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KCAR Launch Report: Miami County Airport Days

Launch date and time: August 18th, 2001, 12:30 PM.
Launch location: Miami County Airport, Paola, KS.

Total impulse expended: 1,009.750 Newton-seconds, like a partial J motor. There was one clustered flight (#R13), and one multi-stage flight (#R15).

If you have pictures taken during this launch please let us know so that they can be posted on the web site. If you can scan them and save them as GIFs or JPGs that would be great. If not, a few of the club members have scanners and can get the pictures into digital format. Send e-mail for details.

Please send e-mail if any corrections need to be made to this launch report.

Cell / Launch Flyer’s Name Rocket Name Motor(s) Notes
L1 Jerome Tonneson Upscaled Mosquito B4-4
C1 Nick Stich Estes Ionizer C6-5
R1 George Scheil Quest Area 51 UFO C6-0
L2 Jerome Tonneson Estes Maniac D12-7
C2 Nick Stich Estes Skywinder C6-3
L3 Jerome Tonneson Aerotech IQSY Tomahawk E28-7T
C3 Nick Stich Tube Fin B6-4 Not recovered.
L4 Jerome Tonneson Custom Galileo 1/2A6-2
R4 Bob Wingate Bob's Whistle Rocket B6-4
L5 Jerome Tonneson Estes Longshot D13-4W
C5 Pat Nelson Phantom S G35-4W Moved to the left cell.
R5 Tim Burger Sparrow A2-4
L6 Jerome Tonneson Aerotech Initiator F40-7W
C6 Tim Burger Holverson Designs Tangent B6-4
R6 Bob Wingate Estes Patriot Missile B6-4
L7 Jerome Tonneson Edmonds Tinee A10-3T
C7 Erin Wingate Estes FireStreak A8-3
R7 George Scheil Quest Big Betty C6-3 St. Louis Arch.
L8 Jerome Tonneson Estes Silver Comet D12-3
C8 Bob Wingate Gemini Titan B6-4
R8 George Scheil Heli-rock B4-2
L9 Jerome Tonneson Estes Fat Boy B4-2
C9 Fred Copson Shadow E11-3J
R9 David Brown Estes LSX C6-3
L10 Jerome Tonneson Estes Maniac D12-7
C10 Tim Brown Standard ARM D12-5
R10 David Brown Heatseeker B6-4
L11 Jerome Tonneson Estes Astrocam C6-7 Loaded with film.
C11 David Brown Sidewinder C6-5
R11 David Brown Estes Nike Arrow A10-3T
L12 Jerome Tonneson Estes Longshot D12-5
C12 Dan Kirk AMRAAM C6-5
R12 George Scheil Pitsco Special C6-3 St. Louis Arch.
L13 Jerome Tonneson Estes Bull Pup 12D C6-5
C13 Bill Hensley Tomahawk C6-5
R13 Dan Kirk Big Black Rocket C6-5 x3
L14 Jerome Tonneson Este Maxi Alpha 3 D12-3
C14 Bill Hensley Quest Apollo B6-4
R14 Dan Kirk Quest DC-X Space Clipper C6-3 Not recovered.
L15 Jerome Tonneson Estes FireHawk C6-5
C15 Bill Hensley Estes prowler D12-5
R15 George Scheil Zenith 2 B6-0, A6-4
L16 Jerome Tonneson Quest Falcon C6-5
L17 Jerome Tonneson Estes Big Bertha B6-4
C17 Bill Hensley Big Brute G35-4W
R17 Theo Asir G-Force G64-7W Moved to the left cell.
L18 Jerome Tonneson Estes Fat Boy C6-3
C18 Tim Brown AMRAAM C6-3
R18 Dan Kirk Edmonds Ecee 1/2A3-2T
L19 Larry Mills 2-inch AMRAAM G80-4T
C19 Dan Kirk Quest Big Betty C6-3
R19 Dan Kirk Edmonds Tinee 1/2A3-2T
L20 Dan Kirk Estes Skywinder C6-3
C20 Dan Kirk Tazmanian Devil A8-3

Total engines by class:
Type Qty. Notes
MM 0
1/4A 0
1/2A 3
A 6
B 12
C 21
D 8
E 2
F 1
G 4

Submitted by Jerome Tonneson, NAR 76200.

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