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KCAR Meeting Minutes - March 16, 2002

Attendees, KCAR members:

  • Bob Wingate - President
  • Bill Hensley - Member at Large
  • Dan Kirk - Senior Advisor
  • Tim Burger - Secretary/Treasurer
  • Andy Schienost
  • Jerome Tonneson
  • Nick Stich
  • Erin Wingate

    Bill gave a demonstration on sewing parachutes using a sewing machine and ripstop nylon. Several club members also brought homemade parachutes for review.

    Nick brought the fire extinguishers the club purchased and gave a brief demo on how to fill them. They require no more than 2 and 1/2 gallons of water, and then are charged with a common air compressor. The tops should be screwed down hand tight only. They should not be allowed to freeze.

    Because of the importance of Nick Stich's announcement to resign as president, we began discussing how the bylaws state what should be done. Nick read the pertinent parts of the charter. The charter indicates that we should elect from the members at large a new president. We discussed electing someone who already holds office; the bylaws do not specifically state that we can't (or shouldn't) but are worded such that the intent seems to be not to.

    Bob interjected at this point and stated for the record that he apologizes for any comments made in person or in e-mail that might have been offensive. He further stated that he hoped that Nick will reconsider, gave a vote of confidence, and even offered to withdraw from the club if hard feelings were present that is causing Nick's resignation.

    Nick made a statement at this time, and asked Bob not to withdraw. He stated that he was stepping down because he felt that his leadership is causing stress for members of the club and particularly for himself. He stated that he regretted the troubles with his long time friend George, and feels that this is best because we need a president that is more active in all facets of the rocketry and that his own interests lie primarily in high power. We attempted to point out that the work for the year is mostly done - the launch schedules are set, waivers filed, fields located, contest directors are ready and contest events are hammered out. We were unable to convince him to hang on. We began looking for someone who would like to stand in, and even asked Nick to remain in office for an additional two months in order to find someone who could.

    We discussed whether we had enough members present, and enough board members to make an official election. There are very few paid members at this point, so we decided we had enough.

    Jerome declined nomination. Jerome nominated Bob. Andy was asked if he would consider a nomination in order that a full election could take place. He declined by pointing out that he has not yet paid his dues for 2002. Bill seconded Bob's nomination, and the motion carried unanimously.

    The meeting was called to order by the new president at 2:15PM.

    The secretary read a summary of the minutes for the last meeting and gave a report of the treasury. The balance of the treasury at the start of the last meeting was $407.02 but $360.02 at the end of the meeting. We have had one individual pay 2002 dues. We spent $40 on the section charter and site insurance, $29.20 on contest ribbons, and $32 on fire extinguishers earlier today. That brings us to $272.82. The books were offered to the members for inspection. The section's charter was passed around.

    The president asked if there were any changes or objections to the minutes. There was none and they were left as read.

    Old Business

    1) Contests - We discussed at length how to handle the two upcoming contests. George has indicated that he will consider the money given to him in January for NAR contest fees his dues refund. [Note: George has resigned from the club and from being the CD for the Spring and Summer launches.] No money has been paid for kits, but the club at large authorized $60 for them. It was suggested that maybe we should forego kits, Nick objected however, stating that the fee structure of the contest should allow for the purchase of kits. The minutes for this subject were referred to at this time - we authorized a fee structure for exactly that purchase, and the contests were designed such that members and non-members of the club may compete for first place prizes but NAR members would be competing for NAR contest points as well. No further objections were raised and Bob offered to select and purchase the kits. It was also stated that George has not filed paperwork for the contests with the NAR. Dan indicates that the papers must be filed 30 days prior to the contest. Bob recalls this time frame to be correct, but that had this waived once in the past. It was suggested that we should describe the current situation to the contest board in the hopes that our April meet plans can go forward. Bob will get the paper work filed as soon as possible. Tim volunteered to assist Bob as the CD in April, and run the July contest (including the paperwork) if Bob will instruct him in how to run a meet. Bob indicates this is a good arrangement. The KRAMO launch dates were stated as June 15 and 16 (Saturday and Sunday) at Lake Afton. There is a potential that the date may be moved due to weather or problems with the field.

    2) Night Launches - We attempted to make a night launch happen last year and Bob wanted to know if any of the waivers available this season will allow a night launch. Nick stated that all of the waivers end a half hour prior to sundown and went on to say that the FAA contact reminded him of this on one of the November launches. While not inconceivable, we are currently not fully aware of the rules and regulations required for night launches and are not actively planning one.

    3) Equipment - Wasp launch pads. Our launch pads are currently on order from Jim Ball and have been since November. Nick and Jerome are planning to drive out to the MO-KAN launch this weekend and will pick them up if they are ready. Otherwise we are uncertain of when they might be ready. Dan asks if rails are available and wanted to know how hard they will be to adapt to the new pad. Nick stated that Theo has offered to donate two four foot rails to the club, and stated that they are easily adapted for a small cost with common hardware store parts.

    4) Equipment, Water Fire Extinguisher - (This subject was discussed earlier in the meeting, but is included here for completeness.) As previously stated, the club has purchased two used water-based fire extinguishers. They cost $16 each and were picked up and delivered to the club by Nick Stich. They will be kept with the launch equipment, but are currently in the secretary/treasurer's possession.

    New Business

    5) Team America Challenge - Erin's teacher is planning to get together a team. We've also been asked for assistance by another gentleman via e-mail. We can expect some others in our area to ask for help, too. Advisors may be needed for the teachers, we are allowed to give general advice and training to the teams and teachers, but may not assist with the design, building or prepping of the actual contest rockets. We are mainly being asked to provide a field, launch equipment, and RSO/SCO/LCO services. The provisions of the contest were pointed out. There is an entry fee for which a contest team gets a copy of Harry Stine's book, a copy of Rocksim software, and an altimeter. The criteria to win is to place two raw hen's eggs, and an altimeter to as close to 1500-feet as possible staging two motors without breaking the eggs. (Note: it was stated that the rocket must stage, but later reviews shows the criteria to be to simply use two motors.) We discussed the launches, the problem being that the most active times will be during the three months of the year in which we hold no formal launches. Nick stated that we should consider adding launches as needed. We discussed field access issues. Nick stated that Dave of the Tickwood Ranch would more than likely be willing to allow us to use the Tickwood field. We agreed to make this happen if at all possible. The Sec/Tres will send e-mail to Mr. Barber regarding this decision.

    6) TECHSPO - We discussed the educators trade show that is coming to town and their allowing a free booth to the NAR as a part of the Team America Challenge. This is a good opportunity for the NAR as they have been trying for a long time to gain access to educators with minimum success. The dates for this event are June 25, 26, & 27 - that's Tuesday - Thursday. We have been asked by Trip Barber to assist with display rockets and manpower if we can. Nick has offered to man the booth and supply large shiny rockets and a YellowJacket pad providing that he can rest his feet as much as possible. Tim stated that some of his rockets would be made available including the Saturn V, HARM missile, a glider and some competition rockets. Tim stated that his schedule may not permit helping with the booth, but is willing to should circumstances allow. It was stated that George has also been contacted and is planning to help out too. It was stated that the security might not be the best. While the nicest looking rockets are the ones being requested, no rockets with a personal attachment should be taken. This goes for motors and other hardware, also.

    The motion to adjourn was made by Nick. Didn't catch who seconded. Motion carried with all but one person voting in favor and the meeting was adjourned.

    The treasurer reminded all present that 2002 dues are due.


    Bob Wingate was elected president.

    1) Contests for April and July will commence as planned. Bob will file paper work with the NAR for the April launch and CD the contest. Tim will file the paper work with NAR for July. Bob will procure four kits, spending up to but not more than $60 ($15 each).

    2) No night launches are being planned for this year.

    3) We're still waiting for the new pads.

    4) Two new water based extinguishers have been procured.

    5) We are planning support the Team America Challenge with advice and organized launches.

    6) We are planning to support the TECHSPO show in our city this coming June.

    The treasury stood at $272.82 at the end of the meeting. Spending authorized:
    $60 for contest prizes for the April and July launches (authorized last meeting but not yet spent)
    $10 for local meet registration fees (or refund of George's dues as he requested)

    The treasurer paid out the following:
    $32.00 for fire extinguishers

    These minutes are written from memory and notes. Please feel free to point out any inaccuracies, updates, or changes. Please be kind as my memory isn't what it once was!

    Tim Burger Secretary/Treasurer

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