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September 15th meeting minutes

The meeting was called to order by Dan Kirk.

Meeting attendees:

  • Tim Burger
  • Dan Kirk, President
  • Andy Scheinost
  • John Skelton
  • Nick Stich
  • Jerome Tonneson, Vice President

    Reading of the previous meeting minutes

    Treasurer's Report: the previous balance was $292.31. A total of $56 was collected at the August launch for fees, cold drinks and donations. Another $20 was collected at the September launch for fees and an additional $4 for pro-rated dues was collected from Philip Zuniga. This brings the treasury to a total of $372.31. It is noted that Philip paid a three-dollar launch fee and then joined the club. The treasurer feels that he is entitled to a two-dollar fee refund.

    The special new pad fund contained $50 at the start of the meeting, and $70 at the end of the meeting.

    Old Business:

    1) Membership notices - Jerome made some opening remarks about Tim Navikus making his level 2 certification at Airfest the previous weekend. We typically post awards in the hall of fame area of the web site, except Tim's membership has lapsed. Jerome went on to suggest that we continue listing achievements for a year after they've lapsed. Someone asked if we continue to show them as active up to a year later, do we charge member or non-member fees at the launches? And also, how do we know who's current at the launch table? Jerome suggested that we send send an e-mail reminders prior to the March deadline. Another member mentioned following that with a written US mail notice to anyone who is still unpaid at the first of March. Nick suggested that we follow the MoKan club's example of placing a list of the members on our web site and include NAR and Tripoli membership numbers, as well as the status of membership. He went on to suggest that we could then simply print a list prior to the launches to have ready for the SCO/RCO at check in. This was discussed a little more and ended with Nick making the following motion: a) That we keep a list of the membership on the web site, b) that we send an e-mail message reminder to the membership in January reminding everyone that dues should be paid for the year by March 1, and c) that a written US mail reminder be sent to anyone who has not paid by March 1. The motion was seconded by John Skelton. We discussed the secretary/treasure not having a current addresses and e-mail list for all of the members at this time. The motion was carried unanimously.

    2) Membership Status - We discussed the status of membership of Terry Mead and Larry Zeilmann. To my knowledge they have not paid dues this year. [Note: Terry Mead & Family made a donation at a prior launch and are considered members. Larry Zeilmann also renewed his family membership in January --jt]

    3) High Power Pads - we have $50 in the fund. We discussed getting a rail for the new pad and that it might be cheaper to get it from McMaster Carr. We also discussed equipping rockets with rail buttons and availability. The technical nature of button placement and number was enumerated by Nick. A pair low on a common rocket is regarded as best, with a third placed high on long rockets for stability. Nick cautioned that it is very easy to get them misaligned when there are more than two causing potential binding. Nick's method to avoid that problem was to place the top button above the section joiner in order that the two sections be twisted to get proper alignment. It was mentioned that the treasury currently has enough money to get a pad and rail at this point unless there is something else that we will be spending money on in the near future. Nick suggested that there was, and would be discussed in new business. See below.

    4) Waiver Information - Nick gave a report on waivers that he has secured and a second high power launch site. The field is near Drexel Missouri and is owned by an acquaintance of Nick and George who is a fellow rocket flier. It is affectionately known as Tickwood Ranch. The waiver has been approved for one day each for the months of October, November, and December and is left "open" so that a convenient weekend can be selected. There is a 48-hour prior notice requirement. The limit is to 6,000 feet above ground level with 10,000 foot call in windows. We must also be in nearly continual phone contact with the authorities due to the field being on the edge of two controlled airspace boundaries. There were some questions about the owner's restriction to KCAR or NAR members. Nick will check on whether guests of KCAR club members would be allowed to fly even though they have no NAR or Tripoli membership and do not belong to KCAR. This caused some questions about insurance and John offered to look into exactly how that worked and what's covered. The other waiver and field near Reading is still available, but we won't know for sure if we can get clearance from the owner of the field until mid-October. Stayed tuned.

    New Business:

    5) Membership Fees and Fiscal Year - We discussed the pro-rate of membership dues and fees. We had a bit of trouble with the pro-rate (mostly no one could remember what to charge) at the last launch when Philip Z. wanted to join the club. Nick made a motion to change the policy on membership to a) Membership goes from January 1 to December 31, b) that we pro-rate dues by the month rather than by the launch, c) that we amend the club charter to reflect the above if approved, and d) that it be effective starting next year. We discussed whether or not there were enough members present to amend the charter. There are six present of twenty current members (according to current records) and this is enough. A lengthy discussion ensued and it was suggested that we make a polar bear launch a formal one. There were too many ramifications for this and the idea was dropped. It was mentioned that if this motion passes, that the previous motion about dates for e-mail reminders will need amended and what those dates might be changed to. It was mentioned again by the secretary that the written notices are a problem since there is no current list of addresses; Dan suggested that we ask on e-groups for membership information to be e-mailed to the secretary directly and privately. These addresses are for use by the club to contact members only and will be kept in the strictest confidence. John seconded the standing motion on membership changes. Motion Carried unanimously.

    6) Notification Motion Amendment - A second motion was made by Nick to amend the notification dates to December and January, respectively. Motion seconded by Andy. Motion carried. Bob will need notified that the charter needs updated. Jerome suggested that the web site carry a copy of the club's charter.

    7) Addresses - The secretary asks that the club membership update their records. We need e-mail addresses, street addresses, and phone numbers. The secretary asks that the club purchase an address book for a few dollars to make keeping track of the members easier. Nick seconded the motion. Motion carried.

    8) Launch Fees - Nick made an opening statement that the fees at other launches are a good deal higher than our fees. The current fee at MoKan is $20 for the day. [Correction: MoKan has no launch fee for members and $5/day for non-members. Airfest's fee was $20 for the three commercial days --jt]. Due to the nature of our equipment, Nick thinks that for the 2002 calendar year we should increase our fees to $3 for club members and $5 for non-members. This was discussed and the reasons enumerated. Mostly because the equipment has been getting better over the past year or two, and in order to maintain this and continue to improve our equipment more income will be needed. John disagreed, and stated that he felt that we don't need higher fees because of the special fund being collected for pads. Nick responded by insisting that high power pads should be funded by those who use them rather than be taken from the general fund. A motion was made by Nick to increase the fees to $3/5 for next year. Seconded by Andy. Motion carried unanimously.

    9) Range Equipment: FRS Radio - (this item and the next were discussed together, but for note purposes will be separated). Nick wanted to discuss getting an FRS radio that can be integrated with the PA system to allow simultaneous radio communication to be heard over the loudspeakers at the range head and countdowns to be heard by FRS users. Jerome has seen a FRS radio at Radio Shack that will do what we want and is currently on sale. Nick made a motion that Jerome purchase the radio in question and that the cost shall not exceed $80 plus tax. John seconded. We discussed the possible legal issues of this, FRS radio is strictly for family two-way communication and broadcasting is not allowed. We discussed if this was a broadcast (the countdown) and questioned if this is the intended purpose of the rules for the service. We believe that it is even though it seems to fall into a sort of gray area. Motion carried.

    10) Range Equipment: Tables - Nick made some opening comments about the tables being very unsteady at the launches. One of the tables has been bent by someone leaning on it, and they the way the legs are designed makes them rickety on unsteady ground. Dan pointed out the pros and cons of tables with a bar across the bottom as opposed to feet that can be sunk into the ground. The question of what type of tables and how long they should be was discussed along with questions about whether or not we should replace both at once or one at a time. We discussed what type of table would be weatherproof (with comments about past sudden rainstorms) and what effect water has on "church tables." The discussion ground down with no definitive answers. Dan asked what the consensus was; should we appoint someone to study with approval to spend up to "X" dollars, or what? Nick made a motion to authorize spending some money on tables and appoint someone to do the investigating and spending with an e-group discussion on the matter as needed before the money is spent. No one seconded and the motion was tabled (sorry for the pun but I can't help it.) We continued to discuss tables and Dan asked what other clubs use. It is believed that KRAMO and St. Louis use church tables while Argonia used heavy 8-foot tables under a tent for check in and something similar for the LCO table. Jim Ball uses a pair of folding camping tables at MoKan. Nick suggested a four or six foot size.

    11) Range Equipment: Trailer - (this is really old business since we discussed it last time, but it's here anyway.) John has been discussing this idea with someone he knows who does construction. There are several alternatives. We discussed costs such as insurance, tags, taxes, etc. Jerome suggests that a trailer would really be helpful in launches at Shawnee Mission Park and upcoming high power launches. It would also help with keeping track of everything and make setting up and tearing down a lot easier. Jerome also gave a brief report on investigating the costs of buying the trailer (cost of ownership is still unknown). He was unable to find any information at all at the local Home Depot, but he did find a few options at the Tractor Supply. They had several to offer, but the interesting ones were a 4 x 8 footer at $225 and a 5 x 9 footer for $500. We'd have to purchase materials to build a weatherproof box on it. Jerome also offered the opinion that a water tank for fighting fires be considered. Nick suggested that the floor be CCA treated tongue and groove 2 x 6 or 8s. No motion was made.

    12) Range Equipment: Fire Extinguishers - The current state of our fire fighting equipment is one borrowed fire extinguisher that belongs to Ralph and a personal fire extinguisher that belongs to Jerome. This extinguisher was used earlier in the year and recharged by the club. It was used again at the September launch to put out Bill's Big Brute after the motor spit the nozzle and the rocket caught on fire. Jerome mentioned that even though it was used just a little and the needle was still in the green in needs to visit the recharge center. Dan backed this up by stating that if the seal is broken it's supposed to be considered empty. The fires at the recent Argonia launch were discussed and how the fires were handled using a trailer with a water tank and drums of water and buckets. We discussed a big drum or tank and Nick questioned if this would be imposing on our hosts, the Cases, and if they even had something that we could use to fill it. Jerome made a motion to purchase as many extinguishers can be had for $50. Nick seconded it. Andy suggested that at least two could be purchased for that. Nick offered that it would be better to have two smaller ones than one large one. If we had to use one again after already needing one we'd be prepared. Nick wondered if there were temperature considerations, can extinguishers be stored in sub-freezing weather? Dan offered to store them in the winter if need be. Motion was carried.

    13) Lost and Abandoned Equipment - we have a launch pad, ball cap, and the remains of two or three rockets in the lost and found that are all stored in the barn of the Case farm. Ralph's fire extinguisher and a chair are also stored at the Case farm and he is welcome to have back should he want them. John has his e-mail address and will drop him a note.

    14) Range Equipment: Tarps - Jerome motioned that we have been short two tarps this year for some unknown reason and suggests that we replace them. John suggested that we replace the rotten ones while we are at it. Nick suggested considering welding tarps that are much more fire resistant. Perhaps these wouldn't burn through as easily. Jerome withdrew his previous motion. Nick motioned that we spend up to $60 for six welding tarps. Motioned was seconded by Jerome. No further discussion. Motion carried.

    15) Bank Accounts - (This also should be with old business but was forgotten until now.) We discussed the treasury at the last meeting and Tim said he would look into what it might take. Most of the major banks require that a business account be opened to get the name of the club on the account (this was one of the criteria - a bank with a lot of branches for convenience). These come with a monthly fee that will eat the treasury in short order. The best that was found was one that had a $5 monthly fee plus a $2 cancelled check reproduction fee. Jerome suggested that we ask if we can use a non-profit club account and use the NAR's 501(c)(3) number. Tim said he would check with the banks about that. No motions were made.

    16) Elections - Nominations and elections will be at the next meeting, everyone who can attend is strongly urged to be at the meeting.

    17) Rocketoberfest - The upcoming contest was briefly discussed. Events will be 1/2A streamer duration, B Super-roc Duration, C Eggloft Duration, Drag Race, and Sport Scale. The contest director is Bob Wingate. The entry fee will be $7. The prizes have already been purchased. (Secretary's note, this was not discussed but the prizes are: Quest Evader, Quest Commander, Quest Tomahawk, Quest DC Y Space Clipper, Quest Navaho, Quest Apollo, and an Aerotech Airspike.) The prizes are in the possession of the secretary/treasurer. They were turned over to Tim from Jerome at the start of the meeting.

    A motion to adjourn was made by Dan and seconded.

    Tim gave a brief demonstration on how the competition Sparrow models are made, and shared patterns and RockSim printouts of the plans with anyone who wanted to photo copy them.

    Summary: The club approved changes to the charter that creates a fiscal year of January 1 to December 31, with corresponding memberships, and pro-rated dues based on the twelve month year.

    The club approved increasing the range fees to $3 for members and $5 for non-members.

    The club approved spending for the following items and costs:

    Item Cost (max)
    FRS Radio: $80 + tax
    Address book: $10
    Fire Extinguishers: $50
    Tarps: $60
    Total: $200

    These minutes are written from memory and notes. Please feel free to e-mail us to point out any inaccuracies, updates, or changes. Please be kind as my memory isn't what it once was! And please forgive me for misspelling names; I can't even remember my own, most days.

    Tim Burger

    Additional comments by Jerome Tonneson, KCAR VP

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