01 December 2007

Welcome to Shatagee Woods History


The topic of this website is the history of the Shatagee Woods, an area described by Samuel Hammonds as approximately from Chazy westward to Bradley Pond and Chateaugay Lakes, then on to Mountain Pond, Ragged Lake, westward to Duane, thence south to Saranac Lake, and back to the point of origin. It is roughly an area referred to by the old-timers as encompassing the northern area of the Adirondacks just before the St. Lawrence Valley.

If you've come here looking for smug scholarship, you've definitely landed on an unchartered asteroid. Go over to Wikipedia where such pomposity thrives.

However, if you're looking to find reproductions of vintage photographs, reprints of original articles from which various authors have cited for their work, then you're in the right place. I try to include the original publication information if that is known, so if something is on here without a reference, most likely it's from a scrapbook clipping that has been hand-typed by me (although that is not always the case), which forms the primary source of most of this material.

The various entries can be located by clicking on the small triangles in the "Blog Archive" section at the right, which will show the titles of articles for the various months.

As I write, the internet phase of this project, which itself has roots going back into the 1890s, is undergoing a new transformation as I implement new features.

Things change often, but as this page won't reflect any new updates going forward I suggest subscribing to the main feed by nosing around on this page and pressing the appropriate "subscribe" button if you want to keep up on all of the new old stuff.

I've begun slowly cross-indexing the articles as "Labels" which are all shown at the bottom of the page, which will be helpful for researchers trying to shift through this material in new ways.

I've included some key historical texts in the bookstore I've created down below; however, as these are rare books and this is pointing at Amazon, I'm sure that everything is subject to availability and pricing. This is included as a resource and as I go through my library will be adding more.

Finally, I'm not looking for personal communication; in the past people have asked me if I knew their long lost relatives. I probably don't, but the comment boxes will be more helpful in that regard, which is another reason I chose to go with this type of a format: people can add things of their own.