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KCAR Launch Report: October 6th, 2002 Rocketoberfest Launch

Launch date and time: October 6th, 2002, 9:00 AM.
Launch location: Case Farm, Kansas City, MO.
Weather conditions: Wind 15+ MPH and gusty, temperature in the low 70s.

Total impulse expended: 923.32 N-s, like a partial ‘J’ motor. There were 2 clustered flights (13 & 21), and no multi-stage flights. There were 8 rocketeers, 28 rockets and 42 motors.

If you have pictures taken during this launch please let us know so that they can be posted on the web site. If you can scan them and save them as GIFs or JPGs that would be great. If not, a few of the club members have scanners and can get the pictures into digital format. Send e-mail for details.

Please send e-mail if any corrections need to be made to this launch report.

Flight Log
Launch Flier’s Name Rocket Name(s) Motor Comments
1 Dan Kirk Flying Saucer D12-3
2 Dan Kirk TAS C6-3 Drag race with #3
3 Dan Kirk Flying Saucer D12-3 Drag race with #2
4 Dan Kirk SkyWriter C6-3 Lost!
5 Erin Wingate FireStreak A8-3 Spot Landing
6 Paul Case Big Bertha B6-4 Nice flight, ’chute tangled
7 Terry Meade Big Daddy D12-5 Windcocked, landed in next fieild
8 Mark Bazinet Big Bertha C6-5
9 Paul Case Big Bertha B6-4
10 Terry Meade Gemini DC B6-4 Smooth flight
11 Erin Wingate C Superoc C6-5 Duration flight 14Sec
12 Mark Bazinet Big Bertha B6-6 Nice flight, deployed just in time
13 Terry Meade Green Goddess D12-3 X 3 All three lit — nice flight
14 Paul Case Big Bertha C6-5
15 Mark Bazinet Initiator F20-4W Roarded off the pad, good recovery
16 Kyle Bazinet Big Bertha B6-3 Good flight, no ’chute, bouncer
17 Terry Meade G-Force G38-4 Nice flight and recovery
18 Terry Meade Firefly A8-3
19 Mark Bazinet Big Bertha C6-5
20 Terry Meade Dad to the Bone D12-3
21 Terry Meade Widow Maker! F23-4 X 2 Ouch! Only one lit
22 Dave Bucher C Superoc C6-3 Didn’t deploy
23 Dave Bucher 1/2A Heli-duration 1/2A3-2T Tumbled in wind
24 Dave Bucher 1/2A Heli-duration 1/2A3-2T Didn’t deploy — Ouch!
25 John Palmer Yankee A8-3 Separation
26 Terry Meade Blue Heaven E15-4 Misfire on first try
27 Dave Bucher Rascal D21-10 Didn’t deploy — bounce recovery
28 John Plamer Astra A8-3 OK flight, lots of drift
29 Dave Bucher Rascal D21-10 Didn’t deploy again
30 John Plamer Qust Tomahawk B6-4
31 Terry Meade Eliminator E9-4 Nice flight
32 James & Paul Big Bertha C6-5 Tangled ’chute
33 John Palmer Quest Delta Clipper C6-3 Landed by pads
34 Terry Meade Eliminator E15-4 Landed close to cars — found later
35 John Palmer AMRAAM B6-4 Never left pad
36 John Palmer AMRAAM B6-4
37 Terry Meade G-Force G35-7 Very nice
38 Dave Bucher 2X Mars Lander G35-? Good launch, tangled ’chute, legs damaged
39 Dave Bucher Mach LOC F25-7

Flights by Roceteer:
Number of Flights Rocketeer
11 Terry Meade
7 Dave Bucher
6 John Palmer
4 Paul Case
Mark Bazinet
Dan Kirk
2 Erin Wingate
1 Kyle Bazinet

Rockets Making Multiple Flights:
Number Rocket Rocketeer
4 Big Bertha Paul Case
3 Big Bertha Mark Bazinet
2 Flying Saucer Dan Kirk
1/2A Heli-Duration Dave Bucher
AMRAAM John Palmer
Eliminator Terry Meade

Impulse by Motor
Motor Number Used Total Impulse
1/2A3 2 2.18
A8 4 9.28
B6 8 34.64
C6 9 79.38
D12 7 117.88
D21 2 39.18
E9 1 27.87
E15 2 79.52
F20 1 60.45
F23 2 105.7
F25 1 77.92
G35 2 201.64
G38 1 87.68
Totals 42 932.14

Submitted by Tim Burger NAR 78486

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