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Once Upon A Time...<br>Crafts, Woodworks, & Books
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Once Upon A Time...
Crafts, Woodworks, & Books

   Hi! This site is currently under 
   construction!  You can still browse
   if you like but things may look a 
   little weird!!!8>) So please forgive me
   for the way this looks and if you have
   any problems just contact me~ Thanks!

  Welcome to our little online shop!
  This site is currently still under
  construction so please be patient 
  with us.  If things look a little
  "mixed up" please overlook it!
   We have a variety of handmade craft
  item's for you to take a gander at
  and, hopefully,you will find something
  that you like. If there is something
  that you have been searching for that
  isn't shown in my site please e-mail
  me because we may just make it or know
  someone who does. We will do whatever
  we can to help you find what you are
  looking for. Please don't hesitate to
  e-mail me with any questions or comments
  that you may have.
  Our seasonal section has holiday items 
  and things that represent our seasons.
  All other pages are pretty much self-

  Enjoy your visit!

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