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KCAR Meeting Minutes - September 20th, 2003


Old Business

  1. Equipment Maintenance was our main goal for the meeting. We met on the field, and lifted most of the equipment down from the loft where it was cleaned and inspected. We spent a good deal of time checking all of the wiring - Bob W. replaced a bunch of the clips and repaired a set that were intermittent during his spare time at home. We cleaned all of the rails, knocked the heavy accumulation of residue from the blast plates (which cleaned up surprisingly well) and wiped off the launch controller front panel. Most of the equipment is in pretty good shape and the club members have been conscience of its care. We packed everything away; everything in its place and toted it all back up to the loft.
  2. Contest Update
    A. Bob brought the contest prizes with him and they were drooled on by all present before being stored in the loft with the equipment.
    B. Bob appointed his on-field assistants (Bob being the CD)
    C. We discussed the altitude event - this is the first one we've hosted, so we are a little uncertain of the theodolite placement. We went down and paced off the field to get an idea of the possible baselines. The field is on a bit of a grade, unfortunately, making the best baseline unusable. James said that he thought the neighbors would be OK with us setting up a station on their side of the fence, which would allow us enough room.
New Business
  1. We discussed replacing the batteries in the stop watches. James made a motion which was seconded by Randall. There were none opposed; motion carried. Bob volunteered to get replacement cells and install them in the stopwatches.

A motion was made to adjourn and seconded. None opposed; meeting adjourned. This was a brief, friendly meeting in which a lot of the final details for the contest were locked down, and a very small amount of business was conducted. We stood around and chatted for a while, and then took a quick look at Jame’s observatory.

Treasurer’s Report:
Date Description Amount Balance
5-17-03 Beginning Balance $411.00
5-17-03 2003 Dues (pro-rated) Dave Bucher 7.00 418.00
5-31-03 2003 Dues (pro-rated)Christian Bruggeman and $5 donation 12.00 430.00
6-28-03 Launch Fees — June 45.00 475.00
7-26-03 Backup launch batteries (George Scheil) (5.00) 470.00
7-26-03 Launch Fees — July 26.00 496.00
8-23-03 2003 Dues (pro-rated) Dave Messerschmidt 5.00 501.00
8-23-03 Launch Fees — August 24.00 $525.00

These minutes and notes are as accurate as we can make them. Please feel free to send and e-mail with corrections or comments! — Tim Burger NAR505 President

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Last updated: November 15th, 2003