The platypus is my favorite animal. This is so because to me the platypus represents nonconformity. It is classified as a mammal, yet it has many un-mammalistic characteristics, mainly that it lays eggs. Therefore it is still a mammal, it's just a different mammal. And there isn't anything wrong with being different. It's a great thing to be different, actually, and should be encouraged instead of shot down. I have written a rap about the platypus and the nonconformity it represents. I have not yet input it into the computer, but when I get around to it you can be sure that I'll supply a copy for this page. I am also currently writing a sotry about nonconformity in which I will evoke the symbol of the platypus. At last count I was 17 computer pages into it, and I doubt it's nearly half done. But when I finally do finish it, I will somehow input it onto this page. So stick around. They will appear here some day.

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