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Violet Passion
By Rebecca

Sacred flame of violet-gold,
Truth's vision manifest
Consecrate in freedom's name
Immortal soul's unrest
Consume illusion's separatness.
Holy union bridge the soul,
Illuminate and purify.
Divine destiny unfold
White fire of God's purity
Free the heart of chains.
Transmute negativity.
God's light and love remains.
God lives and breathes each breath we take.
He feels our joy and pain,
He hears each thought and word we say.
Each heartbeat pounds His name.
Forgive, be grateful, and have faith.
Surrender to God's love.
Pray for purity within
And assistance from above.
Feel miracles of Divine love
Perpetuate soul's growth.
Surrender ego's mighty hold,
Transformed spirit channels forth.
Purple fire, sacred love,
Divine energy sublime,
Pulsations of God's energy
Ascend the soul through time.
Visions of God's Golden Dream,
Heaven's ecstacy on Earth.
The Violet Passion of God's love
Allows humanity new birth.
So welcome, new millennium,
Age of Light and Love
Peace and freedom purity
So below as up above.

(C) Copyright 1999 Rebecca Sue Hearn

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