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Friends & Family

Everyone below has been a great friend to me and helped make Jaxom who he is today. Thank you all for your love and support.


Stacie is the greatest backstage help anyone could ask for. She keeps me calm and collected before each performance and is always with a big smile and hug afterward as well. She is always helping me find that next big song to keep the audience jammin. If it weren't for Stacie, there would be no Jaxom Summers. She's put her faith in me since I came up with the idea and has never lost faith.


Billy is the greatest! He has offered his help and support since the very begining. He always gives me his honest opinion about my performances. When you look out and see Billy bobbing along to your song, you know your doing good!


Cary has helped me grow as a performer in so many ways. He also helps Stacie keep me calm - especially at pagents! He has given me so much advice, help and great ideas that I owe alot of my success to him as well. It's just to bad that we keep finding ourselves competing against each other at pagents all the time!

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