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Second Annual Display Case, Pizza, and a Movie Night
January 3, 2004

As the group was gathering and while we were waiting for the pizza, Tim put in the video I brought of LDRS-22 as we checked out the system and lights in the room. All seemed to gravitate from the pizza to seating as eyes focused on the screen. I guess there is something still mesmerizing about large rockets launching on a big screen that made this video first choice.

After the video we proceeded to the cases with boxes of rockets and rocket peref. Moving one glass shelf and cleaning the rest with windex, rockets and rocketeers filled the three cases quickly. Previous launch photos, ribbons, certificates, magazines, display stands, and parachutes were added for the full rocket experience. Club information and 2004 schedule will be reprinted and inserted later.

While spectators including librarians looked on, we spent time arranging the cases leaving room for Bob and his motor display. I spoke with the librarians about reprinting information with placement later and they would be more than happy to unlock the case when the papers arrive. I thanked them for the use of the case and they shared with me that the case peaked there interest and that it looks more colorful and fuller than the last. I said we would try to improve it every year as our display case skills caught up to our rocket building skills.

The only order of business was that Tim moved that the club pay for the pizza ($18.67) which was seconded by Alan and carried by the rest. I will handle this when Bob passes the funds over to me and gives me final instruction on job duties.

Another note not part of the meeting was my asking if any more rockets would be available for a school display case if the need arose. Several said they would be glad to donate a few rockets during the cold months. I will make my contacts and get back with the group on the results.

Submitted by R. Christian Bruggeman NAR# 82573

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Last updated: January 4, 2004