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KCAR Launch Report: April 2003 Sport Launch

Launch date and time: April 26nd, 2003, 11:00 AM.
Launch location: Shawnee Mission Park, Shawnee, KS

There were seven rocketeers. A total of 32 motors were burned, with a total impulse of 226.91N, thatís about an H. There were no clustered or staged flights.

Launch Fliers Name Rocket Name(s) Motor Comments
1 Kyle Bazinet Dragonfly A3-4T

Photo by Christian Bruggeman.
2 Kyle Bazinet Monarch B6-4
3 Mark Bazinet Beta A8-3 Nice flight
4 Don Pfister Astrocam C6-7 Nice flight
5 Mark Bazinet Big Daddy D12-3 Very good flight
6 George Scheil Wacky Wiggler B6-4 It worked
7 Mark Bazinet Big Bertha C6-3 Good flight
8 George Scheil Mediocre Fred A8-3 Hung on rod
9 Mark Bazinet Monarch B4-4 Good flight
10 Randall Jessee Nike Smoke B6-4 OK
11 Randall Jessee M. Bull Pup C6-5
12 Mark Bazinet Big Daddy D12-7 No chute
13 George Scheil Can. Phoenix B6-2 OK
14 Don Pfister Astrocam C6-7 Hung on rod
15 George Scheil Cosmic Cobra B6-4 Good flight
16 Randall Jessee Yellow Rocket C6-7 Good fast boost
17 Bob Wingate Eliminator C11-5 Good flight
Photo by Christian Bruggeman.
18 Don Pfister Astrocam C6-7
19 Randall Jessee Triton-X B6-4 Good flight
20 George Scheil Rogue Deep Surface Probe C5-3 Good flight
21 George Scheil Quest Area 51 UFO C6-0
22 Randall Jessee Estes Max Trax C6-3 Flew well, altimeter didn't register
23 George Scheil Mediocre Fred A8-3 Hung on wires
24 Randall Jessee Hyper X B6-4 Parachute seperated
25 George Scheil Mediocre Fred A8-3 Good flight
26 Randall Jessee Quest Super Eagle C6-3
27 Christian Bruggeman Baby Bertha C6-5 Nice - 1st flight of rocket
28 Randall Jessee Sky Writer B6-4 Nose cone seperated
29 George Scheil Heliroc A3-4T Went unstable
30 Christian Bruggeman Stars and Stripes C6-5 Nice flight
31 Bob Wingate Eliminator D12-5 Almost hung in tree, but not quite
32 Christian Bruggeman Big Bertha C6-5 Last flight of the day

Photo by Christian Bruggeman.
Rockets Making Multiple Flights:
Flights Rocket Rocketeer
3 Mediocre Fred George Scheil
Astrocam Don Pfister
2 Big Daddy Mark Bazinet
Eliminator Bob Wingate

Photo by Christian Bruggeman.
Flights by Rocketeers
Flights Rocketeer(s)
George Scheil
Randall Jessee
Mark Bazinet
Don Pfister
Christian Bruggeman
Kyle Bazinet
Bob Wingate

Totals by motor:
Motor Number Impulse (N)
A3 2 4.44
A8 4 9.28
B4 1 4.29
B6 8 34.64
C5 1 9.10
C6 12 105.84
C11 1 8.80
D12 3 50.52
Total: 32 226.91

Photo by Christian Bruggeman.

Photo by Christian Bruggeman.

Photo by Christian Bruggeman.

Photo by Christian Bruggeman.

Submitted by Bob Wingate.

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