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KCAR Launch Report: November 1999 Sport launch

Launch date and time: November 13th, 1999, 10:00 AM.
Launch location: 14900 Peterson Road, Kansas City, MO.
Launch Pad Flyer's Name Rocket Name Motor(s) Notes
1 4 Fred Thompson Estes Andromeda C6-3 Great flight.
2 2 Bill Hansley Estes Blackhawk C6-5  
3 1 Mark Nuetzmann Aerotech Mustang D12-3 Underpowered - Recovery system ejected after impact.
4 5 Fred Copson Estes Phoenix D12-3 Very nice flight.
5 2 Erin Wingate Estes Skywinder B4-4 Recovery system ejected after impact.
6 4 Zoron Hensley "Lockheed Replica" C6-3 Scratchbuilt
7 6 Bill Hensley Estes Black Hawk C6-3 Nice boost.
8 4 Jesse Maine "Jesse's Little Rage" A8-3 Nice streamer recovery.
9 5 Mark Nuetzmann North Coast Lance Beta G64-7W Man, that was nice! Parachute was slow to deploy, but it did.
10 2 Fred Copson Estes Andromeda C6-3 Another real nice flight.
11 4 Taylor Maine "Mr. Recycle" C6-5 Heads up flight: Pinwheeled - unstable.
12 4 Bill Hensley "Lockheed Replica" C6-5 Good flight.
13 2 Taylor Maine "Super Big Daddy" D12-3  
14 1 Jerome Tonneson Aerotech IQSY Tomahawk E28-7W Great boost but no ejection (lawn dart).
15 6 Josiah Maine Quest Big Rage B6-2 Nice two 'chute recovery.
16 ? Taylor Maine "Super Big Daddy" D12-3 OddRoc Flight-o-the-day. Flew well.
17 2 Jesse Maine Quest Antari A8-3 Very nice flight.
18 1 Bill Hensley "Blackhawk" (big) D12-0, D12-3 (x2) Slow boost. Impacted.
19 5 Fred Copson North Coast Phantom 4000 F62-4 Very nice flight.
20 2 James Case Estes Nova C6-5 CATO
21 4 Josiah Maine Quest Big Rage C6-5 Very nice flight.
22 2 Jesse Maine Quest Antari A8-3 Good flight.
23 6 Jerome Tonneson Estes Big Daddy D12-3 Nice flight. Weathercocked a bit.
24 1 Mark Nuetzmann North Coast Lance Beta G64-7 Good boost at first, then motor CATOed.
25 1 Jimmy O'keefe Estes Venom C6-3  
26 2 Jimmy O'keefe Estes Gemini B6-?  
27 4 Taylor Maine Estes Gemini DC B6-2  
28 6 Larry Mills Estes Longshot E28-10  
29 2 Tia Kirk Estes Amraam A8-3  
30 4 Tia Kirk Estes Mosquito 1/4A3-3T Got it back!
31 2 Jimmy O'keefe Estes Corkscrew C?-?  
32 4 Jerome Tonneson Estes Big Dawg C6-5  
33 5 Dan Kirk "Nerf Rocket" A8-3
34 6 Jimmy O'keefe Aerotech Initiator G?-?  
35 1 Nick Snyder Grasshopper F40-7  
36 1 Lauren Snyder Aerotech Mustang G35-7  
37 2 Euan O'keefe "Black & Gold" C6-3  
38 ? John Eurke Estes Bull Pup C6-3  
39 5 Dan Kirk "Candy Cane" C6-3  
40 ? James Case Cirrus Dart F20-?  
41 1 Jimmy O'keefe Estes Corkscrew C?-?  
42 ? Andy Scheinost V-2 D12-3 Scratchbuilt
43 1 Bob Wingate Quest Area 51 UFO C6-0  
44 2 Scott Bolling Estes Heetseeker B6-?  
45 4 Taylor Maine Estes Gemini C6-5  
46 4 Jonathan Pritchard Estes Sizzler C6-7 Rear ejection - 'chute separated.
47 1 James Case Estes AVR Condor C6-5 Got both gliders back.
48 ? Nick Snyder Quest X-30 B6-4 Nice flight!
49 ? John Ehrke Estes SR-71 Blackbird C6-3 Good straight boost followed by a seperation.
50 2 Lauren Snyder Quest HL-20 C6-3 Great boost, steep glide.
51 2 Jonathan Pritchord Black Brant II D12-5 Great flight. The silver mylar stream was very visible.
52 4 Larry Mills Estes Longshot D12-7 Nice Flight - went far! Returned later.
53 2 Nick Snyder Quest X-30 C6-5 Good flight.
54 4 Jerome Tonneson Estes Rattler-7 B4-4  
55 2 John Ehrke "2:12 AM" C6-3 Beautiful rocket and a great flight!
56 2 Nick Snyder Quest Nike Smoke C6-3 Nice flight.
57 1 Jonathan Pritchard Aerotech Initiator E16-4 Beautiful, noisy boost, but serious lawn dart.
58 4 Jerome Tonneson Estes Wizard B6-4 Into the blue, but landed nicely in the field.
59 4 Nick Snyder SDI Vector C6-3 Good boost. Landed in the infield.
60 2 John Ehrke Estes F-22 Glider C6-3 Landed near the treeline, but the booster and glider were both recovered.
61 1 Craig Snyder Aerotech Barracuda G35-7 Beautiful flight.

Total engines by class:
Type Qty. Notes
MM 0  
1/4A 1  
1/2A 0  
A 5  
B 8  
C 27  
D 11 Three on one flight.
E 3  
F 3  
G 5  

Rockets making multiple flights:
Flights Rocket Rocketeer
Quest Antari Jesse Maine
Quest Big Rage Josiah Maine
Super Big Daddy Taylor Maine
Estes Gemini Taylor Maine
Estes Longshot Larry Mills
NCR Lance Beta Mark Nuetzmann
Estes Corkscrew Jimmy O'keefe
Quest X-30 Nick Snyder

Number of flights per rocketeer:
Flights Rocketeer(s)
5 Taylor Maine, Jimmy O'keefe, Nick Snyder, Jerome Tonneson
4 John Ehrke, Bill Hensley
3 James Case, Fred Copson, Jesse Maine, Mark Nuetzmann, Jonathan Pritchord
2 Dan Kirk, Tia Kirk, Josiah Maine, Larry Mills, Lauren Snyder
1 Scott Bolling, Zoron Hensley, Euan O'keefe, Andy Scheinost, Craig Snyder, Fred Thompson, Bob Wingate, Erin Wingate

Thanks again to our hosts, James and Tricia, for letting us use their field.

Total impulse of 1,382.125 Newton-seconds, like a partial K motor.
There was one clustered flight (#18) and one multi-stage flight (also #18).
There were 15 families for a total of 23 rocketeers.

Please let me know if any corrections need to be made to this launch report.

Submitted by Jerome Tonneson, NAR 76200.

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