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KCAR Launch Report: April 2001 Sport Launch and Spring Fling Local Meet

Launch date and time: April 14th, 2001, 10:00 AM.
Launch location: 14900 Peterson Road, Kansas City, MO.

On April 14th, 2001, the Kansas City Association of Rocketry held its second official launch of the year. The weather was pretty good with the wind from the east at about 5-10 MPH. We set up near the east edge of the field to maximize our down-wind recovery area. Most of the rockets landed in the field, but unfortunately a few managed to find the forest at the west end of the field.

This launch included our “Spring Fling” local meet. The events were:

  • 1/2A Streamer Duration
  • 1/2A Boost Glider Duration
  • B SuperRoc Duration

    The overall contest results are:

    Competitor Points
    Tim Burger 322
    Ralph Simsons 184
    Dan Kirk 133
    Jerome Tonneson 121

    Event Weight Factor Age Division Name Score Place NAR Points
    1/2A SD
    Tim Burger 29 sec 1st 80
    Jerome Tonneson 21 sec 2nd 48
    Dan Kirk 15 sec 3rd 32
    Ralph Simons DQ Sep
    Bob Wingate DQ Engine not contest certified
    B SRD
    Tim Burger 7,774.4 pts 1st 140
    Dan Kirk 2,628.0 pts 2nd 84
    Jerome Tonneson 1,414.4 pts 3rd 56
    Ralph Simons DQ NR Flt Pts 14
    1/2A BG
    Ralph Simons 77 sec 1st 170
    Tim Burger 49 sec 2nd 102
    Dan Kirk DQ NR Flt Pts 17
    Jerome Tonneson 7 sec but NR recorded Flt Pts 17

    We had a record number of sport flights (92) logged at this launch. Many motor types and manufacturers were represented, from Quest MicroMaxx to Aerotech ‘G’ composites, to Apogee motors for many of the contest flights.

    Andy Scheinost showed off his latest project, a rocket using a phenolic tube for the body. The rocket had two nice flights, both using D12-3 motors. Bill Hensley made several flights including an impressive launch of a North Coast Phantom 4000 on a G38-4FJ motor. The Jessee family burned a lot of AP, including a G33-7J in an Aerotech Barracuda which soared to an estimated 2350 feet. Dan Kirk had several nice flights of his Estes Mosquito modified to fly MicroMaxx(tm) motors. John Palmer’s Quest DC-X Delta Clipper made two impressive flights. John also had a very nicely finished Titan 3E rocket that flew on a C6-3.

    Bob Wingate gets the award for the most flights of a single rocket with five flights of his Estes Patriot.

    A loud gasping noise came up from the crowd followed by sighs of relieve as Jerome Tonneson’s Aerotech Initiator ejected its recovery system after four long “Aerotech” seconds of an E16-4W.

    On what should have been a great flight, Randall Jessee’s Bomarc only made it about 20 feet off the pad before the G80 CATOed.

    George Scheil completed the final three flights needed to achieve the NARTREK Gold level using his “Miss Silver” rocket flying on D12 motors. Congratulations, George!

    Total impulse expended: 1,510.625 Newton-seconds, like a partial K motor. There were three clustered flights (#18, #72, #84) and no multi-stage flights. There were 17 families for a total of 22 rocketeers.

    Thanks again to our hosts, James and Tricia, for letting us use their field.

    If you have pictures taken during this launch please let us know so that they can be posted on the web site. If you can scan them and save them as GIFs or JPGs that would be great. If not, a few of the club members have scanners and can get the pictures into digital format. Send e-mail for details.

    Please send e-mail if any corrections need to be made to this launch report.

    (Details not available for most contest flights and some sport flights.)

    Launch Pad Flyer’s Name Rocket Name Motor(s) Notes
    1 1 Marc Schroeder Estes Yankee A8-3 Drag race with flight #2.
    2 2 Lance Fischer Estes Yankee A8-3 Drag race with flight #1.
    3 3 Marc Schroeder Estes ARV Condor ?
    4 5 Andy Scheinost “Black Phenolic” (Scratchbuilt) D12-3
    5 1 Jerome Tonneson Upscaled Mosquito B6-6
    6 4 Bill Hensley Estes Big Dawg B6-4
    7 ? Lance Fischer Estes Tornado A8-3
    8 5 Bill Hensley Estes Big Daddy D12-3 Very Nice.
    9 4 Marc Schroeder Estes Fire Flash B6-2
    10 ? David Brown Estes LSX C6-5
    11 1 Jerome Tonneson Upscaled Mosquito C6-7
    12 2 Tia Kirk Custom Ion Pulsar B6-4
    13 2 Marc Schroeder Estes USAF Cruise Missile A3-4T
    14 4 Will Schroeder SR-71 B6-4
    15 3 Fred Copson Estes Skywinder C6-5
    16 2 John Palmer Estes Big Dawg B6-2
    17 4 Will Schroeder Estes Code Red B6-4
    18 2 Ralph Simons Cobra B8-5 x3
    19 2 David Brown Sidewinder C6-7
    20 1 David Brown AMRAAM C6-5
    21 5 George Scheil “Miss Silver” D12-5
    22 3 Fred Copson Estes Firestreak B6-4
    23 4 John Palmer Quest DC-X Delta Clipper C6-3
    24 1 John Allen Estes FMX A10-3T
    25 5 Andy Scheinost “Black Phenolic” (Scratchbuilt) D12-3
    26 2 Jerome Tonneson Upscaled Mosquito C6-7
    27 4 Marc Schroeder Estes USAF Cruise Missile A3-4T
    28 3 Lance Fischer Bullpup B6-4 First Flight.
    29 3 John Palmer Titan 3E C6-3
    30 1 Fred Copson “Web Rocket” A8-3
    31 2 John Allen Quest Nike-X B4-4
    32 3 Ralph Simons “B SuperRoc” A10-3T 43 seconds
    33 2 Lance Fischer Thunder Hawk B6-4
    34 4 Will Schroeder Estes Banshee B6-4
    35 5 George Scheil “Miss Silver” D12-5
    36 2 John Palmer Quest DC-X Delta Clipper B6-4
    37 1 David Brown Harpoon A10-3T
    38 4 Liz Brown Maverick A10-3T
    39 3 Dan Kirk Taz Devil B6-4
    40 2 Marc Schroeder Estes Yankee A8-3
    41 3 Andy Scheinost Alpha 3 Bash B8-5
    42 4 Dan Kirk "Sputchick" C6-5
    43 1 Fred Copson Andromeda A8-3
    44 1 Lance Fischer Sidewinder C6-5 Maiden flight, after one misfire.
    45 2 John Allen Estes Sidewinder C6-7
    46 2 Marc Schroeder Estes USAF Cruise Missile A3-4T
    47 3 John Palmer Delta III B6-4
    48 1 Dan Kirk Mosquito MicroMaxx
    49 3 Ralph Simons Dragonfly 1/2A3-2T
    50 6 Bill Hensley NCR Phantom 4000 G38-4FJ
    51 5 Tim Burger “B SuperRoc” B7-4
    52 1 Dan Kirk Nano Rocketry Interdimensional Transporter Starship MicroMaxx
    53 6 Randall Jessee Aerotech Barracuda G33-7J Great flight!
    54 6 James Case “Lawn Dart” G35-7W After one misfire.
    55 2 John Palmer Estes Mercury Redstone B6-4
    56 3 John Allen Goliath C6-3
    57 1 Dan Kirk Mosquito MicroMaxx
    58 5 Bill Hensley Estes Prowler D12-5
    59 2 Marc Schroeder Wild Fire A8-3
    60 3 Ralph Simons “B SuperRoc” B2-5 Tree food.
    61 4 Bob Wingate Estes Patriot A8-3
    62 6 Taylor Jessee Aerotech Initiator F23-4FJ
    63 1 Dan Kirk Mosquito MicroMaxx
    64 6 James Case Mirage G35-7W
    65 6 Lance Fischer Cirrus Dart G40-7W
    66 5 Bill Hensley Seahawk SM-3 D12-3
    67 2 John Allen Estes HeatSeeker C6-7
    68 ? Tim Burger “B SuperRoc” B7-4
    69 2 Bob Wingate Estes Patriot 1/2A6-2
    70 5 George Scheil “Miss Silver” D12-5
    71 3 John Palmer Estes Venus Probe C6-3
    72 5 Randall Jessee Viper 4 D12-5 x4
    73 2 Pat Nelson AMRAAM C6-5
    74 3 Tim Burger 1/2A Streamer Duration Model 1/2A2-4
    75 5 Bill Hensley Estes maxi-Alpha 3 D12-5
    76 2 Jerome Tonneson Upscaled Mosquito C6-7
    77 3 Bob Wingate Estes Patriot 1/2A6-2
    78 5 Hans Jessee Python D12-5
    79 2 Tim Burger Estes Fat Boy C5-3
    80 3 Bill Hensley Estes Yankee A8-3
    81 2 Pat Nelson Estes Mongoose C6-5
    82 6 John Palmer Eliminator F20-5
    83 5 Randall Jessee NCR Lance Beta G38-7FJ
    84 3 Ralph Simons Cobra B8-5 x3
    85 2 Bob Wingate Estes Patriot 1/2A6-2
    86 2 Tim Burger Estes Fat Boy C6-3
    87 3 Bob Wingate Estes Patriot B6-4
    88 6 Jerome Tonneson Aerotech Initiator E16-4W
    89 6 Randall Jessee Bomarc G80-4T Motor CATO.
    90 1 Dan Kirk Mosquito MicroMaxx
    91 2 Andy Scheinost Estes Fat Boy C6-3 Drag Race with flight #92. Took a while to find this one.
    92 3 Tim Burger Estes Fat Boy C6-3 Drag Race with flight #91.

    Total engines by class:
    Type Qty. Notes
    MM 5 A KCAR record number of MicroMaxx motors at a launch.
    1/4A 0
    1/2A 5
    A 16
    B 27 Two seperate clusters of three.
    C 21
    D 14 Four in one cluster.
    E 1
    F 2
    G 7 Ties the KCAR record number of ‘G’ motors at a launch.

    Rockets making multiple flights:
    Flights Rocket Rocketeer
    Estes Patriot Bob Wingate
    Estes Mosquito Dan Kirk
    Upscaled Mosquito Jerome Tonneson
    Estes Fat Boy Tim Burger
    “Miss Silver” George Scheil
    Estes USAF Cruise Missile Marc Schroeder
    “B SuperRoc” Tim Burger
    “Lawn Dart” (the rocket formerly known as an Aerotech Mirage) James Case
    “Black Phenolic” Andy Scheinost
    Estes Yankee Marc Schroeder
    “B SuperRoc” Ralph Simons
    Cobra Ralph Simons

    Number of flights per rocketeer:
    Flights Rocketeer(s)
    John Palmer
    Marc Schroeder
    Dan Kirk
    Bill Hensley
    Tim Burger
    Lance Fischer
    John Allen
    Ralph Simons
    Jerome Tonneson
    Bob Wingate
    David Brown
    Fred Copson
    Randall Jessee
    Andy Scheinost
    George Scheil
    Will Schroeder
    James Case
    Pat Nelson
    Liz Brown
    Hans Jessee
    Taylor Jessee
    Tia Kirk

    Submitted by Jerome Tonneson, NAR 76200.

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