6 * 1 2.00
A8 3 6.96
A10 * 1 2.00
B6 10 43.30
C6 10 88.20
D9 2 37.52
D12 6 101.04
E11 1 32.74
E15 1 39.76
E28 2 79.38
F21 2 120.90
F50 2 153.66
G35 4 403.28
G69 1 110.00
G80 2 232.50
H70 1 200.00
Totals: 53 1682.86 Newtons
* Guessing on the exact impulse for these motors.

Photo by Tim Burger

Submitted by Tim Burger
NAR 78486 L1.

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