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KCAR Launch Report: Sport Launch — July 2003

Launch date and time: July 26th, 2003, 11:00 AM.
Launch location: 14900 Peterson Road, Kansas City, MO

We could sum up the day in one word: Hot!

It was a also a bit windy. I measured the wind at a steady 8 to 10MPH, with gusts above 15MPH to nearly 20MPH from time to time. This made the heat bearable, but the drifts long.

We had Eleven fliers, making 35 flights. Of those, two were clusters (#13 & #32). The total impulse of motors was 902.09 N-s — that’s a “J.”

The club would like to thank our hosts, James and Trisha Case for putting up with us again and letting us use their grill. Special thanks to Trisha who helped me get the equipment down out of the loft. Thanks is also due to those who helped set up, tear down and stow, and run the range. Finally, thanks, Dave L. for providing the food!

Flight Log
Launch Fliers Name Rocket Name(s) Motor Comments
1 Axel Firebolt B6-4 Nice flight
2 Paul Case AMRAAM B6-4 Good
3 Blair Clark Public Enemy Patriot F20-4 Good flight
4 Dave Messerschmidt Andromeda C6-5 Classic Blast from the Past
5 Mark Bazinet Big Daddy D12-7 Good
6 Axel Firebolt B6-4 Good flight
7 Paul Case V2 D12-3 Barely enough motor, but OK
8 Dave Lucas Mach 12 B4-4 Spot landing!
9 Mark Bazinet Initiator F23-4 Nice flight
10 Blair Clark LOC Norad F40-4 Nice flight
11 Justin Messerschmidt Liberator C6-5 Nice flight
12 Mark Bazinet BSD Sprint G35-4 Spectacular!
13 Dave Messerschmidt Two-fins 2 X B6-4 Very nice flight
14 Dave Bucher C Rocketglider C6-3 Very good glide
15 Dave Bucher 1/2A Heli-roc 1/2A3-2T Ejected ’way early: top of the launcher
16 Dave Lucas Nemesis F23-7 Good screamin’ flight!
17 Dave Messerschmidt SAM D12-3 Streamer separation
18 Bruce Lampley Quest Vertigo A6-4 Great first flight
19 Tim Burger Maxi-Alpha C11-3 Low, slow, and smokey
20 Bruce Lampley Quest Vertigo A6-4 Good flight
21 Tim Burger Sprint 24C D9-4 Man that’s goin’!
22 Dave Bucher B Rocketglider B6-4
23 Blair Clark Archer G64-4 Picture perfect!
24 Tim Burger Magnum Bertha E28-4
25 Bruce Lampley Quest Vertigo A6-4
26 Tim Burger Magnum Sprint E28-4
27 Dave Messerschmidt Andromeda C6-5 Sweet!
28 Allen Shaffmaster Max Trax C6-3 Long loping flight, ejected over the woods
29 Allen Shaffmaster V2 F21-6
30 Allen Shaffmaster Mustang G35-7
31 Dave Bucher B Rocketglider B6-2
32 Tim Burger Ranger 3 X A8-3
33 Dave Bucher 1/2A Heli-roc 1/2A3-2T Better, hard to fly in the wind
34 Dave Bucher C Rocketglider C6-3
35 Tim Burger Maniac D12-5

Photo by Tim Burger
Rockets Making Multiple Flights:
Flights Rocket Rocketeer
3 Quest Vertigo Bruce Lampley
2 Andromeda Dave Messerschmidt
C Rocketglider Dave Bucher
B Rocketglider
1/2A Heli-roc
Firebolt Axel

Photo by Tim Burger

Flights by Rocketeers
Flights Rocketeer(s)
Tim Burger
Dave Bucher
Dave Messerschmidt
Mark Bazinet
Bruce Lampley
Blair Clark
Allen Shaffmaster
Paul Case
Dave Lucas
Justin Messerschmidt

Photo by Tim Burger

Totals by motor:
Motor Number
1/2A3 2 2.18
A6 3 6.00
A8 3 6.96
B4 1 4.29
B6 7 30.31
C11 1 8.80
C6 6 52.92
D12 4 67.36
D9 1 18.76
E28 2 79.38
F20 1 60.45
F21 1 60.45
F23 2 105.70
F40 1 78.09
G35 2 201.64
G64 1 118.80
Total: 38 902.09

Submitted by Tim Burger, NAR 78486.

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