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St. Louis Missouri
July 31, 1999

The fact that I even went to the concert was a total surprise to me.
We went to Riverport Ampatheatre and sat around.
We had 2 5th row seats and 1 lawn seat. I got to sit in the 5th row
seat the whole show. ;)

We got there, and Fastball was warming up.
They were obviouslly drunk or stoned. In between playing songs they were
swinging drinks around and talking to the audience.The only thing I can
really remember them saying is "You guys payed for the seats!! You can do whatever the f*ck you want!!"
And this guy in front of me stood up and started dancing around. To which
they all yelled "YEAH!!!"

Then I remember Sugar Ray coming on. Everyone around me was like singing and screaming
and I didn't even own their CD (yet). So I was like "woo...hooo"
After doing their own version of "Slide" and a couple other songs, they left.
So did everyone around me.
So, the Goos came out. And it was MY turn to be excited.
I was screaming and jumping and waving like the insane fool I am.
I had 5th row, center so I was like RIGHT infront of John.
At introductions, John was talking about St. Louis' heat.
(If you've ever been there, or live there you know how muggy it ALWAYS is)
And Nathan was wearing leather pants. So John introduced everyone onstage,
and when he came to Nathan, he said "This is Nathan December.
And he's wearing leather pants while it's like 100 degrees outside.
I'd hate to be that man's underwear."

So they played on, and came to "Name"
And John was talking about how the song had changed his life
and about their "where are they now" episode, down the line.

"There's this show on VH1, it's called 'Where Are They Now?'
Some day were going to be on there. Scratching and coughing.
(he coughs)'I spent all my money on drugs and booze'
But I can just see us up there just scratching and coughing"

Then he went on playing "Name", "Iris", etc.
Then they came to the "Greed" clip.
They ended, and thre their guitars.

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