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KCAR Launch Report: November 30th, 2002 Mid-Power Sport Launch

Launch date and time: November 30th, 2002, 1:00 PM.
Launch location: Tickwood Ranch, Drexel, MO.
Weather conditions: Wind 5 to 20 MPH, temperature in the high 40’s.

Total impulse expended: 1,181.02 N-s, which is in the ‘J’ motor range. There were two clustered flights (#31 & #36), and no multistage flights. There were 12 rocketeers. We burned 42 motors in 40 flights.

Randall with the “Chris & Sue Rocket”
Photo by Dan Kirk
After a very late start due to a variety of things, including getting a nice wide circle mowed for the range head, and some difficulties with some of the new equipment, we were finally able to get the first rocket launched at about 1:15PM. The wind and temperature were brisk but tolerable. There were a good number of non-flying spectators braving the weather just the same. A few fliers had level one rockets and motors, but no one was willing to test the wind (and the rocket gods) with them. Several ‘F’ and ‘G’ impulse motors were flown, however, with good success. For the most part we had some very good flights, no CATOs, and only one rocket lost. It was a small rocket and landed in some deep brush making it hard to find. The one rocket that landed in a tree was eventually recovered by the field owner who climbed the tree and chain-sawed off the limb. There were two or three very long walks.

We put our new launch rails to good use. Tim launched his Airspike from it twice, both flights were very good. Dan Kirk also used it to launch his new and beautifully finished Big Boy. He also launched a Big Daddy for a good flight.

The Jessee family made some of their standard spectacular launches. The “Chris & Sue Rocket” uses a cone in place of fins. The flights were both very impressive; the cone sucks the dense black smoke of the Econojet along with it. If the photos of the second launch come out we’ll get them posted in the photo pages. The Mirage was also flown with good success, as well as several other interesting flights.

Dan’s flying saucer
Photo by Tim Burger
There were several other notable flights by Hayden and Matt K. as well as a nice launch of a rocket that looked suspiciously like an Estes Big Daddy by Danielle S.

George S. had some interesting rockets on hand, but was afraid to launch them in the wind. He did try out his brand new Commanche Three as a single stage. That rocket does pretty well on a B6 in single stage, we can only imagine what it must be like with three motors! George also launched a Cosmic Cobra that opens a set of blades on the aft end of the nose cone (the booster returns via parachute). The nose gets quite a lot of spin and very good hang time. Both main parts landed near the pads.

Dave Lucas, Dave Messerschmidt, and Justin Messerschmidt made some very nice flights. I’m not sure, but between the three of these fliers, I don’t think there is even one three fins and a nose cone rocket! The last couple of flights of the day were both something to see. The glider flight had a bit of a rough start with a loop near the ground but settled down to a really nice glide. The final flight of the day was the Warthog flown by the father/son Messerschmidt team, the rocket was attained a very impressive altitude, but required a nice long walk for recovery.

While Tim was off finding that last rocket, Bob and George broke down and loaded the equipment. Dave A. invited the few us who remained on site at the bitter end to come up to the house and warm up a little. We had a nice rocket talk around the fire putting a nice end to a good day of flying. The club would like to acknowledge and thank our very accommodating host and hostess for their hospitality.

If you have pictures taken during this launch please let us know so that they can be posted on the web site. If you can scan them and save them as GIFs or JPGs that would be great. If not, a few of the club members have scanners and can get the pictures into digital format. Send e-mail for details.

Please send e-mail if any corrections need to be made to this launch report.

Launch Report
Launch Flier’s Name Rocket Name(s) Motor Comments
1 Tim Burger Sprint 24C D12-7 Good flight, long drift
2 George Schiel Sky Writer A8-3 Good flight
3 Tim Burger Airspike E28-7 First flight from the club’s new rails
4 Dan Kirk Flying Saucer D12-3 Nice looking flight
5 Justin Messerschmidt Gnome 1/2A3-2T
6 Dan Kirk Fiesta 1/2A3-4 Needs more motor!
7 Dave Lucas Mini Saucer 1/2A3-2T
8 Matt Kaustinen Sidewinder B6-4
9 Randall Jessee Chris & Sue Rocket G35-4 Great boost, ejected just in time
10 Justin Messerschmidt SR-71 B6-4
11 Tim Burger Maniac D12-7 Nice flight
12 George Schiel Commanche Upper Stage B6-4 Very nice
13 Hayden Kaustinen Mini-Meanie 1/2A3-2T Good flight
14 Taylor Jessee Apogee Aspire D12-5 Separation — long drift
15 Dan Kirk Spin Fin B6-4 Good!
16 Danielle St. Louis Zinger C6-3 Good!
17 Dan Kirk Big Boy D12-3 Nice flight; low and slow
18 Hayden Kaustinen Mini-Meanie A10-3T Lost in the brush
19 Randall Jessee Crayola Rocket F21-6
20 Dan Kirk Big Daddy D12-3
21 Bob Wingate Blue Streak 1/2A6-2 Nice!
22 Tim Burger Maxi-Alpha 3 E9-6 Picture Perfect
23 Dave Lucas Crayon F20-7
24 Hayden Kaustinen Zinger C6-5 Very nice!
25 Randall Jessee G-Force G80-4 Good flight — hung in tree but recovered
26 Dave Messerschmidt McDonald’s Air Express E9-4 Separation
27 Bob Wingate Blue Streak A8-5 Nice and high
28 Taylor Jessee Mirage G35-4 Nice!
29 Randall Jessee Chris & Sue Rocket G35-4
30 Dan Kirk Fiesta A10-3T
31 Dave Lucas Awesome E9-6 X2 Beautiful!
32 George Schiel Cosmic Cobra B6-4 Good whirly-gig action on the nose recovery
33 Justin Messerschmidt Golden SAM D12-3
34 Taylor Jessee Super Big Bertha D12-5 Good!
35 Tim Burger Airspike F21-8 Long delay
36 Dave Messerschmidt ME-212 B6-4 X2 Both lit, very nice!
37 Dave Messerschmidt Stealth B6-4 Cool flight — ’chute tangled
38 Tim Burger Sprint Magnum F40-7 Nice flight — very high, long walk
39 Dave Lucas PS 93 Space Plane F20-4 Looped on boost, nice long glide
40 Dave Messerschmidt Warthog G35-7 Way up there! Long drift

Randall’s “Chris & Sue Rocket”
Photo by Tim Burger
Rockets Making Multiple Flights:
Flights Rocket Rocketeer
2 Airspike Tim Burger
Chris & Sue Rocket Randall Jessee
Mini-Meanie Hayden Kaustinen
Fiesta Dan Kirk
Blue Streak Bob Wingate

Tim’s Airspike uses the new rail for the first time
Photo by Tim Burger
Flights by Rocketeers
Flights Rocketeer(s)
Tim Burger
Dan Kirk
Randall Jessee
Dave Messerschmidt
Dave Lucas
Taylor Jessee
Justin Messerschmidt
Hayden Kaustinen
George Schiel
Bob Wingate
Matt Kaustinen
Danielle St. Louis

Photo by Tim Burger
Totals by motor:
MotorNumber FlownImpulse (Newtons)

Duty Roster for this launch

Submitted by Tim Burger, NAR 78486.

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