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KCAR Display Case Pizza and a Movie Night - January 2, 2003


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Erin looks in
the nearly completed display. Last year we discussed putting some rockets in the library display case on a couple of occasions and we finally put action in place of words at the first of 2003. We had reserved the cases at the Trails West Branch for January after the November meeting and discussed getting together to set up the display. After a bit of organizing on Bob's part, we finally settled on a Movie and Pizza night on the first Thursday of the month. After some discussion, the movie we picked is called "The Dish." It's about one of the Apollo 11 tracking stations in Australia and a pretty good film. Many of us had not seen it before. An excellent suggestion Brint (who, regrettably, was unable to attend). Bob arranged the meeting room with the library, reserved the film, and ordered and picked up the pizza as well as being the primary organizer and mover of the event. Thanks, Bob!

Left case, Russian glider hanging from the
hook.When the we arrived at the library, a lady was removing last month's display from the case. Talk about good timing. We set up the pizza buffet style and started munching. Don had brought a table cloth, and ice. Tim brought some paper plates, plastic tableware, and napkins. Everyone brought their own soft drinks. We had a little bit of trouble with the AV equipment, but Dave took care of those issues and the film was started. In the mean time we spent a lot of time drooling over Dave's exotic motor collection, and a rare world class contest winning glider. (That glider can be seen hanging in the display case near the Interceptor G.)

After the movie, we started filling the case. Don and Bob had gone out to the web site and printed some of the photos in a large format. We used these to sort of paper the bottom of some of the shelves. Dave quickly proved that he is the best among us at arranging a display case and did a terrific job putting together the cases. We were beginning to feel a little bit of pressure that we would run out of time before the library closed, but we did OK. We left some cards with the library staff in case any one asks for information. We also put out a flier giving the address to the web site for anyone who would like more information about the club.

Right case, Bob's motor display in the
center.I think I can speak for everyone when I say that we had a terrific time together, sharing our items for everyone to see, talking rockets (and other things), and sharing time together. We've considered having more activities like this in the coming year, stay tuned!

Submitted by Tim Burger
NAR 78486 L1

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