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DON'T PLOTZ! HAVE YOU EVER BEEN CURIOUS about whether people can skinnydip together in a safe, nonsexual environment? Have you ever tried going around the house without the restriction of clothes? Are there any Jewish nudists? Did you ever want to be unembarrassed enough to try it with friends or family? What are "nudists" like? Do they put aside sexual thoughts when participating in social nude recreation or relaxation? Is this kind of stuff appropriate for Jewish people with strong family values? Have you wondered whether you'd ever visit a nudist resort, park, or club before you die?

This is no joke! Oy, what would I possibly get out of kidding you about a thing like this? If you're Jewish, if you're curious, if you have a healthy mind, and whether you're married or single, have a family or not, whether you're a nudist or not a nudist, read on.

For many years, I was curious about what it REALLY meant to be a nudist, what it would actually be like visiting a nudist "colony" or "camp" (it is actually called a "park, club, or resort"), and whether I could try it WHILE MAINTAINING MY RESPECTABILITY AND STRONG VALUES. I wondered whether people could relax and recreate nude in the presence of others AND PUT ASIDE SEXUAL FEELINGS AND ATTITUDES. Well, here's what I discovered:

1) Social nudism REALLY IS nonsexual.

2) Being a nudist/naturist doesn't mean being naked all the time, regardles of who you're with. Being a nudist is not about offending other people. Nudists are not exhibitionists.

3) Bona fide nudists are respectful, honest, trustworthy, genuine, sincere, healthy-minded, and generally REALLY NICE people. They (we) accept people for who they are, and are not pretentious.

4) Social nude experiences are exhilerating, stress-reducing, liberating, and TOTALLY COMFORTABLE.

5) Contrary to what our society emphasizes, nudity in front of other people isn't sexual, unless the context is sexual. At social nude settings, the context is NONsexual, so any behavior to the contrary is not tolerated by anyone.

6) Nudist resorts/clubs/parks are SAFE--actually safer than just about every other place on Earth. Any inappropriate or unsettling behavior is very easily noticeable. Offenders are kicked out, banned from future participation (which could be nationwide), and even arrested if the offense is serious.

7) It is FAR HEALTHIER for children growing up in such an environment or frame of mind, than those who grow up with the typical shame and embarrassment that most parents force upon them. This shame and guilt about the body causes all sorts of hangups about the body, including sexual issues.

8) It is not harmful for a child to see parents nude, or ANYONE to see anyone nude, provided the attitudes, environment, and people's backgrounds are appropriate. In fact, it's very healthy for people to see what other bodies look like--to see that most people do not look like models--that people come in all shapes and sizes, and bodies look different from each other, and people have imperfections. This knowledge helps prevent self-consciousness, and it fosters respect for other people. It's important for children to KNOW what the opposite sex looks like, and not grow up perpetuating the nervous, intense mystery and mystique about the human body. Keeping bodies from view causes a lot of sexual deviance in our society. (Compare sexual devience in our society to that of the Europeans, where there are many fewer instances.) It's also important for children to know first-hand what changes happen in peoples' bodies at puberty, rather than, again, speculate and worry about those changes.

9) Social nudism promotes a healthy self-concept.

10) Participating in social nudism is safe for your reputation; non-nudists will not know you're participating in this lifestyle unless you choose to tell them. (But do exercise discretion about whom you tell.)

11) Nudists are from all socioeconomic backgrounds and professions. They are your neighbors, your co-workers, your friends, etc. There are many more things I have learned, but that's a sampling to whet your appetite.

I HAVE A QUESTION FOR YOU: Have you ever wondered what it would be like to SKINNYDIP among people you can TRUST, of both genders? To skinnydip as a family? With friends? With some people you haven't yet met, but who will make you feel at ease and will show unusual consideration and respect for you? Or how about trying other activities, like sand volleyball? Or ping-pong? Or just relax around the house? Would you do it with people you could be SURE you could trust? DO YOU WANT TO HAVE A CHANCE TO DISCUSS IT ANONYMOUSLY? How about with fellow Jews--whether religious, or secular, or some combination? With people who are curious like yourself, as well as established nudists/naturists--which I realize you could be as well, as you are reading this? Are you content to live your entire life, without ever EXPLORING OR INVESTIGATING this idea, even in discussion? Have you wondered about the effects of raising a family with a healthy openness about the body? HAVE YOU EVER GONE NUDE AT HOME, even by yourself to see what it is like? Have you ever slept nude? I AM STARTING A JEWISH NETWORK FOR THE CURIOUS AND THE ESTABLISHED, AND EVERYONE IN BETWEEN. (Most of you, believe it or not, have had at least SOME sort of experience like the ones I've described.)

Check out my links that follow, the first two of which are extremely valuable on this subject. They should convince you that true nudists are not sex-crazed deviants, but healthy-minded, conscientious individuals with strong family values. These websites will shed some light on why this nude stuff is so beneficial. The second link takes you to articles on the subject WRITTEN BY WOMEN, FOR WOMEN. And, the third link INVITES YOU TO JOIN, FREE OF CHARGE, yes, really, free, AN EMAIL DISCUSSION GROUP specifically for those of the YIDDISHA CUP. Besides this subject of nudism/naturism, we can discuss anything cultural or religious, humorous or serious, practical or recreational. Maybe you could pass along a good recipe for BRISKET or KUGEL! And, you can find out how to participate in social nude events or places, if you are ever ready, willing, and able, and have the proper attitude. But, that's not a requirement; you can just find out how one does it. Plus, there is a chance in the future that members who are interested can meet locally or regionally. But, regardless of what you may get out of the email group, it's time for you to come out of the woodwork. Come on, even Jay Leno jokes about this. Take a chance. You may find yourself being GRATEFUL that you did. At least you'll make some email contacts among our Jewish geography, which can't hurt. And, YES, there ARE some Jewish nudists--I've met a few. And, if you're single and looking for a companion, you will have a chance to connect with others in that boat.

IF YOU'RE FEMALE, jump aboard! There are special links just for you--websites written by quality women who understand common female feelings about this subject. AND, you can exercise the same caution about individual email contact as you normally would--the primary purpose is ANONOMOUS GROUP DISCUSSION. If you don't have an email account with a fictitious first and last name in the account information, GET ONE, and join us! (Just enter a made-up first and last name everywhere those fields appear when setting up your account. Try,,, or the like.) It works. Then, it's anonymous, it's safe, and if you are in the CURIOUS stage, you are about to learn a lot. And, who knows? Maybe you (and maybe others in your household)) will experience an improvement in your life by breaking a few old boundaries. You just might increase your joy. You have nothing to lose, and much to gain.

Here are some links. (If you join the email discussion group, you will gain access to more valuable nudist links.):

205 Arguments and Observations in Support of Naturism (Extensively documented with quotes, references, supporting research, and resources for further study)

Articles Written by Women to Help Women Overcome Any Hesitation They Have About Trying Naturism/Nudism


A Humorous Site About an Abundant Health Hazard (Can you figure out to what "hazard" the webmaster is referring?)

A Nice Science Site for All Ages--from the Exploratorium in San Francisco


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