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KCAR Launch Report: March 2001 Sport Launch

Launch date and time: March 10th, 2001, 10:00 AM.
Launch location: 14900 Peterson Road, Kansas City, MO

Total impulse expended: 1,037.45 Newton-seconds, like a partial J motor. There were two clustered flights (#16, #17.) and no multi-stage flights. There were 16 families for a total of 17 rocketeers. There were also many, many visitors with us today. Approximately 50 people attended this launch, and about half of them were youth.

Thanks again to our hosts, James and Tricia, for letting us use their field.

If you have pictures taken during this launch please let us know so thatthey can be posted on the web site. If you can scan them and save them as GIF’s or JPG’s that would be great. If not, a few of the club members have scanners and can get the pictures into digital format. Sende-mail for details.

Please send e-mail if any correctionsneed to be made to this launch report.

Launch Pad Flyer’s Name Rocket Name Motor(s) Notes
1 2 Lance Fischer Estes Ninja 1/2A3-4T
2 3 Jerome Tonneson Estes Big Daddy D12-3 Long walk to recover this one.
3 1 Barry Skelton Custom Razor B6-6
4 2 Lance Fischer Estes Patriot A3-4T
5 2 Jerome Tonneson Upscaled Mosquito Quest C6-5
6 3 Adam McConnell Apogee Aspire F10-8 Out-of-site performance! Someone spotted it just before it reached the ground. It was recovered fine except for a missing nose cone.
7 2 Lance Fischer Estes Reliant A8-3
8 1 Barry Skelton Estes Shellshocked C6-5 Rough landing but no damage.
9 2 Mike Barzee Honest John B4-4
10 6 Jerome Tonneson Estes Fat Boy C5-3
11 2 Adam McConnell Estes Spitfire C6-5 Apparently lost out of site. Later in the day someone found it.
12 2 Mike Barzee Estes V2 D12-5
13 1 Barry Skelton Estes Shellshocked C6-3
14 2 Lance Fischer Estes Reliant B6-4
15 2 Jerome Tonneson Kitbashed Big Daddy D12-3
16 3 Larry Zeilmann The Launch Pad AGM-78 C6-5 x3
17 3 Jerome Tonneson Kitbashed Big Daddy C6-5 x3
18 3 Mike Barzee Big Bang E30-7T
19 1 Bill Hensley Estes Alpha B6-4
20 2 Dan Kirk RP3 MicroMaxx
21 3 Mike Barzee Canadian D12-5
22 3 Jerome Tonneson Estes Maxi Alpha 3 D12-3
23 2 Dan Kirk B-SuperRoc B6-4
24 2 Bill Hensley Lockheed X7 B6-4
25 1 Barry Skelton Custom Razor B8-5
26 3 Mike Barzee Aerotech Initiator F23-4FJ
27 2 Lance Fischer White Tiger B6-4
28 2 Jerome Tonneson Upscaled Mosquito Quest C6-5
29 5 Bill Hensley Estes Big Daddy D12-5
30 1 Mike Barzee Aerotech StongArm F23-4FJ Unstable!
31 5 George Scheil ”Miss Silver“ C5-3 Part of the NARTREK program (Gold).
32 1 Marc Schroeder Estes Yankee A8-3
33 2 Jerome Tonneson Upscaled Mosquito Quest C6-5
34 1 Marc Schroeder Cruise Missile A3-4T
35 3 Randall Jessee “Nerf Rocket” D12-5
36 3 George Scheil “Miss Silver” C5-3
37 1 Bob Wingate Quest Area 51 UFO Flying Saucer C6-3
38 3 Bill Hensley Maxi Alpha 3 D12-5 Drifted quite a distance.
39 3 Taylor Jessee Jeff’s Rocket D12-3
40 1 Marc Schroeder Estes Yankee A8-3
41 2 Jerome Tonneson Upscaled Mosquito Quest C6-5
42 5 George Scheil “Miss Silver” C5-3
43 1 Marc Schroeder Estes Banshee A8-3
44 2 Jerome Tonneson Estes Fat Boy C5-3
45 1 Pat Nelson Estes Heatseeker C6-7
46 2 Emmanuel Camburako Estes Code Red B6-4
47 6 Kenny Bursten Estes Banshee B6-4
48 3 Bill Hensley Seahawk D12-5
49 2 Jerome Tonneson Estes Fat Boy C5-3
50 3 Taylor Jessee Python E15-7
51 1 Marc Schroeder Estes Fire Flash B6-4
52 1 Marc Schroeder Estes Banshee A8-3
53 2 Bill Hensley Estes Mongoose C6-5
54 6 Taylor Jessee Valentine Rocket B6-4
55 1 Pat Nelson AMRAAM B6-4
56 3 Jerome Tonneson Estes LongShot C6-3
57 5 Randall Jessee Stretch Fat Boy D12-3
58 2 Taylor Jessee Estes R2-D2 C6-3
59 4 Bill Hensley North Coast Phantom 4000 NCR F62-4
60 2 Jerome Tonneson Estes AMRAAM B6-2
61 5 Randall Jessee North Coast X-Wing G80-4T Awesome boost! Too bad about the seperation.
62 2 Pat Nelson AMRAAM B6-4
63 1 Tim Burger Custom Fiesta A8-3
64 2 Bill Hensley Tomahawk C6-5
65 6 Tim Burger Holverson Design Tangent B6-4
66 4 Tim Burger Estes Silver Comet D12-3 A tree got this one, but it was recovered after a little work.
67 4 Bill Hensley Pathfinder D12-5
68 5 George Scheil “Miss Silver” D12-5

Total engines by class:
Type Qty. Notes
MM 1
1/4A 0
1/2A 1
A 8
B 16
C 25 Two clusters of three.
D 14
E 2
F 4
G 1

Rockets making multiple flights:
Flights Rocket Rocketeer
“Miss Silver” George Scheil
Upscaled Mosquito Jerome Tonneson
Estes Fat Boy Jerome Tonneson
Estes Reliant Lance Fischer
AMRAAM Pat Nelson
Estes Banshee Marc Schroeder
Estes Yankee Marc Schroeder
Custom Razor Barry Skelton
Estes Shellshocked Barry Skelton
Kitbashed Big Daddy Jerome Tonneson

Number of flights per rocketeer:
Flights Rocketeer(s)
Jerome Tonneson
Bill Hensley
Mike Barzee
Marc Schroeder
Lance Fischer
Taylor Jessee
George Scheil
Barry Skelton
Tim Burger
Randall Jessee
Pat Nelson
Dan Kirk
Adam McConnell
Kenny Bursten
Emmanuel Camburako
Bob Wingate
Larry Zeilmann

Submitted by Jerome Tonneson, NAR 76200.

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