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KCAR Launch Report: June 2000 Sport Launch

Launch date and time: June 10th, 2000, 10:00 AM.
Launch location: 14900 Peterson Road, Kansas City, MO
Randall Jessee's TIE Bottle Rocket.
Randall Jessee’s TIE Bottle Rocket
Photo by Dan Kirk

The theme for this month was “Fat Rocs” with the Estes Fat Boy designated as the Rocket-of-the-Month. We had several nice Fat Roc flights including Kim Wong’s Quest Space Clipper on a C6-5, and several Estes Fat Boys and Big Daddys, both stock and kit-bashed. Randall Jessee’s “Pringles Rocket” was a definite crowd pleaser. This tubular-fin rocket was made from Planter’s peanuts and Pringles brand potato chip containers and made two successful flights.

Total impulse of 684.0 Newton-seconds, like a partial J motor.
There were two clustered flights (#32, #35) and no multi-stage flights.
There were 13 families for a total of 15 rocketeers.

Thanks again to our hosts, James and Tricia, for letting us use their field.

Launch Pad Flyer’s Name Rocket Name Motor(s) Notes
1 4 Kyle Bohnenstiehl Estes Silver Comet D12-5  
2 4 Kim Wong Quest Space Clipper C6-5 Very nice flight!
3 3 Sam Darrow “Supershot” B4-4  
4 5 Phil Scheinost “Fat Daddy” D12-5  
5 3 Jerome Tonneson Estes Fat Boy B4-2  
6 2 Jason Greene “Junior High Kit” B6-4  
7 6 Mark Neutzmann Scratch built Marcus F12-3J  
8 4 Andy Scheinost V-2 D12-5  
9 4 Kim Wong Estes Big Daddy D12-5  
10 3 Jerome Tonneson Custom Galileo 1/2A6-2  
11 2 Larry Mills Estes Long Shot D12-5 A Hibranches Catchemandholdem tree got this one.
12 4 Kyle Bohnenstiehl Estes Silver Comet D12-5  
13 6 Jason Greene Vaughn Brothers Extreme 29 D12-5  
14 3 Jerome Tonneson Upscaled (x3) Mosquito B4-4  
15 6 Mark Neutzmann Silver Comet EX E28-4T  
16 5 Phil Scheinost “Fat Daddy” E23-5T  
17 3 Taylor Jessee Estes Mongoose A8-3  
18 2 Larry Mills “3/4 Longshot” D12-7  
19 2 Dan Kirk “Nerf Rocket” B6-4  
20 2 Taylor Jessee Estes Astrocam B6-4  
21 5 Jerome Tonneson Aerotech Initiator E28-4T  
22 2 Mike Barzee Estes Big Bertha C6-3  
23 3 Dan Kirk “Three leg egg” A8-3 Very unique rocket. Nice flight.
24 3 Taylor Jessee Estes Snitch C6-0  
25 5 Mike Barzee Javelin D12-5  
26 3 Dan Kirk Pitsco Kit C6-5  
27 2 Mike Barzee Estes Honest John C6-3  
28 3 Taylor Jessee Estes Mongoose B6-4  
29 3 Mike Barzee Custom Matra D12-5  
30 4 Randall Jessee Estes Big Daddy D12-5  
31 4 Taylor Jessee Sea Hawk D12-5  
32 4 Mike Barzee “Mike” B6-4 (x2) Drag race with flight #32. Spun a bit since only one motor ignited.
33 5 Mike Barzee “Michelle” C6-3 Drag race with flight #31.
34 3 Randall Jessee “Pringles Rocket” B6-2  
35 3 Jason Greene Launch Pad Amraam D12-5 (x2) Nice cluster flight!
36 2 Taylor Jessee Estes Snitch C6-0 Drag race with flight #36.
37 3 Ian Jessee Estes Snitch C6-0 Drag race with flight #35.
38 3 Taylor Jessee Estes Astrocam B6-4  
39 3 Randall Jessee “Pringles Rocket” C6-3  
40 5 Mike Barzee LOC Onyx F20-7W  
41 3 Dan Kirk Modified Fat Boy C6-3  
42 3 Taylor Jessee Modified Fat Boy C6-3  
43 3 Randall Jessee “TIE Bottle Rocket” C6-3  
44 6 Jason Greene Vaughn Brothers Extreme 29 E15-7W  
45 3 Dan Kirk Estes Wizard A8-3 NARTREK Bronse level parachute duration attempt (baseline/test flight): 41 seconds.
46 3 Dan Kirk Estes Wizard B6-4 NARTREK Bronse level parachute duration attempt: 89 seconds. Rocket not recovered.
47 3 Bob Wingate North Coast Mini Rotaroc 1/2A3-4T  
Total engines by class:
Type Qty. Notes
1/2A 2  
A 3  
B 12 Two on one flight.
C 12  
D 14 Two on one flight.
E 4  
F 2  
Rockets making multiple flights:
Flights Rocket Rocketeer
Estes Silver Comet Kyle Bohnenstiehl
Vaughn Brothers Extreme 29 Jason Greene
Estes Astrocam Taylor Jessee
Estes Mongoose Taylor Jessee
Estes Snitch Taylor Jessee
"Pringels Rocket" Randall Jessee
Estes Wizard Dan Kirk
"Fat Daddy" Phil Scheinost
Number of flights per rocketeer:
Flights Rocketeer(s)
8 Taylor Jessee
7 Mike Barzee
6 Dan Kirk
4 Jason Greene
Randall Jessee
Jerome Tonneson
2 Kyle Bohnenstiehl
Larry Mills
Mark Nuetzmann
Phil Scheinost
Kim Wong
1 Sam Darrow
Ian Jessee
Andy Scheinost
Bob Wingate

Submitted by Jerome Tonneson, NAR 76200.

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