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May 19th meeting minutes

Charter: We have it.
Section Insurance: Dan has the policy.
Site owner insurance: Dan will keep a copy and send James the original
HPR Field: We will ask Larry to check with his brother-in-law to see which month would be best: Apr, May, July, Aug, or October of 2002. That will give us enough lead time to plan a big HPR launch, and possibly a meet where we can run some events in the higher impulse classes. We plan to invite KOSMO, and other rocketeers in Kansas.

The PA cost $74.89.
Recharging Ralph's fire extinguisher cost $15.52.

Concerns from the last launch:
(1) Need to be more careful about tipping all the launch rods slightly downrange from spectators. While nothing dangerous happened, I think too many rockets came down near impacted in the ground *near* my daughter Erin. She took it well, dug the nose cone out, and returned the rocket to lost and found.
Noted. We will watch this more closely at future launches.
(2) Just who was the RSO, anyway? My fault for not asking earlier, but we all should make sure this basic info is known by all us helpers. We had an SCO for every shift, but IIRC, no one signed up for RSO. In the future we will not open the range until we have an RSO.

Membership Cards: Bill presented a design, and we made some suggestions for minor changes.

Rocket Display at KCPL: Bob will be polling members to see what they have for display. Then we will check into reserving a display case at the library.

Rocktoberfest prizes: The prizes that Nick odered were approved.

New Stakes: Dan offered to donate some 1/2" conduit for new stakes. He will price rubber chair feet for safety caps.

Next year: Dan announced that he will begin an internship in January, and will be unable to serve as President next year. Begin to consider possible candidates now.

Club orders: Because it has worked well so far to do these informally on Yahoo Groups rather than more formally at meetings, we will continue doing it this way until further notice. Anyone who wants to put together an order with a particular company, just post it on Yahoo Groups.

Two new members joined the club: Scott and Andy Bell.

Minutes reported by Dan Kirk.

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