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Directions to the Shawnee Mission Park launch site

Shawnee Mission Park is used as our backup launch site when our normal launch site is unavailable. Be sure to check the calendar page before each launch for changes.

Please note: We currently do not expect to have an FAA notification in place when we are at the park so the lift-off weight of each rocket is limited to 453 grams (1 pound).

The main entrance to Shawnee Mission Park is at the intersection of 79th Street and Renner Road in Shawnee, Kansas.

From I-435 coming from the north:
Exit I-435 at Midland Drive (exit 5).
Take Midland Drive east (left) to Renner Road.
Take Renner Road south one mile to the park entrance.

From I-435 coming from the south:
Exit I-435 at 87th Street Parkway (exit 3).
Take 87th Street Parkway west (left) to Renner Road.
Take Renner Road north one mile to the park entrance.

The launch site is just north of the main entrance of the park. Parking is available right at the entrance and behind the buildings near the entrance. Please do not drive on the grass in the park.

The closest restaurants are located near the intersection of Renner Road and Midland Drive, and also at 87th Street Parkway just east of I-435.

Please note that the club has a special use permit for model rocketry activity on the date of the launch. Individuals wishing to launch model rockets at the park at any other time must obtain a Model Rocket Special Use Permit by calling Mr. Cobb, Superintendent of Parks, at 913-438-7275.

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