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January 2006 Meeting Minutes

KCAR club meeting
Date: January 14, 2006
Time: 2 to 4PM
Loc: Trails West Library, Independence, MO

Meeting attendees:

The meeting was called to order at about 2:15PM; President Dave Bucher presiding.

Reading of the Minutes & Treasurer’s Report: Secretary / Treasurer Bob Wingate admitted and apologized for the lack of minutes from the last meeting, and proceeded to the treasurer’s report. KCAR currently has $608.49 in our checking account and $130.10 in the cash box, for a total of $738.59. This reflects the balance of July 23, 2005, and at the time of the meeting did not include $10.00 in launch fees collected at the October launch. This has been corrected, and an amended report including those launch fees (and membership dues received after the business meeting) will soon be available.

Old Business

  1. Launch site report: David Lucas reported that he has contacts and is looking into our use of the tarmac at the old Richards Gebaur Airport. David said the area is large enough that it would be suitable for contests. Also mentioned were fields near Olathe Kansas, the CAP site near Waverly Kansas, and Alan Shaffmaster said that he is still looking into a field along Missouri 210 highway towards Richmond. David Lucas is looking into getting a one year blanket waiver at the Tickwood Ranch field for 2006. David also suggested we consider one field trip to a High Power Rocketry launch during the year.

New Business

  1. Election of officers: Referring to the KCAR By-laws — Article 3 Membership (g), we determined who was currently a member in good standing of the National Association of Rocketry. During discussion, Bob Wingate asked for a recess to phone Tim Burger (who was not present), to ask if he would be willing to run for NAR Senior Advisor for KCAR. Bob was not able to reach Tim by phone, and for this reason we continued the meeting with discussion of including Tim’s name on the ballot in a provisional manner. If Tim decided he didn’t want the position, we would hold a special election within one month to fill the vacancy. Mark Bazinet stated that he would join NAR within 30 days, so his name was added to the list of KCAR members eligible to be officers. In similar manner, we added NAR member George Scheil to the list for consideration. If he were to win election to one of the officer positions, we would ask him if he was willing to serve. If not, that vacancy would be filled at the special election. Nominations began, and the offices were voted on by secret ballot in the following order: President, Vice-President, Secretary / Treasurer, NAR Senior Advisor, and Member at Large. The results were as follows:
    President:David Lucas
    Vice-President:Dave Bucher
    Secretary / Treasurer:Bob Wingate
    NAR Senior Advisor:Tim Burger
    Member at Large:Mark Bazinet
  2. Newly elected president David Lucas chaired the remainder of the meeting, and presented a list of needs for KCAR in 2006.
    1. More youth involvement: The president suggests that the club needs to get everyone involved, whatever it takes. David challenged us to bring one person to each launch who hasn’t been before.
    2. We need A and B divisioners: The club needs to get the word out about KCAR through the following:
      1. Make flyers to take to hobby stores, libraries and schools
      2. Word of mouth
      3. At the school demos, get school kids and teachers involved
      4. Renewed contact with Boy Scouts and the Civil Air Patrol
      5. Advertise in the local papers (coming events)
      6. TV ads on community cable channels (free)
    3. 2006 Contests: President Dave Lucas contends that 2005 contest participation was poor at best. He proposed two Open Meets for 2006, and appointed Vice-President Dave Bucher to select the competition events.
    4. Rocketry Classes: KCAR should consider putting on a basic rocketry class or classes at a library or school. David said he had a good basic rocketry video from Estes which we could use.
  3. Informational Flyers: We then discussed having Martin Ashwill produce flyers which could be handed out in hobby stores and at school demos. Bob Wingate moved that we provide up to $50 from the KCAR treasury for paper and supplies for the flyers. This was seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.
  4. Monthly launch schedule: We discussed whether or not to keep our monthly launches on the third Saturday of each month, unless this fell on or near a holiday, in which case the fourth Saturday of the month would be the launch date. A check of the calendar showed only one obvious conflict, with Easter being the third Sunday of April. We agreed to hold our monthly launches on the third Saturdays: March 18th, May 22nd, June 17th, July 15th, August 19th, September 16th, October 21st, and November 18th. The April launch will be held on the fourth Saturday, April 22nd. The unofficial “polar bear” launch will be Saturday January 21st at the Shawnee Mission Park launch site. Further details on which monthly launches will be NAR Open Meets, which will have FAA waivers for HPR launching, which might include a night launch, will be discussed soon on our yahoo group account, and the schedule will be posted soon on our web site. Also to be announced are locations, start times, launch fees, contest events, and whether any of the other dates might need to be changed to avoid conflicts with other launches in the region.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 4:00 p.m.

Special thanks to Andy Scheinost, who counted the election ballots and provided the voting tally for this report.

These minutes were recorded by Bob Wingate. Feel free to point out any inaccuracies or mistakes and make clarifications that you might feel are needed. Thanks!

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Last updated: March 1, 2006