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So, you've stumbled upon the page about the webmaster.
Her inner mindset. Stuff like that.
I've compiled questions. Gave answers.
But don't be surprised if you find yourself saying,
"Why am I at this page? This chick is crazy, I'm leaving."

What's your name?
Alyssa King so happens to be my name.

How old are you?
As of July 5th, 2000; I am 14.

Where do you live?
Since you asked, I live around Tampa, Florida.

How long have you liked the Goo Goo Dolls?
I know this is common, but I became a fan with "Iris".
You see, I was too young to really know who the Goo Goo Dolls where, and I really got into radio in 1997.
Therefore, I never heard any other songs.

If you live in Florida, who does the site say "/mo2/"?
Because I used to live in Missouri, so there.

Eye/Hair color
Brown/Sandy blond.

Favorite Goo Goo Doll's song?
Why, none other than Stop the World, actually it variates,
too. If I'm in a peticular mood, I'll listen to a different song.
Right now I'm also rather fond of the City of Angels soundtrack.

Where did you learn your HTML?
It was a cool tutorial that I spent 3 hours at, and could never find again.
I wish I could though.

What grade are you in?
I'm a freshman in High School.

Who are other artists you like?
TLC, Matchbox 20, Nirvana, Third Eye Blind, Vertical Horizon, and the Foo Fighters.

Favorite Color?
I don't think I can pick a favorite color. Maybe green.

Do you play any instruments?
Clarinet. I sing. I'm trying to learn guitar.

Where can I talk to you at?
You can e-mail me through the site,
You can e-mail me here,
Or you can message me on Yahoo! Messanger at:
I welcome any comments, questions, whatever. I love mail

I think you're insane
So do I.