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Signs You're Obsessed With The Goo Goo Dolls:

1.)   You saw City Of Angels just to hear where they put "Iris" in the movie-

2.)   -And you still remember to this day where they put it. (Wasn't it around the time they stole his shoes?)

3.) You laughed at every single sticker John had on his guitars at the concert.

4.) You know if you ever entered MTV's Fanatic, you'd win without competition. (maybe it's because of the way your room is overflowing with their merchandise and you've papered your whole room in posters, pictures, and pinups, as well as articles.)

5.) You got your hair cut like John's/Robby's/Mike's-and you can style it to perfection

6.) People suddenly stopped asking who your favorite band was.

7.) You just recently develpoed interests in Sugar Ray, Fastball, and Elmo (was it because John said they were cool?)

8.) You suddenly decided to take up drums, bass, or guitar to be like your idol.

9.) You can't understand why people like boybands (I mean, what IS to like?)

10.) You decided you didn't like Green Day, the Foo Fighters, or Everclear because they made John make John feel "uncool".

11.) You ran out of money buying Goo stuff.

12.) As soon as it got out about you and the kid who DIDN'T like the Goo Goo Dolls, your new nickname has been "killer" and/or "vicious".

13.) You're seriously considering getting "John", "Mike", "Robby" (or "Goo Goo Dolls 4-EVER!") tattooed somewhere on you

14.) You knew the lyrics to Dizzy Up The Girl within 3 days of buying the CD (without using the cover for the lyrics)

15.) You'll mope for months if you don't win the guitar contest

16.) You learned how to master web design JUST to build your new club devoted to the Goo Goo Dolls

17.) Your family stopped calling it your "room" and so affectionatly dubbed it "the shrine"

18.) Every pet you have has a Goo-releated name (i.e.- John, Robby, Mike, Lance, Nathan, A cat named "Iggy", or maybe even in refrence to fanatic, a dog named May)

19.) You are determined to find the dress 'May' wore in the video for "Slide" and wearing it (or for guy: talking your date into wearing it) for prom.

20.) You bought the lipstick (even if you're a guy), but are afraid to touch it because of it's greatness. -or-

21.) You bought the lipstick and wear it everywhere. And you won't let your friends touch it

22.) Your parents just recently found out that taking away your Goo CDs was punishment.

23.) After this punishment, you learned never to do that again.

24.) You have something close to withdrawl when you're seperated from your Goo stuff.

25.) You throw a big party on September 30th, October 10th, and December 5th (with cake and banners reading "Happy Birthday" and all)

26.) When you hear "Johnny", "Mike", or "Robby" called out somewhere, you instantly turn around. (*Thanks to Stacy)

27.) Any dream other than a Goo dream might as well be a nightmare!

28.) You plan to move to Buffalo in hopes of running into the Goos (*thanks to Toni)

29.) Everytime a friend looks at your cd collection, the comment about all the goo goo dolls cds. (i.e- "how many do you have?" or "they have this many cds?")

30.) Everytime you see one of the Goos with some jewlry on, you run out and search for a replica (Thanks to Julie!)

31.) If you're talking to a person you don't know, and they say something even remotely bad about the Goo Goo Dolls, you think hmmm...they were almost cool and dont talk to them anymore (Thanks to Kiki!)

Sound like you?
I thought so!

Got a sign that you're obsessed with the goo goo dolls?
Help me out be sending it to me!