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This is for a game, it is not for real.

Rules For Playing

You will start out with 100,000 dollars and 2 horses from the game's DNA file.   (This game wants to achieve a realistic atmosphere.   In real life people can't make up their horse nor can they in this game)

Once you are a member and have your horses you must find some place to board.   Then you can buy/sell horses, start business/associations and stables.   E-mail me for permission to open/start anything.

This game has a sim year that equals one real month.   And all horse have IDs.

Misfortunes will be given out on occasion.   Once you find out about these deal with them.   That way they will have less of an impact.

This game has levls for members.   You start out as a boarder, then you can become a stable owner, breeder that boards, or a breeder stable owner.

BREEDING: A mare is in foal for one sim year (a month).   During this time they can only be shown in halter.   Stallions are not limited to breeding but be reasonable.   As a member you are limited to how many horses you can have and how many you can recieve in a sim year.
boarder 3 foals 20 horses max
breeding boarder 6 foals 30 horses max
stable owner 10 foals 75 horses max
breeding stable owner 15 foals 75 horses max

To breed e-mail me :
The name of both sire and dam, their IDs, and their owners
The stable owners e-mail address
Plus the date of breeding
Subjectline should read "breeding"

You can host shows, email me for the info you need.   Points will be rewarded to the horse that place.
Here is a maximum:
1st - 50pts
2nd - 40pts
3rd - 30pts
4th - 20pts
5th - 10pts

These points go towards titles that horse can get
500pts Ch Champion
1000pts GCh Grand Champion
1500pts OCh Outstanding Champion
2000pts WCh World Champion
3000pts SH Superior Horse
5000pts GA Greatest of All
The abrivation are add in front of a horse name when the earn a title.

Stable owners responsibilities: They must keep up their web page and send a report on the 1st of every month to me.   Telling me the horses that where at their stable int the last month.

Banking: You will write check for the goods and horses you have purchased.   A report from every player is due on the first of every month with their balance, to the banker (currently that is me).   Have the subject line read "balance".

Common Rules of decency.
1. This is a game so have fun
2. Be considerate of others
3. No chain letters, spam or profanity
4. Be an active member

If these rules are not followed there will be consiquences.   Such as losing horses, paying fines, or even being kicked out.

If you have read all the rules and are ready to join then e-mail Rosie .