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Homesteading in Missouri(or anywhere)

Welcome to Homesteading in Missouri(or anywhere.)


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Yes,it is possible to make a living at growing worms.But you will only get out of it what you apply to it."Can I make money with earthworms?" is one of the most commonly-asked questions.The answer is..."it depends."The new worm grower will have to rely on many things,including,but not limited to:

What income you expect or want.

How hard and long you're willing to work

Your business sense and experience.

The existence and size of a (local or regional)market

for the earthworms you grow.

Financial and other resources.

Your climate (or ability to adjust to it).

It is really always up to you to make your dreams come true.So if you are willing to make it work,it will work.It takes the man to make the plan and if followed through the plan will make the man. If you start small it won’t take or shouldn’t much at all to start out. Experience will be accomplished by doing the thing. Didn’t Emerson say,”Do the thing and then the thing shall become yours?” As far as financial resources and regional markets, you can go into mail order and someone else dropship for you.This way you can rule the climate out if yours is real bad. But in Alaska and Minnesota they raise them,too.So if you know how to control certain conditions your climate should be fine. Be sure to follow all local and state laws where they apply. And federal laws, too. Start out as a hobby if you would like ,to see if you like it.If you got a lot of money to sink in it,go ahead.It is always up to you.Your life is your destination.It is what you make it.
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Webmasters can make money!

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Straw,leaves,prunings,+barnyard manure,+ kitchen leavings,+grass clippings,+ water=next year's soil.

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