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September 21st meeting minutes

No formal meeting was held since we were just one club member shy of forming a quorum. We did however discuss some of the things needed to keep things running, especially in light of the upcoming contest.

We also had a very interesting demonstration of what can be done with fiberglass from a guest, Dave Booker. He had some amazingly light nose cones, and some very gracefully shaped (smoothly cigar shaped) airframe that are very light despite the large size. He also showed us some of the apparatus he's made to make laying up fiber easier. Also, there was a very large, beautifully made Mars Lander.

Meeting attendees:

Treasurer's Report: the previous balance was $454.42. A total of $30 was collected at the August launch for fees. This brings us to $484.42.

Range Equipment: Some words were spoken about the way the equipment was treated when being stowed during the July launch. Some of the equipment was not properly placed back in the boxes, there were several broken blast deflectors, and no mention by anyone to anyone that some of the tarps were burned beyond being usable so that they might be replaced in time for the August launch. Also, much trash was found wrapped in one of the tarps when it was spread out for use in August. Members present vowed to do better. We discussed some of the equipment, and some club members will need to turn out on Saturday, September 28 to clean clips, check extinguishers, etc.

Elections - Nominations and elections will be at the next meeting, everyone who can attend is strongly urged to be at the meeting.

Rocketoberfest - The upcoming contest was briefly discussed. Events will be Streamer Spot Landing, C Super-roc Duration, Giant Sport Scale, Drag Race, and 1/2A Helicopter Duration. The contest director is Bob Wingate. The entry fee will be $7 (includes range fee). The prizes have already been purchased. The prizes are in the possession of the contest director. We are expecting a big turn out from the Wichita club and are asking for all members to be sure to volunteer to help run the table, and care for the range. Bob will purchase some name tags, and Tim will get a pair of stopwatches and replacement tarps out of his own pocket, to be reimbursed when the BoD are next together to approve the purchases.

We discussed the request for help from the Clardy Elementary School in North Kansas City on their Space Week launches in May, 2003. We think that we can help even though the launches will be conducted over two days during the weekday. I'm personally willing to take time off from work for this. Some questions put forth by attendees were what type of models are being built, and when are they being built? It won't be too easy to build and fly on the same afternoon, for example. Also, it is suggested that the motors be limited to A impulse to avoid a lot of time lost in recovery. It was also advised that the launching not be done all in one day (137 launches might be a bit difficult to do all at once.)

We also discussed the request from the Kansas City, KS school. We're still not sure what they need, but it appears that they will require a lot of time during the day (almost weekly). We'll try to communicate further, but at this time it looks as though we won't be able to assist them.

These minutes are written from memory and notes. Please feel free to e-mail us to point out any inaccuracies, updates, or changes. Please be kind as my memory isn't what it once was! And please forgive me for misspelling names; I can't even remember my own, most days.

Tim Burger

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