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Welcome everyone to the first in what I hope to be many editions of my column "Saturated Brian."

Lets start this week by talking about

Thats right kids....Michael is back and he's on the Internet!!!! This Idea helped the movie alot in all actuality, It gave it that creepy Blair Witch mood that we all loved in 1999, with the cams flying all over the place picking up bits of Michael's face every now and then. But thats all the help this movie got, With a terrible script (imagine that...a bad script for a horror movie!)& Lame Acting, (Busta had better stick with that singing thing.) This movie is just another reminder of how our favorite horror franchises are going all to hell. If Jason X was the gun, this has to be the bullit that is killing everything we love about horror movies.

But this movie did have a few good points. Like the lighting...the part where Michael's mask appears out of pure darkness was excellent! Definatly helped the story alot. Another was the fact that it mostly took place in one central location, unlike other movies where he would escape from the mental ward and go door to door killing people...all his victims were in a nice little package this time! And of course the # 1 thing I like about this movie... Laurie Strode gets it! Ahhhh yeah baby! The bitch is gone!

Over all not that great of a time or movie...I wish they would just let Michael get back to basics and kill everyone in site..I mean look at what has happened to this character, Busta Rhyms Kicks his ass for Christ sake! I think we long for the times when A killer just killed and someone tried to stop him. You don't need all these subplots in a Horror Movie. The Nostaliga of the Halloween series is what keeps us going back, but the way some of our favorite classic horror movies are being represented today, makes us want to walk out. I mean what next...A remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre! (hey wait a sec!)


- Just saw the previews for both 'FearDotCom'
and 'Red Dragon' .
FearDotCom looks like a supernatural thriller where some one or somthing is murdering people 2 days to the second after they visit a horror site online. The only way to catch this killer is to visit the site and become the next victim. Looks pretty cool, and it stars Stephen Dorff of Blade fame.

And Red Dragon, the first in the Hannibal Lecter series by Thomas Harris. The Man who captured Lecter(played by Edward Norton)now needs his help to solve the case of "The Tooth Fairy". Looks very dark, and gives off more of the vibe that 'Slience' did. Anthony Hopkins returns as Dr. Hannibal Lecter. This movie looks great! Also starring are: Ralph Fiennes,Harvey Keitel and Emily Watson of Gosford Park fame. And a quick note Jody Foster will make a cameo as Clarice Starling

-I was watching Much Music the other day and they were interviewing Rob Zombie about a few things. One of the Items that came up was when Rob's Film "House Of 1000 Corpses"
will be in theaters. Rob stated that he has the rights to the film now and is in talks with 2 studios, a deal is almost done and to look for it by Halloween of this year! Great news!

And Finally I'd like to end this and every column with a movie that each and every one of you should go out and rent, borrow or buy (ok even steal!). I'll call this Brian's Pick of the Week!
This Weeks Pic:

Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer.

Michael Rooker stars as Henery, a regular guy who just kills for no reason.(As well he should!) A Very well acted and disturbing film that is based on real killer.
hope you enjoy this one!

Well thats it for this week's edition. If you would like to know more about any of the movies I've talked about this week simply click on the pictures at the bottom of your screen and they will take you to the IMDB.

Thanks for stoping by!
Saturated Brian