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KCAR Launch Report: June 1st, 2002 HPR Sport Launch

Launch date and time: June 1st, 2002, 11:00 AM.
Launch location: Daves/Zeilmann Field, Reading, KS.

This was KCAR’s first high power launch of the year, and the second time we’ve been able to use the Daves/Zeilmann Field in Reading, Kansas. Special thanks go out to Larry Zeilmann for coordinating with his family to get KCAR permission to use this field.

Larry’s “Purple Hayes” takes off
Photo by Tim Burger
The wind was from the southwest at about 10 MPH with some higher gusts causing many of the rockets to weathercock significantly, and in many cases also causing long recovery walks. However, the wind did make the 90+ degree temperature a bit more bearable.

We were witness to several entertaining flights including two of the crayola crayon banks that some club members ordered a while back, both flying on H123 motors. Both were recovered in good shape.

Larry Mills showed us how it’s done with his 4-inch AMRAAM flying on a J275. It seemed to take forever for that motor to come up to pressure, but when it did it roared off the pad on its way to about 3500 feet. Recovery happened near the barn. Larry later reported that “The horse was not amused.”

Nick and Larry Z. assist Larry M. with is AMRAAM
Photo by Tim Burger
Nick Stich entertained the group with a flashpan ignition of seven Quest C6-5 motors. All of the motors ignited instantly.

Tim Burger had a succuessful level 1 certification flight with his “Flaming Mayhem” flying on an H128W. The flight was great and the rocket was recovered with some cosmetic damage. Congratulations, Tim!

David Lucas also made a level 1 certification attempt, but the rocket suffered seperation and the lower half was not recovered.

Total impulse expended: 3,422.5 Newton-seconds, like a partial L motor. There were three clustered flights (#2, #19, #21), and one multi-stage flight (#20). There were 9 rocketeers.

If you have pictures taken during this launch please let us know so that they can be posted on the web site. If you can scan them and save them as GIFs or JPGs that would be great. If not, a few of the club members have scanners and can get the pictures into digital format. Send e-mail for details.

Please send e-mail if any corrections need to be made to this launch report.

Launch Flyer’s Name Rocket Name Motor(s) Notes
1 Tim Burger Maxi Alpha 3 D12-5 Weathercocked a bit; Good flight.
2 Tim Burger Scratchbuilt Super Ranger E9-6 x2
3 Nick Stich Red Rage H123-P Altimeter controlled deployment.
4 Larry Zeilmann Purple Haze H123W
5 Bill Hensley Maxi Alpha 3 F12-3J
6 Theo Asir Sabre E9-4
7 Larry Mills 4" AMRAAM J275 Great flight!
8 David Messerschmidt Big Daddy E15-4W
9 David Lucas AtomX G64-4W Rear ejection - both ’chutes stripped. Major lawn dart.
10 Larry Zeilmann Strong ARM F20-4W
11 Theo Asir Modified AMRAAM E18-4W
12 David Messerschmidt Red Dog F20-7W
13 Pat Nelson Scratchbuilt Phantom G35-4
14 Bill Hensley Phantom 4000 G35-4
15 David Lucas Nemesis F22-5J Unstable!
16 David Messerschmidt Lookout C6-5
17 Tim Burger Flaming Mayhem H128W Successful Level 1 HPR Certification flight.
18 Larry Zeilmann Initiator F22
19 Nick Stich Upscaled Mosquito C6-5 x7 Flashpan ignition - worked well, very entertaining.
20 David Messerschmidt Lookout C11-0, C6-5 Nice staging.
21 David Lucas Awesome E9-4 x2
22 Bill Hensley Big Brute G35-7
23 David Messerschmidt Big Daddy D12-3
24 Bill Hensley 1.6 Lockheed F20-4W
25 Theo Asir Small Endeavour H123W-S
26 Tim Burger Lampshade E18W Hung on the rod a bit, but managed to get free and have a successful flight.
27 Larry Zeilmann Astrobee D G64-4W
28 Tim Burger Lampshaed D15T
29 David Lucas Super Viking H112J Level 1 HPR certification attempt. Seperation, lower section not recovered.
30 Tim Burger Interceptor G F52T
31 Larry Zeilmann Venus Probe D13-4W

Nick’s “Red Rage” heads for the top of the rail
Photo by Nick Stich
Total engines by class:
Type Qty. Notes
C 10 Seven in one flight.
D 4
E 8
F 7
G 5
H 5 Two L1 certification attempts.
I 0
J 1 First ‘J’ motor at a KCAR launch.

Bill Hensley displays his newest scale rocket — the Lockheed
Photo by Tim Burger
Rockets making multiple flights:
Flights Rocket Rocketeer
Lampshade Tim Burger
Big Daddy David Messerschmidt
Number of flights per rocketeer:
Flights Rocketeer(s)
Tim Burger
David Messerschmidt, Larry Zeilmann
Bill Hensley, Dave Lucas
Theo Asir
Nick Stich
Larry Mills, Pat Nelson

Tim’s level one cert. flight
Photo by Tim Burger

Dave Lucas
Photo by Tim Burger

Submitted by Jerome Tonneson, NAR 76200.

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