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May 2005 meeting minutes

Reading of the previous meeting minutes: Handed out by the treasurer and accepted as they stand.

The treasurer gave a report: Unfortunately I didn’t get it all, but the bottom line was that there is $729.39 in the treasury.

Old Business


New Business

  1. Demo Launches We’ve had several launch requests this year.
  2. Proposed bylaw changes discussed at the last meeting. The full text of the proposed changes can be seen in meeting notes for May. The motion was made by Tim Burger to adopt the changes with the statement that any amendments might be made. The motion was seconded by Bob. The potential reasons for this change was discussed at length. An amendment was eventually proposed to add a clause allowing the club to grant honorary members, and that those members would not count when determining the quorum present. The full text as adopted can be seen in the bylaws. A vote was taken to adopt the amendment to the original proposal. Some further discussion was conducted concerning the reasoning for the time and number of meetings or launches attended prior to the final vote. A vote was taken and the motion carried.
  3. Launch Dates A motion was made by Dave Bucher to move the launch dates for July and to switch the record trials from the June launch to the July launch. Further all further launches save the October launch shall be held at the Tickwood Ranch. This motion was seconded. It was adopted with no further discussion.
  4. Membership Packets A motion was made by Dave Lucas to for the club to put together membership packets to pass out to new members. The motion was seconded by Bob. Dave Bucher questioned who might be in charge of making the packets. Bob offered to update the ‘What to expect’ web page. A question of contents of the packets was also raised. The secretary volunteers. The contents will be determined. A motion to table the question was made by Bob.
  5. Rocketoberfest Location Bob motioned that we find a location for the Rocketoberfest launch. A committee was appointed
    - Dave Lucas will look into Richard’s Gabauer Airport
    - Christian will pursue Longview Lake
    - Alan will ask about fields around Richmond, Mo.
    No motions were made.
  6. New Secretary Christian is moving away; we selected a new secretary/treasurer in the standard way. Bob won this election against Tim Burger 5 to 3.
  7. These minutes were recorded by Tim Burger from notes and memory. We all know my memory isn’t what it was, so feel free to point out any inaccuracies or mistakes and make clarifications that you might feel are needed. Thanks!

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    Last updated: July 22, 2005