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Launch Report: February 2001 "Polar Bear" Launch

Launch date and time: February 10th, 2001, 11:00 AM.
Launch location: New Mark Middle School, Kansas City, MO

This was an informal (non-KCAR/non-NAR sponsored) launch. Although the actual temperature was a bit lower than at the January launch, the wind was very light which made this a better day for flying. A recent snow followed by rain/ice made the field rather crisp. The skies were clear and a slight breeze was coming from the southeast. We set up just west of the school right at the edge of the parking lot. This made it easier to prep and fly things since we didn’t have to carry any launch equipment or supplies into the field. Since this was an informal launch no official records of the flights were kept.

Those rocketeers who made it to the launch include Dan & Tia Kirk & family, Jerome Tonneson, Tim Burger, and the Jessee family.

If you have pictures taken during this launch please let us know so that they can be posted on the web site. If you can scan them and save them as GIFs or JPGs that would be great. If not, a few of the club members have scanners and can get the pictures into digital format. Send e-mail for details.

Please send e-mail if any corrections need to be made to this launch report.

Submitted by Jerome Tonneson, NAR 76200.

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