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KCAR Launch Report: October 1999 Sport & Contest launch

Launch date and time: October 9th, 1999, 10:00 AM.
Launch location: 14900 Peterson Road, Kansas City, MO.
Rocktoberfest '99 results

Launch Pad Flyer's Name Rocket Name Motor(s) Notes

4 Linton Bayless Modified Fat Boy D12-5

4 Linton Bayless Estes F-22 C6-5

2 Linton Bayless Estes Fire Flash C6-5

2 Linton Bayless Estes Bull Pup B6-4 After one misfire.

1 Blair Clark SA-Archer AT G40-7 Modified NCR kit.

1 Blair Clark SA-Archer AT G35-7 Modified NCR kit.

6 Fred Copson North Coast Phantom 4000 F62-4

2 Fred Copson Bomark F64-?

4 Erik Eagles Estes Astrocam B6-4

2 Erik Eagles "Rocket I" C6-7

2 Erik Eagles "Untitled" D12-5

6 Lance Fischer Estes Big Bertha C6-7

? Lance Fischer Broadsword D12-5 Man on board.

? Lance Fischer Broadsword D12-5 Paratrooper on board.

5 Lance Fischer Lightning D12-7

2 Lance Fischer Thunder Hawk B6-4

1 Lance Fischer Engage C6-5

1 Lance Fischer Patriot A3-4T

6 Josh Fried Estes Mongoose C6-5

4 Josh Fried Estes Mongoose B6-0, C6-5

6 Josh Fried Super Prowler I C6-5

5 Courtney Greathouse "Courtney's Rocket" B6-? Courtney's first rocket ever!

4 Courtney Greathouse Holverson Designs Wicked Winnie B6-?

2 Courtney Greathouse Holverson Designs Wicked Winnie B6-6

? Jeff Heckathorn Modified Fat Boy AT E28-7T

2 Jesse Maine Estes Wizard 1/2A6-2

4 Josiah Maine Estes Yankee 1/2A6-2

5 Josiah Maine Estes Yankee B6-4

6 Mark Nuetzmann Tomahawk Cruise Missle C6-3

6 Mark Nuetzmann Sidewinder C6-3

6 Mark Nuetzmann Estes Silver Comet D12-3

1 Mark Nuetzmann North Coast Lance Beta F62-4

2 Mark Nuetzmann Screamer C5-3

5 Mark Nuetzmann Screamer C6-3

1 Mark Nuetzmann Interceptor G F64-4

? Tricia O'Connell Condor C6-5

5 Tricia O'Connell Silver Rocket C6-5

? Andy Scheinost Estes Fat Boy C6-5

5 Marc Schroeder Estes Banshee B6-4 Excellent flight.

1 Marc Schroeder Estes Banshee B6-4

? Marc Schroeder Estes Yankee A8-3

1 Will Schroeder SRS Condor B6-4

? Will Schroeder Estes Code Red C6-7

5 Lynn Thomas Renegade D12-3

5 Lynn Thomas Renegade D12-3

? Mark Wilson "Purple & Yellow Rocket" D12-7

6 Mark Wilson "Purple & Yellow Rocket" D12-?

1 Mark Wilson Patriot G?-?

4 Sarah Wingate Estes Prowler A8-3

Total engines by class:
MM 0
A 3
B 11
C 16
D 10
E 1
F 4
G 3

Rockets making multiple flights:
Flights Rocket Rocketeer
SA-Archer Blair Clark
Broadswoard Lance Fischer
Estes Mongoose Josh Fried
Holverson Designs Wicked Winnie Courtney Greathouse
Estes Yankee Josiah Maine
Screamer Mark Nuetzmann
Estes Banshee Marc Schroeder
Renegade Lynn Thomas
"Purple & Yellow Rocket" Mark Wilson

Number of flights per rocketeer:
Flights Rocketeer(s)
7 Lance Fischer, Mark Nuetzmann
4 Linton Bayless
3 Erik Eagles, Josh Fried, Courtney Greathouse, Marc Schroeder, Mark Wilson
2 Blair Clark, Fred Copson, Josiah Maine, Tricia O'Connell, Will Schroeder, Lynn Thomas
1 Jeff Heckathorn, Jesse Maine, Andy Scheinost, Sarah Wingate

There were a total of 49 flights.
Total impulse of 1,069.0 Newton-seconds, like a partial J motor.
There were no clustered flights, and one multi-stage flight.
There were 15 families for a total of 18 rocketeers.

Things were a bit chaotic this month due to the contest. Because of that the sport flights were not numbered.

Thanks again to our hosts, James and Tricia, for letting us use their field.

Submitted by Jerome Tonneson, NAR 76200.

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