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November 22nd Meeting Minutes

Note: this was an on-field meeting during the last launch of the year. The range was shut down, the members gathered together around the tables at the range head and we did the last bit of business for the year together. It was a bit chilly, and a bit of a pain to shut down as we did and we offer an apology to anyone who was inconvenienced by this. This is what the club as a whole wanted.

Meeting attendees:

The meeting was called to order at about 1:15PM by the President, Tim Burger. We discussed the required number of members for a quorum; the current number of members is 20 (including Darwin who joined earlier in the day). The square root of 20 is 4.47 or four persons. A quorum was present.

We waived the reading of the minutes of the last meeting.

The treasurer gave a report:
Treasurer’s Report
Date Description Amount Balance
9/20/03 Balance Forward $525.00
9/26/03 Two stopwatch replacement batteries (6.38) 518.62
9/27/03 Two Dairy Queen gift certificates (10.00) 508.62
9/28/03 Launch fees — September launch 56.00 564.62
11/22/03 Bazinet Family dues (2003) 8.00 572.62
11/22/03 Tim Burger dues (2004) 12.00 584.62
11/22/03 Darwin May dues (2004) 12.00 596.62
11/22/03 Current Balance $596.62

    Old Business

  1. Club Raffle:
    This item was offered earlier in the year by Bob Wingate and briefly recapped: Bob suggested that we institute a raffle such that persons who help at launches get a raffle ticket for each effort (such as helping setup the equipment or performing an hour of launch officer duty). The idea of this is to encourage participation at the launches and meetings. At the end of the day the tickets would be drawn for a prize such as a package of motors or a kit, etc. A further idea was to have an all out drawing at the end of the year for a "Mondo Big Prize" such as an Apogee Saturn V or Aerotech kit, etc. Bob was to look into this idea and find out how other clubs handle the mechanics of this idea. He contacted the SLRA who have dropped their plan mostly due to the extra work load imposed on the secretary due to amazing complexity of point calculation. Bob passed out a hand out for our perusal and discussion. This item was again placed on a back burner for discussion at the next meeting. The following is lifted from Bob’s hand-out:
    . . . the much mentioned prize raffle to reward field setup and meeting attendance. I checked with Tom McAtee (SLRA) about their “Work and win” program. Seems it’s been discontinued, it was too much work for their club secretary. But as I recall, it was quite a bit more complex than what I have in mind. Simply put, hereís my proposal...
    • Raffle tickets are given out for those who help setup at monthly launches. One ticket per person per launch setup. No setup, no ticket.
    • Near the middle of the launch, the range is closed for a short time, and a number is drawn for a prize. The ticket holder shows his ticket to claim the prize, but keeps the ticket. Everyone takes his or her ticket home for a chance later at a grand prize drawing.
    • Tickets are also given out to those who attend KCAR meetings at the Library. One ticket per attendee per meeting. This ticket would be taken home and kept for the grand drawing.
    • Near the end of the year, a grand drawing is held for a Really neat prize, such as an Apogee scale Saturn. This is drawn from the entire pool of numbers for the year; everyone would need to bring all their ticket stubs for the chance.
  2. New Business

  3. Election of officers for 2004:
    Nominations were entertained by the chair. We discussed the positions (and the meaning of Member at Large again this year). Tim Burger had earlier declined being president again next year (though was very flattered by the nomination) and stated that he didn't mind being an officer, but felt that the jobs should be handed around each year.
    The nominations commenced with Mark Bazinet nominating Dave Bucher for president; seconded by Randall Jessee.
    Bob Wingate was nominated for Vice President by Randall Jessee and was seconded by Christian.
    Randall Jessee was nominated for Vice President by Bob Wingate and seconded by Tim Burger
    Mark Bazinet was nominated by Randall Jessee for Member at Large and seconded by Bob Wingate
    Christian Bruggeman was nominated by Bob Wingate for Secretary/Treasurer and seconded by Randall Jessee.
    Tim Burger was nominated for Sr. Adviser by Bob Wingate and seconded by Randall Jessee.
    George Scheil motioned that the nominations be closed; seconded by Randall Jessee. It was suggested at this point by Tim that there is only one actual race - for V/P - and suggested that this motion is a bit premature. No further discussion was offered, and the vote was six in favor, one against, and one abstaining (Darwin). Ballets were passed out with each person writing who they would prefer, and they were passed to George for counting. (Darwin didn't vote.)
    President: Dave Bucher 7 of 7
    Vice President: Randall Jessee 4 of 7
    Member at Large: Mark Bazinet 7 of 7
    Secretary/Treasurer: Christian Bruggeman 7 of 7
    Sr. Adviser: Tim Burger 7 of 7
  4. Club charter:
    We discussed the charter, and insurance for the field. We discussed (briefly) field insurance. Dave Bucher made a motion that we recharter for 2003, and in doing so purchase insurance from the NAR for both the Case Farm and Tickwood Ranch. The motion was seconded by Mark Bazinet. Motion carried unanimously. Total cost is $25 + 15 +15 or $55 - we were uncertain of this exact amount at the time.
  5. Launch dates:
    We chatted briefly about the Case Farm getting smaller, and that the new neighbor to the South has been less than friendly. We also can't miss the fact that property to the North has been purchased and building is going up (they were hammering on it behind us). So far they have been very friendly to us, and have even allowed us to set up equipment on their property at one of the launches. It was mentioned again this year that we have been launching there for a long time and appreciate the use of the field, and James getting a waiver several weekends every year for us. This is too valuable a resource to give up easily. We discussed our standard yearly launching at Shawnee Mission Park in the late Spring to allow for making hay - James has indicated that they may not need the hay this year. During the past few weeks we have been discussing this subject on the e-group and Tim came prepared with a calendar and the known launches for other clubs and national meets as well as the holidays. The agenda he came with (see below) also had a proposed launch schedule. We discussed hay making, the February launch switching to a TARC tryout launch rather than the standard polar-bear launch, and the other clubs - SLRA, MO/KAN, KloudBusters, and KOSMO. The SLRA and Kloudbusters already have their 2004 schedules picked out. Bob indicated that KOSMO club won't have anything official until late January. Randall Jessee reminded us of LDRS; Bob mentioned NARAM; Tim's calendar already has the other national meetings/meets/sport launches on it. He read off the conflicts. The conclusion was that the fourth weekend was nearly spotless; and the third weekend has only one or two conflicts with the St. Louis club and a potential conflict with KRAMO (Wichita's annual meet). Dave Bucher suggested that the third weekend is a good weekend allowing for rain dates. After much deliberation, and discussion of another potential site proferred by Alan (a closed airport in Independence) Bob Wingate suggested that we launch on the third weekend every month; move the meeting to the fourth weekend. This was discussed further with Dave adding that we can always change the dates later in the year if it becomes necessary. Tim added that the earlier we get this hammered out, the easier it will be to get the dates published in national publications and on the NAR web site in plenty of time to make plans.Bob motioned that we launch on the third weekend of the month, and move the meetings to the fourth Saturday of the month. There was a brief discussion about only four meetings next year - Tim indicated that there was a motion on the floor. Motion seconded by Dave Bucher. No further discussion was made; the motion carried unanimously.
  6. Launch locations:
    Since this was partly discussed with the dates discussion, and since we have some worries about the Case Farm being unavailable, and since the TARC being in full swing it was suggested by Bob Wingate that we switch locations as suggested on the proposal to March at Tickwood and April at the Case Farm. This was formed up into a motion which was seconded immediately by George. Bob wondered aloud about the dates for the contests and concluded that April or August would be our only good local meet dates. No more discussion was offered. There were none opposed.
    Our tentative launch schedule, then, is:
    Note that the July through November dates are tentative, subject to change and all dates are subject to the OK of field owners. Further, it was mentioned by the President that the Shawnee Mission Park launches require permits (free) from the park and that the park will not allow collection of fees of any kind so those launches will be free. The sec/treas usually secures the permits - it's very easy to do.
  7. Contest Dates:
    We have sort of discussed this as we went. Tim made the point that the sooner this is settled the easier we can advertise, etc. (yet again.) Alan S. questioned whether we advertise our launches and clubs at all and received an explanation that we normally do, but were a bit late out of the gate this year and a bit disorganized from the break up last Fall causing us to slip getting our information to publications. We'd like to correct that for next year, hence trying to get this worked out now. We discussed the proposed ideas for contest meets; added an additional one, but eventually settled on one local and one all out meet if we can swing it. Dave Bucher motioned that we hold a local event in the Spring, and a full regional in the Fall with both launches at the Case Farm. (My notes do not indicate who seconded; sorry.) There was a bit more discussion about the regional and falling back a level as needed. We also decided that we will just pick a date this year, since attempts to change the weekend to attract fliers from other clubs has failed almost entirely. The motion carried with six; none were opposed.
  8. Contest Events:
    No one really seemed to want to get into this. The president set forward his suggestions as they were all taken from the e-group over the past two weeks. It was suggested that we work this out on line. Some of the members do not have Internet access - this was discussed and the library suggested for those with out. The president admonished the club to work this out quickly or miss publication dates again this year. No further discussion nor action was taken.
  9. Library Display and Movie Nite:
    We did this last year and were a hit with the library patrons. We also discussed the terrific time we had together watching a movie and eating pizza. Bob had already checked with the library staff and the cases are available in January. A motion was made by Bob to get the cases for January and to have a movie and pizza night early in January to set up. The motion was seconded by Dave Bucher. Bob will check on meeting room availability and let us know. Six were in favor; none were opposed.
  10. Other Events:
    Alan suggested that we have other events to assist with schools, scouts, library, etc. We discussed last year's activities with three elementary/middle schools, TARC, and the activities already under way with TARC this year. No motions were made.
  11. NAR Survey:
    The president has received a survey form from NAR requesting information about club members that are not NAR members, what's working, what isn't, and what we'd like to see NAR doing or changing. The form was left for the club's perusal at the launch table. The pres. will finish filling it out and get it sent in. (editor's note: no comments were made during the launch.)
  12. The president called for any further new business. None was offered. Dave Bucher motioned to adjourn which was seconded by Randall. The meeting was adjourned.

    Well we did get a lot accomplished even if it was a bit chilly! And all that in about and hour and a half! The president is a bit unhappy that we weren't able to finish the contest event business - we're so close!

    These minutes are written from memory and notes. Please feel free to e-mail us to point out any inaccuracies, updates, or changes. Please be kind as my memory isnít what it once was! And please forgive me for misspelling names; I canít even remember my own, most days.

    Tim Burger
    President, 2003

    2003 November Meeting Agenda
    Reading of the minutes
    Treasurer's report
    Old Business
    1.Club Raffle for helpers setting up & taking down the range equipment, performing on-field duties, etc.
    New Business
    1.Election of Officers for 2004
    2.Shall we Recharter the club with NAR and buy insurance for the Case and Tickwood fields?
    3.Launch Schedules (Proposed)
    a)Second Saturday of the month-
    Conflicts with Valentineís Day, NARCON, KloudBurst, & Distant Thunder
    b)Third Sat of the month -
    Conflicts with meeting dates which will require another vote to change, may conflict with KRAMO-24
    c)Fourth Saturday of the month
    No conflicts that Iím aware of
    4.Launch Locations (Proposed):
    a)January at New Mark
    b)February at Tickwood (TARC attempts)
    c)Special launch in February for TARC at Tckwood
    d)March at Case Farm
    e)April at Tickwood
    f)May at Shawnee Mission Park
    g)June at Shawnee Mission Park
    h)July at Case Farm
    i)August at Tickwood
    j)September at Case Farm
    k)October at Case Farm
    l)November at Tickwood
    5.Contests (Proposed):
    a)Two contest launches: April Local meet at Tickwood, October Regional at Case Farm or
    b)Three contest launches: April Local at Tickwood, July Fly-n-Fry at Case, and October Regional at Case Farm
    6.Contest Events (Proposed):
    a)For item a) above
    1/2A Heli-duration
    B Altitude
    Spot Landing
    b)For item b) above
    Plastic Model Conversion
    Cluster Altitude
    D dual eggloft
    C Rocket Glider
    7.Shall we display our rockets at the library again this year, and if yes, shall we have a Pizza and a movie night in the library meeting room?
    8.Other New Business

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    Last updated: 26 December 2003