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Prostitution Poll #1
Have you ever solicited a prostitute?

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Prostitution Poll #2
What do you think the best term for a prostitute is?

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Prostitution Poll #3
Do you think prostitution should be legal?

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Drug Poll #1
What kind of drugs have you done?


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Drug Poll #2
Do you do drugs on a regular basis?

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Drug Poll #3
If you don\'t do drugs, do you ever plan on it?

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Drug Poll #4
Do you think drugs should be legalized?

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Presidency Poll #1
Are you satisfied with the current nominees for president?

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Presidency Poll #2
Would you consider voting for a 3rd party?

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Presidency Poll #3
Out of Bush/Gore, who do you favor?

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Death Penalty Poll #1
What circumstance do you think the death penalty is acceptable?

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Euthanasia Poll #1
Would you ever consider getting your suicide assisted?

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Euthanasia Poll #2
Do you think assisted suicide should be legal?

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Religion Poll #1
Do you follow a mainstream religion?

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Religion Poll #2
Do you believe in a god or a higher power?

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Religion Poll #3
What are your thoughts on death?

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Religion Poll #4
How religious are you?

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