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KCAR Meeting Minutes - May 22, 2003


Reading of the Last Meeting Minutes

Treasurer’s Report

Old Business

  1. Clardy Elementary School Demo this week
    The upcoming Clardy launch was discussed in detail.
    Mrs Daily is expecting upwards of 175 kids, each with a rocket (Estes Gnomes) and 1/2A3-4T motors in bulk packs. We've worked out how many we think we can do in a 45 minute period and she's worked out a schedule. There was a call for volunteers - Bob. possibly, Randall for sure, Tim for sure, George possibly.
    We discussed the time and location. We also discussed the equipment needed.
    Equipment List:
    Club's: Extension cords, battery, clips, and launch controller
    Members: Saw horse launchers with rods/deflectors (Tim), Rockets for display and Water!
    (See the launch report — Editor)
  2. Equipment Maintenance proposals:
    Shall we replace a meeting with, or schedule a special time, for an equipment maintenance session? Purpose: Learn proper care and maintenance of KCAR and your own launch equipment. Also, fellowship with fellow club members and rocketeers. We voted to have the September meeting at the Case Farm to work on equipment.
    We discussed a set schedule so that the same person isn’t maintaining all the gear all the time. No action was taken.
    We discussed appointing someone to be an equipment officer — no action was taken.
  3. Kit raffle proposal (working suggestions):
    Bob briefly mentioned that he was still looking into the kit raffle plan to promote KCAR participation (range setup, meeting attendance, etc.) He has a copy of the SLRA “Work and Win” program, which he suggested might be simplified for our purposes. He also wanted to check other NAR section web sites, for other possible suggestions. We agreed to table further discussion on this until more details would be available (hopefully at the next meeting), though there seemed to be general agreement that something like this would be useful.
    A. On field help (range setup, possibly also range teardown) earns tickets.
    B. Other ways to earn points
    a. Meeting attendance
    b. Equipment maintenance
    C. Bob Wingate volunteered to check similar programs by SLRA and other sections
    D. Voted on and approved proceeding with this proposal.
  4. Contest Update
    A. Both NAR Meets have been sanctioned
    B. Examples of R/G plans were discussed - NARTS, some old magazines, etc. George also provided some resources.
    C. Altitude tracking practice was discussed. We will set up the equipment at the next launch and practice. Dave Lucas gave a presentation and passed out some information on how it works. We discussed the best types of tracking powder to use. Dave emphasized that tracking powder must be used or it's nearly impossible to get a good track. Dave B. mentioned that one should expect the rocket to be quite a mess; a necessary evil.
    D. Bob volunteered to invite other chapters to our KCAR Fall event by e-mail, snail-mail, etc. We voted to spend money on stamps and printing with no limit set.
    E. We also discussed and voted to approve a discount from $8 to $5 for early registration. The goal being to get an idea of the number of attendees and competitors in advance.
  5. Sport Launch Fee simplification / clarification for 2003
    We voted to change the fee to a flat $5 for non-members and $3 for members. Randall Jessee made the motion, and it was seconded by Dave Bucher. The vote carried unanimously after a very brief discussion.
    Kids 12 and under, and first time fliers with the club fly free (as is long tradition for the club.)
New Business
  1. July Meeting:
    Randall mentioned during the meeting that the July meeting was on the same weekend as LDRS XXII. Tim brought up the idea of moving the July meeting, changing it to an on-field meeting during our July sport launch. Bob made the motion, and Randall seconded it. The motion carried.
  2. Problem Tracking Log:
    We discussed briefly keeping a problem log to assist with keeping track of equipment troubles. No motions were made nor was any action taken.
  3. Equipment Maintenance:
    We then discussed the need for better KCAR equipment maintenance, and a cleaning session was suggested. Randall moved that we hold an equipment cleaning session as the main (only?) activity during the field meeting time at the Case Farm, while we would be there for the July launch. (This way, the equipment would have been inspected before our Rocktoberfest in September, and any problems would be discovered and repaired in plenty of time). Bob seconded the motion, and the cleaning session was voted on and approved.
  4. Competition Payloads:
    Earlier, we had voted to purchase NAR payloads for our Payload event at Rocktoberfest. David Lucas, referring back to that, suggested it would be easy and cheaper to make our own payloads, and related that he's seen them being made on the field at a NARAM he had attended. Randall then moved that we allocate up to a maximum of $30 from the treasury for the purchase of ingredients (sand, body tubes), or if necessary the purchase of completed NAR payloads. Bob seconded the motion, which was voted on and passed.
  5. Club Flags: David Lucas then gave us an update on the club flags. There are two flags, one with the KCAR logo, and another with the NAR logo. Still needed was an extendable pole and three tie downs and stakes. David said the flags would be ready in time for our July launch.
  6. On-Site Vendor or Range Store:
    A suggestion by Dave L. was entertained for having a range store or getting an on-site vendor for the September launch. No motions were made.

Having completed our business, Randall moved we adjourn, Dave Bucher seconded, and we voted to adjourn.

Presentation: High Altitude Weather Balloons
Don and Charlie gave a very interesting presentation on high altitude weather balloons. They brought in a balloon, the equipment that they send up, including the GPS tracking units, and showed several videos of the preparation, launching, and recovery of a balloon, plus a very interesting video taken from on board a balloon. The last one was really something, taken from so high up that the sky appeared black and the earth appeared truly round.

They discussed some of the things they’ve learned, some of the things they’d like to try, and shared a couple of interesting stories with us. They then entertained questions until we ran out of time.

It was a very interesting presentation. Thanks, Don & Charlie!

Treasurer’s Report
Date Description Amount Balance
3-1-03 Balance Forward $484.39
3-22-03 2003 Dues - Jessee Family + $2 donation 20.00 504.39
3-24-03 New Tarps (George Scheil) (5.42) 498.97
4-24-03 Scientific Calculator (Bob Wingate) (15.21) 483.76
4-26-03 Contest prizes (Bob Wingate) (72.76) $411.00

Respectfully submitted by
Bob Wingate, 2003 KCAR Secretary / Treasurer.

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These minutes and notes are as accurate as we can make them. Please feel free to send and e-mail with corrections or comments! — Tim Burger NAR505 President


Last updated: November15, 2003