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Today's Subject: SLEEPING IN
Ya know what I hate? Getting up early in the morning. Oh how I love to sleep in. I always feel guilty about sleeping in, because I cherish my free time and once school starts up I don't get all that much of it. So occasionally I set my alarm for some obscenely early time, such as 8:00, on a weekday or some other non-school day, and tell myself that I'm gonna wake up early today. And the next morning I always ignore the alarm. Because I love sleeping in. I hate it when I'm forced to get up early when I don't have school. Because once school starts up only 2 days out of 7 do I get to sleep in. And when one of those days is wasted for whatever reason, I am fuckin' pissed. Like yesterday I was awoken at around 9. And that is way too early. That is by no means sleeping in. If you are forced to get up, then it isn't sleeping in. I was forced to get up to go kayaking with some family friends. And I hated kayaking; but the only sensical reason I can pose as to why I hated it is because the paddle dripped. The real reason I hated it was because I was awoken early; a few hours of sleep wasted. So I went into the situation with a pessimistic attitude. So I did not enjoy the experience. Today I had to get up at 6 of the fucking clock to go fishing with family friends. And I did not enjoy myself and I smell like fish. Now, I do not like kayaking nor do I like fishing. But I am being forced to go. I would never do those activities voluntarily; shit, I wouldn't wake up at 6 voluntarily for anything! And even if the fishing is great (which it wasn't) I will not enjoy it. Because I was forced to get up early. Some 5 hours of sleep wasted. And that pisses me off. I tell everybody I know; if I have to wake up early to do something, then I'm not gonna like it. I wake up early for school. Hate it for the most part, except for the scarce time I get to spend with my friends. Last year I had to wake up early to play in a baseball league. Hated it. Wished I'd never've signed up. I used to go to church. And I'm an atheist, so I'd hate it anyway, but the fact that I had to get up early made it even worse. So we stopped attending church and started attending Sunday School. And Sunday School could be fun because it wasn't Christianity-oriented. The dude was a lawyer and he told us stories bout his criminal cases. And we discussed morals and one time we discussed legalizing drugs (an issue that I'm very very interested in! I send a 5 page or so petition to 357 gov officials every week concerning the issue). So I had a lot of good times in that class... but I had to wake up early to go there. So I never looked forward to doing it. Occasionally we go on a ski vacation. And once I get out on the ski slopes I have enough fun to blow a kangaroo. But I have to get up early to go skiing. So I end up hating ski vacations and never wanting to go. Basically; the enjoyability of an activity for me solely depends on how early I have to get up to do it. Take Bar Mitzvahs. We had those this year. For some of the services, I would wake up early to see the whole thing. And I'd hate it; be bored out of my mind. But for some of the services I woke up late and only stayed for part of it. And at those I actually enjoyed the service; we tormented the old people sitting in front and around us, we left the service to go get snacks, we had a hella time! And it all depended on how late I woke up. So if you by any chance know me, and you wanna spend some time with me and maybe do something, make sure I don't have to wake up early dammit!

Tomorrow comes another random rant! I'll almost always have the rant in by 7, and once school starts up I'm gonna try to get them in by 5. But some days I might get the rant in near the end of the day, and some days I might miss. But check this site late every day and you should see a new rant.


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